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Thursday, September 26, 2013

At some's gonna CLICK...

Certain things in life are taken for granted...
Like when you flip on a light switch or glance at your
wrist've taken for granted all that needs to 
happen to create that glow...or produce an accurate time.

Each gear, perfectly aligned and assembled...each fork falling 
into just the right place to create that rotation...

Each current traveling from a power plant to your home 
to that switch...and BAM!'s still amazing!


Precision is what is needed to make amazing events 
seem ordinary!

What we saw last week was an additional spoke falling 
into the right place...a current traveling that soon, 
may find it's switch!

What we saw is young play makers finding confidence surrounded
by veterans carrying the load until they do...

We saw a senior QB draw flags in mis-matches, and take 
what was available to him vs. one of the best defenses in the country!

We saw maturation and baby-steps, towards precision!

We saw a head frustrated by his team's lack of 
ability to perform...that he bit*hed like a little girl...

When we all know who the Big Ten refs like!

When each gear of that clock....CLICKS...amazing 
things become possible!

That's what we are waiting for at Notre Dame!

We see the current...we see the pieces starting to assemble.

We see movement beginning...slowly...and when 
it all finally CLICKS?.... LOOK OUT!

Will it be this week?

Will it be next?

That's what makes each challenge so frustrating and 
exciting all at the same time!

This team is an INCH from being undefeated!

But...does that really matter?

This team has been tested...It's seen the Big House 
at night...with an explosive offense!

It's seen rivals challenge our offense at home 
with one of the nations best defenses!

We've seen under dogs attempt to "make their season" by 
trying to beat the IRISH!

We haven't had the luxury of cupcakes and FCS 
crash test dummys!....but you know what? GOOD!

I'm glad that every week brings a new challenge!

I'm glad the Number 14 in the Country 
OKLAHOMA SOONERS are coming to town!

You line'em up...and we'll knock'em down!

So...what are we up against?

They are 3-0, but I'd say
 a very similar undefeated team 
 to the one we beat last week!

Only in the opposite direction!

Good so D. 

OU vs ULM 2-2
Of course ULM went on to be 
KILLED by Baylor 70 to 7!

2-2 WVU vs OU 
Close game...which doesn't bode well for 
OU's argument since Maryland CRUSED 
WVU 37-0!

1-2 Tulsa vs OU
Of course Tulsa is the 88th ranked D 
in the country?...
So they weren't exactly playing a brick wall!

OU is 3-0, vs the 118th ranked Strength of Schedule
which features wins over teams that are 500 or
worse...and one FCS team!

Welcome back to reality!

We are a 3 point underdog!

The line hasn't moved a point all week!

Why?...cause Vegas sees exactly what we see.

A young team on the cusp of the CLICK that will
cause teams a very long night playing the IRISH!

So take a moment and thank our back-up
QB Tommy Rees for taking the bull by the horns
and leading the IRISH onto the field with no 
fear...and superb leadership!

With that being said...let's move on to our 

Here's a toast to you "Douchebag Tommy Rees hater"

Only you could hate a kid that has done SO much for ND!

Only you could down play the saved games in our march 
to the National Championship that Tommy gave us!

Only you could look at the TOP PRO STYLE QB's in Tommy's 
recruiting class and still talk trash about him!

Only You would be ignorant enough to realize that the 
top 5 drop back passers of that recruiting class
1. Jake Heaps
2. Phillip Simms
3. Connor Wood
4. Brett Nottingham
5. Jesse Scroggins


So toast your glass to a great QB, and a great kid
doing his best with what God gave him and
being a winner doing it!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Who are you again?...

When you love something you are instantly bias...
You try to see the good...and ignore the bad!

Trust me I live in Ohio!

It's like a parent that enables a kid to become a bum, 
by never asking the kid to actually grow up 
and become an active member of society!

When you see "big time" court cases where a young
person is involved, you always see the parent when they 
finally hit that "moment of clarity"...
That moment..where you just have to call it what it is..

They usually look at their child and say...
"I don't even know who you even are!"

Well...good news is..We're not there YET with this team!

