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Friday, December 21, 2012

Are we being fooled?....

As with all aspects of our daily world the only
constant is "change".

Now to see change coming, you must embrace research!

Research the "weather forecast" for clothing choices
or vacation destinations!

Research "reviews" for your choice in movie options!

Research "company financials" for stock purchases!

And...when the topic of College Football comes around?
ALWAYS....ALWAYS research the team and what 
Vegas has up their sleeve...Cause if you think that 
Vegas ALWAYS favors the team they think is gonna 
win...then you have no idea how much Casinos cost!

I think we might have a bit of a "bait and switch" on 
our hands when it comes to the BCS National Championship!

Back in November when EVERYONE was telling me 
how UNBEATABLE K-State and the Ducks were
I kept preaching...YOU GOTTA DO RESEARCH!

I kept saying.."They will be exposed!"

Well...CBS Sports was listening!...November 6th 
this article was released and caused quite the up roar!

It was in essence a blind test of saying..
"Take your fandom out of the equation!...Look 
at this like these are 5 black and white teams!"

Well..unless you're an idiot...Your first choice
 was always 
C=Notre Dame
and second choice was 
E=Kansas State

Never would you choose team A or D unless you 
were picking with your heart and not your head!
A=Bama & D=Oregon

This was the ONLY way to get the fans in the 
city I live in to make an "educated" choice!

This I think, is what Vegas is BANKING ON!

Animal Planet did a story last year on the 
DUMBEST animals in the world!...

CHICKENS were number 1 on the list!
In fact, if a chicken is left in the rain and they look 
up into the rain, they are too dumb to look away 
and will drown!

But a 25 foot tall Chicken can still do damage!

Here's the issue...HUMANS were on the list also!
That's what Vegas banks not thinking for yourself,
damages you and profits them!

So lets do a 
and see if you're at the top end of dumb?
or at the top end of smart
=Researched Human

Now to be fair!...FAIR...We took the 
top 6 opponents of Notre Dame and Alabama 
for our study! thought, being WAY smarter than 
the average human, has always been that Bama, on 
paper, benefited TREMENDOUSLY from
W.Kentucky-Florida Atlantic-W.Carolina
5 games that were almost all shutouts!
Bama scored 45 pts per game while only giving 
up 1.4 pts per game!
 That doesn't even count Ol'Miss & Mizzu and Tenn!

Now I know what your thinking..
"How did you get the 5th and 6th opponents for Bama without
picking D1 AA teams?" 
It was hard!

Points Per Game: 10.3 
Total Yards Per Game: 285
Run Yards Per Game: 89
Passing Yards Per Game: 196

Points Per Game: 20.5
Total Yards Per Game: 332
Run Yards Per Game: 102
Passing Yards Per Game: 230

Analysis?...If you score 21 Poins on team B YOU WIN!
And vs their top 6 opponents?...almost all 6 did!

Now go research each team...and one allowed only 10.7 points per game
ALL YEAR...vs their tough games..and vs their less tough games!
They don't care WHO you are!
But team B?...cant' say that!

So....Who has the better Defense? ______

And when you look at the numbers...the REAL numbers
Team A is not just better...but MUCH BETTER!

Points Per game:10.2 points less per game!
Total Yards Per Game: 47 yards less per game!
Run Yards Per Game: 13 yards less per game!
Passing Yards Per Game: 34 yards less per game!

Now...for fun...Here is:

Points Per Game: 18.8
Total Yards Per Game: 329
Run Yards Per Game: 155
Passing Yards Per Game: 208

Oh..and Team C's top 6 opponents record was 59-15 
with a stronger Strength of Schedule than A or B!



In my opinion...Bama might be the 3rd toughest Defense
we've faced ALL SEASON!

Behind Sparty and The Cardinal!

This game is not a shoe's not un-winnable!

It just is what it is....a good game vs a good opponent
that in my opinion we are just slightly better than!

So I feel the IRISH will expose the Sheep 
wearing the wolves clothing!

As long as we don't lay an egg like we're a chicken!

 Even Nuns THOUSANDS of miles away know!

Big Shout out to my boy 
for the research!
AND...for all you haters!....METTLE is a 
Michigan he doesn't have a dog in this fight!
But he can pull the ladies!
His prediction....ND by 10!

Merry Christmas

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