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You're Welcome America!

Friday, December 28, 2012 can be a real BIT#H!...

In every persons past there was a moment...a decision
that will forever HAUNT them.  

Garth Brooks put it best in one of his songs,
"Sometimes I thank God...for UNANSWERED

This is what it is, most of the time...but sometimes the 
soap opera that is college football, has some bitter sweet
"I told ya so" are some of my favorites!

Now...for all you tree hugging..."they are only kids
at age 17 or 18.." 

If they can do this at 17 or 18...Then..
They can make a decision and keep that commitment!
So save your whining for the wussies!

Aaron Lynch
My favorite part of this was the complete 
EXPLOSION that happened upon his leaving of the 
"Notre Dame lost it's best defensive player!"
Lynch was one of those kids that the grass not only 
looked greener...but just easier!

He has to be COMPLETELY kicking himself in his own
a$$ right now!

Ronald Darby
Who drank the Florida State koolaid and it 
led him to a 14 tackle season with ZERO picks!

Imagine what the coaching staff could've done for him, 
when they made 3 of our defensive secondary players 
that were converted offensive players look like 
All Americans! was an All American!

Chris Martin
Where do I start....I really thought this kid 
was destined to be HUGE in college football!
Little did I know it would be for Drama and not
pass rushing...I think he may have more upside
than Lynch...but fell into bad advice!
I ran into him not to long ago...fresh off being 
committed to Notre Dame...then Cal...then
Florida..then Colorado...and now Kansas!
All he said to me was,
"I should have never left ND"

The list goes on and on...but they will forever be 
etched into our minds as the "one the got away"
But remember for every Anthony Barr there are

Tee Sheppard
Deontay Greenberry
Justin Trattou
Shaq Evans
Omar Hunter

This is the beauty of Stephon Tuitt and Louis Nix!
Nix committed when we had NO COACH, and is now 
coming back after receiving a first round draft grade!

I just watched a re-cap of the entire season and it brought 
tears to my eyes seeing Stephon Tuitt, so choked up with 
emotion after the USC win that he could barley say...
"We're going to the National Championship!"

This was the promise that was made by Coach Brian Kelly 
and his staff...

He told recruits.."We are here to play for the 
National Championship!"

He told recruits..."If you are the best will play!"

He told recruits..."I'm gonna educate you...mentor you and 
develop your talent!"

And to the fans...he said..."I'm the right guy for this job!"

And you know what....HE WAS!

He did EXACTLY what was expected of him and 
in a timely manner!

He fixed the culture...the work ethic and the 

It's funny...I think Garth's song was  right when we 
considered Meyer and Stoops!

You DO need to thank God for 
Un-answered prayers!

Home Depot 2x Coach of the Year
AP Coach of the Year
Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year

Thanks Coach!


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