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Friday, December 7, 2012

SPORTS-BAR 101...Sometimes you gotta educate!

The old saying that it's better to keep your mouth 
shut and let people "assume" your stupid...
Then to open your mouth and REMOVE all doubt!
Was never taught to idiots!

Okay...let me set the scene for ya, it's five o'clock
on a Thursday in one of the WORST sports
cities on the planet.  I'm at a "wing joint"
not known for their "scholar" patrons...but
well known for their grilled chicken salad!

So there I was...reviewing contract status via
the Ipad when two guys came in and sat at the 
two open stools to my left....the Bud Lights started
getting tossed back...and out flew the comments!

"Notre Dame is gonna get KILLED!"

"Bama is tested!"

"Notre Dame's Defense is NO WHERE as 
good at Bama's!"

And the one that broke my silence?...

"Notre Dame has played NO ONE!"

I was a bit confused!

So I decided to be like an "apostle" of God's team to do 
some educating.

ME-"Excuse me fellas...I can't help but hear your football discussion!"
"Mind if I ask how you came upon your conclusions?"

IDIOT-"Well...what do you mean?..."

ME-"It's just you two seem like highly educated people, just 
wondered...Mind if I ask a few questions?"


Here is our interaction...

1. Who had a tougher schedule?
Bama 35th ND 30th

2. Who had more wins vs top 30 teams?

3. Who's got a better Offense?
Bama's offense is 40th in the country in total O
Notre Dame is 49th in the country in total O
.57 yards per play separate the 2!

4. Who has the better Defense?
"BAMA's D destroys people!"
Bama has allowed almost TWICE as many
Touchdowns as Notre Dame!

5. Who has the coaching advantage?
Really?...Saban is a STUD!
But Kelly is the only 2 time winner of the 
Home Depot Coach of the year!
I think we are good!

6. How has Bama done in their "big" games?
"What do you mean?...they killed people!"

Bama gave up:
73% comp. ratio
435 yards of offense!
140 yards rushing!
2 turnovers!

Vs A&M 
Bama gave up:
75% comp. ratio 
418 yards of offense!
165 yards rushing!
3 turnovers!

Vs Georgia 
(the 79th ranked rush D!)
Bama gave up:
61% comp ratio
Almost 400 yards offense!
113 yards rushing!
2 turnovers!

So he stopped...drank the last swig in his 
beer looked at me and said..."Oh..."

I responded with "So do you REALLY think
Notre Dame is gonna get killed?"

His response..."Yep!"..LOL!...

So I drew this on a napkin and asked if 
math was his strong point?
"Is this your math?"

What Bama has shown the "educated" fan is VS "inferior"
teams...they are INCREDIBLE!

Vs teams with same "level" talent?

We are not playing the AURA of BAMA!

We are playing 2012 Bama team!

There is a HUGE difference!

They have struggled and BARELY won the 3 
toughest games they've played this season!

This is what we are up against as Notre Dame fans!

It's the media that has already given Saban the 
Crystal Ball..and insecure fans of other teams
that have ALWAYS had fear of the mighty 

Well...All I can say is there is A LOT of people
praying to whoever they can for a Notre Dame loss!..



***Email me your favorite interactions with the 
haters you've met!...

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