This team reminds me of that movie Momento a few 
years back...the guy had, what I think this team is 
suffering from....


They will have a drive, where I feel we are 
watching last years D!

Followed up by a drive, where they couldn't stop 
one legged man in marathon!

Purdue was to a bad dream with 
a decent ending!

A dream where I woke up and thought,
", that was scary!...No way we play that
bad for three quarters...but at least they woke up!"

This team needs to realize that this game...this scheme,
this formation...this is something that they 

We need leadership!....We need a voice!

 I don't care if this is a freshman,
a captain...or a player that just emerges and takes the 
ball and runs with it...On D we need a leader!

This could happen this week...

The ability to build a great unit, is all about who 
you're building the unit with!

The is old saying in business..."It's not as important
to know where your bus is headed...but who's on the bus!"

If you have talent...talent will perform!

Each player brings a certain aspect to this defense!

All the pieces are there!...all the talent is there!


We saw a bit of that last week...

When we had: 
Jaylon Smith and Cole Luke on the field at the 
same time...the sweep...screen...etc.. 

Speed was too much!

When we had:
 Nix..Tuitt...Day and Shembo
on the field at the same time...

Size was too much!

When we had:
Councell and Grace on the field at the 
same time....

Talent was too much!

Now...we need to get Jackson...Russell...Farley...Collinsworth
on the field at he same time...and 
TATTOO the words on their hands!

We need to remind them that they are good at this!
Not just good...but hell, All American good!

Where are you brothers?

We are growing....but right now it seems to 
be at a glacier pace!..

This week is all about finding out...Who are we?

Cause I'll tell you one thing right now!...

Michigan State is asking themselves the same question!

They've played a "nutty" schedule....3 WEAK teams, 
with WEAK offenses..and WEAK defenses!

They have no clue weather they are contenders 
or simply pretenders!

Michigan State Spartans

3-0 who are they?

 Western Michigan
Won 26-13 
Who is 0-3!

South Florida 
Won 21-6 
Who is 0-3!

Youngstown State
Won 55-17
Who is...Well, Youngstown State!

So their schedule is slightly harder than playing AIR!

So when we are facing the "number 1 Defense" in the 
country Saturday?....are we really? 
182nd strength of schedule!

If Jackson picks off Gardner and that game 
goes the other way....

Are we a top 10 team?
We'd be ranked top ten?

The rumblings from the program are few right now!

The players are ALL IN with Coach Kelly!

They understand they need to execute and play better!

They get that they've dropped a game they shouldn't have!

Are they a top 10 program?


But they could be!

If you want respect....TAKE IT!

If you want to show the country that your elite!...PROVE IT!

You play the big boys, cause you're a big boy!

You want to get out of Manti's shadow?

This game is the first step in changing the perception 
of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2013!

This game CAN BE the first 4 quarter game 
we play this year!

But as much as we want this, as much 
as the players talk about being ready...and 

You gotta show up for them to shut up!

This game is a gut check game!

This is our LAST CHANCE at playing a team that 
isn't exactly a powerhouse for quite a while!

We have to have our "moment of clarity" because if we don't...

You are in for a really long season!


**Little Everett Golson Update:

Talked to a friend within Everett's Camp this 
week who speaks with his father.

His dad said that Everett has used this off season like
most people train for the NFL combine!

He's gained 10 pounds of muscle...reduced his 
body fat by 5% and shaved a tenth of a second
on his forty time.

He left and is currently in California training with 
George Whitfield and will be returning to Chicago
in sixty days!

He is eager to redeem himself and prove his character
as well as lead the IRISH and re-gain his place as 
starting quarterback!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Do you REALLY know why you're so upset?

Sometimes in life we lead...but often, most just follow!

We form an opinion..we're good about our place on a topic,
but the crowd mentality kicks in and we start to re-think our 
stance on important issues!

Let me clear one thing up for you, and after this it's on 
to Purdue....Cause I'm one second away from 
chopping my ear off if I have to read one 
more "IDIOTIC" message board thread about 
the Michigan game!

We didn't play with the passion I'd expect on that stage...
We made errors not typical of a Brian Kelly team...
And it cost us the game!

You cannot put yourself in a situation where bad calls 
can affect your outcome!
Michigan was 6-12 on 3rd down, half
of the six 3rd down conversions "3" where 
Pass interference calls that baffled not only 
ND fans but left Herbstreit and Musburger
with the same look on their face as

1.2nd Quarter score 10-10
Russell called for PI on 
3rd and 14 turned into 1st down and a TD
instead of a FG!

2. 4th Quarter score 30-34 with over 9 min
in the game left, Jackson picks off Gardner 
on a 3rd and 12,
celebration begins and late flag is thrown..
No score turned into a TD!

3. Same drive 4th Quarter score still 30 to 34 
3rd and 5 another questionable PI call 
that resulted in the TD to go up 

I can only remember 3 pass interference calls for the 
most part of the ENTIRE 2012 season!

This represents a HUGE change in this game!
Tommy's pick before the half...bad showing from ND
no love from the officials...And Michigan playing the 
game of their LIVES!....Equals a BAD NIGHT!

A REALLY bad night..where we still could have  
won vs a good team playing out of their minds!!! 

Line up that game IN THE BIG HOUSE and I'll 
take ND 7-10 times!

Where do we go from here?

We realize who we are and what we can accomplish!

I think a bit of a....
Whoops....Maybe I underestimated a few things that happened 
that I think may have had a bigger impact than I'd considered!

Manti Teo-Kapron-Zeke-Spond
4 Defensive Leaders lost due to 
NFL and Health!

So you're gonna have to forgive me for that one!
With that being doesn't mean leadership 
will not emerge!

We are becoming the 2013 Fighting step at 
a time...Michigan was just a toe stubbing in that mission!

We have some great opportunities laid out in front of us 
that give us the chance to grow as a team!

One of them?

I'm not going to waste your time with a complex breakdown of 

Let's play a quick game of 
"My Dad can beat up your Dad!"

Purdue got KILLED by Cincy ,who then 
turned around and got DESTROYED by 
Illinois... Who barely beat SOUTHERN ILLINOIS!

Then for an encore decided to let Indiana State 
become a down to the wire game!


We need some games to test the waters!

We need the opportunity to get some young talent involved 
and see who can rise to the opportunity!

We need the Purdue game to ramp us up...the Michigan State
game to confirm our confidence...and the 
Oklahoma game to show everyone that 
game two was a bump in the road!

You do're back in the top 10 by beating ASU!

So all of you "arm chair" Quarterbacks....STFU and 
relax...Just cause you've played Madden doesn't mean you're ready
to coach!

And from what I'm wouldn't want to be 
in any of the meetings or practices this week!

One player said..."Coach Kelly wasn't hiding his disappointment 
in the locker room Saturday night!"

I told him...As long as Kelly has been coaching..he knows what games
look like he should have lost, and still won...but he also knows 
what games look like he should have won...and still lost!

Let this hurt be a reminder to you of the successes we've achieved 
under Brian Kelly in just his first 3 seasons!


Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's a game of inches....

The old saying..."It's a game of inches..." rang true
all over the Big House last night!

Look...I could give you the "relax it's all good" speech but the 
bottom line is...take the bad from this game and learn, take the 
good from this game and be happy!

There was plenty of both!..

First and foremost  "Congrats to Michigan" they 
are a good team...and should easily work their way 
with little to no error through their schedule..

If they stub their toe hopefully it's not against a bad team,
so we can maintain our SOS, allowing our loss viewed as 
a well fought game.

Let's move on to the bad....
We got all the pressure we needed last night...
We didn't contain the QB when he broke the pocket!

You can't say anything but that..Take away his scrambles
and UM has less than 100 yards rushing for the game!

Once he broke the was EMBARRASSING!
Great game-plan to take away our strength of the D line
that penetrated all night...but once Gardner saw them coming...

He broke out like waiter at a Mexican restaurant when INS arrives!

Our Middle Linebackers need work...Grace is gonna be good,
great lateral movement...tackles great...just needs reps!

Our secondary tackled like they were on the sand lot last night at 
times!...The first TD I felt like I needed Benny Hill music, it 
was such a straight botch up of tackling!

Special Teams showed up well....good overall, some good returns!

Offense....The quick ten point lead for some reason, it seemed 
like, rattled the play calling!

We had no issue tightening up and tying the game!

But here comes the..
For me the offense looked good...The running game, I 
think could have done so much more damage but 
playing from behind doesn't allow that luxury...

And regardless of how good the freshmen looked 
in practice, it took away our ability to try and get the ball
in their hands.

Even though I do feel we went to 
the air to quickly....

"The Breaking Point" as I see it?

The interception before the half....We had plenty of time,
we were moving the ball well, with no issues... Then, the break down!

Tommy had the pocket break...he rolled to his left, the corner
was in a mid protection playing between the WR and the 
sideline...Tommy threw..and BAM!... Picked and instead of 
moving down field for a TD or FG...we swing and give the ball
to Michigan in their territory...

What could have been 20-16 or 20-20 at half....
Turned into 27-13..

Meaning the stop of UM after the half and the score in 
EITHER scenario would have given ND the lead...

It's a game of inches!.... we are, where do we go from here?

Let's talk about the reality of the situation!

We are 21 and 5 in our last 26 games!

We lost to a good team....and played very 
poorly in certain situations...

And regardless of ALL our errors...
The pick before the half...the poor tackling,
the atmosphere...etc...

In the 4th quarter we were STILL in a position to 
tie the game and turn momentum!

So...What happens when we iron out these issues?

What type of team can this be once we get more of the 
youth involved, and fix some of the VERY fixable problems?

Where can this team finish by season's end if we do?

Cause I'll tell you right now...ASU...Stanford...Oklahoma?

You better get back to the drawing board and realize that 
these teams aren't scared!...

These teams will be ready...and if we aren't?
It's not gonna be good!

So this weekend is gut check time!

This weekend vs Purdue should give us a chance to
throw a bit of caution to the wind and see what 
comes from it!

This season is a marathon...not a sprint!

There are going to be plenty of opportunities for this 
team to rise up and prove some points!

Other teams around us will beat each other up...and there are  
already a handful of really good teams with one loss in week 2!


Let's let the coaches do their jobs...and see what happens 
when we visit Purdue!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sometimes you win technically...Sometimes you have to knock someone out!

Every boxer knows, certain guys you can dance with
and win...Certain guys you have to KNOCK OUT!

That's just the sport!

But at the end of the do you know the difference?

I mean Buster Douglas had ONE GOOD FIGHT!

So you research...

Who has this guy fought?

What are his strengths?

What are his weaknesses?

Who has he beat..and who has beat him?

And the most important thing...don't get excited, if 
there is nothing to be excited about!

That's what happened last week!

Notre Dame had "a day at the office" and dispatched 
Temple with ease and precision!

If you get attacked by an eighty year old man who 
can barely walk..there is no reason to pound his head 
in the ground like you're in the UFC!

And, "Confidence" can help but it also can hurt!

Temple was what it was...An inferior match-up, that we 
knew we could win running about 10 plays in our play book,
playing base D, and without worry!

No need to beat our chest!

They were a 4-8 team last year, that lost 
talent and finished the year with... 

The 107th ranked Offense..hence 6 points!

90th ranked Defense..hence 3 touchdown drives
in under 400 seconds combined!

All this with the 64th ranked strength of schedule!

Now that means 63 teams in college football played 
a tougher slate of competition! 

No need to pound their head in the ground!
Especially, a first year head coach, in his first game!

Now...on to our challengers! 

Michigan beat a very similar old man!

They dispatched Central Michigan a 7-6 team
last year that lost talent and finished the year with...

The 67th ranked Offense..hence 9 points!

The 94th ranked defense...hence the 59 points!

But here's where it gets fun...

All this, with the..

122nd ranked Strength of Schedule!
ONE TEAMS played a tougher slate of 


So..they boot stomped an old defenseless man
in his pajamas!

That's just what Central Michigan was!

Now, for our mouth breathing friends from the Michigan 
boards that troll me like paparazzi following around 
a Kardashian!

Feel free to click any of the links below to check 
my research!

So...don't get to excited!

Michigan is a good team!
Don't get me wrong...clearly the best team in the Big 10

But... They are a year away from where we are right now!

Last year they averaged rushing 185 yards per game...that's 4.8
 yards per carry...Take away Denard's 1266 yards and
 7.15 yards per carry,and they don't 
look nearly as stout!

Rushing the ball will be interesting for Michigan!

They will start a red shirt sophomore Miller at Center 
and a red shirt freshmen Kalis at RG,
red shirt sophomore WALK ON Glasgow at LG...


So they pass?... 
Well, Gardner on paper looked very 
impressive last season...But, the problem is the stats came 
vs Minnesota..Northwestern and Iowa?

When they played O$U and SC, he was shut down!
Less than 55% completions!

Oh..and the old man they played last week...picked him off twice!

From what I've seen...pressure is his kryptonite

Pressure from places like...
The land of Tuitt and Nix!

But a little "inside info" for ya.. Be ready for a scheme,
on Saturday night that you've never seen!!!

Be ready to see ears pinned back and things flying in from 
all different angles!

And..HOPEFULLY better inside Linebacker play!

That was my only complaint!
1st half inside linebacker communication!

This game will be determined by 2 things!


I think Hoke has made some big coaching mistakes
 that cost Michigan games!

Last year Michigan was PUSHING around Ohio State!
When they had Denard and Gardner on the field they moved the 
ball at will...2nd half they didn't run a SINGLE play with 
them both on the field at the same time!...
Lost the game due to coaching!

South Carolina...that game was over...Drop 8 rush 3 and call it a day!
But that last TD that sealed the was horrible coaching!
Lost the game due to coaching!

If your not wearing a head set...are you supposed to guess what
the plays are?

Great asst. coaches...Above average head coach!

Now on to playmakers!

Look...I'm not the only one who sees it this way!
Ask the experts at ESPN!

The Notre Dame Defense is what it is!

It might bend...but it won't break!

They will be stingy with the points...and they will challenge
your kicking game...cause crossing the end zone is not easy! took a pass interference call AND
ruffing the passer to get the ball to the one foot line for 
Temple...they celebrated their TD for about 30 seconds...the time 
it took to kick off and hit Troy Niklas for a 66 yard TD!

My excitement is, for the first time in years we have 

We have an offense with the ability to do as much damage as 
our defense!

Tommy Rees is a captain out there!

He runs the ship...knows the game, and has a football IQ that
would challenge most head coaches!

What he lacks in flash he makes up for in brains!

FIRST PLAY OF THE YEAR was an audible for 50 yards!

And now...he's got a flight crew around him!

Davaris Daniels- Future NFL WR

TJ Jones- Futre NFL WR

Troy Niklas- 6'7 Future NFL TE

Chris Brown- 4.3 speed with great hands WR

Amir Carlisle- Speed and Wiggle from the pistol

This unit will score..and score... 
When they want, and how they want!

Expect to see Bryant early in the game from what I'm being told,
with a good helping of Amir in several different positions!

 This is the difference...balance..coaching and playmakers!

I expect this game to be close...until about the 4th quarter!

This game will be the measuring stick for both programs!

I expect Michigan to still go on and win the Big 10...but the home winning 
streak?....Well we will see!

So take your Saturday...spend some time with the family 
crack open a fresh bottle of the J!
And toast to Notre Dame, signing the extension to wrap up the 
best coach in the country...not named Saban!

In closing I'd like to leave you with this...

Notre Dame will enjoy it's Success this season...But at the 
end of the's football...

 What is Success?

Success is to laugh often and much...
To win the respect of intelligent people and the 
affection of children...
To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the 
betrayal of false friends..
To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others..
To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy 
child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition...

To know even one life has breathed easier because you 
have lived...

This is to have succeeded!