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Friday, October 31, 2014

Winning in the court of public opinion... GO IRISH!

Being right in the public eye...doesn't always translate to 
being right when it matters..

Good examples: 
Bill Clinton
OJ Simpson
Any Catholic Priest

Now...When I list those names, they sound 
like a joke, that has "Walked into a bar" in
it somewhere!

But the point of that is...Legacy..Don't let the 
court of public opinion determine your legacy!

Bill Clinton...Balance budget, great economy
and I'm not a dem!...But will he be remembered
for that...or the cigar? 

OJ Simpson, pretty sure we don't immediately 
think Heisman winner? 

And...Not every Priest is bad guy!

The "Court of Public Opinion" is what 
Notre Dame is fighting against...

Now the court can hurt ya...or 
help ya!

"Those pious Notre Dame fans!"

"Those Catholics!"


We dropped 2 spots in the AP?

Why...The "court of public opinion" showed
Notre Dame out played FSU and got 
caught behind enemy lines and with
a flag, our game was stolen!
(that and the stats!) 

Good example...Ohio State played
Penn State last week...They went on the road
played an unranked team, and without the same 
type of assistance would have lost....But 
they the "Court of Public Opinion" they
did lose!
Hence dropping in the AP with a victory..
And being 16th to the committee..

So's our job to recognize the court  
we are playing in...The court that has:

A: ex head coach Notre Dame fired 

B:   A former ND broadcaster that 
was fired and is now our 
oldest and biggest rival's AD

C.   A former ND defensive Cord

My point here is, we are NOT going to 
get the benefit of the doubt...We are not going 
to win the "coin toss" vs other teams close to 
us, and we are for sure, as an independent, not going 
to be viewed in a positive light!

It's the

Hence the "biggest difference between the 
AP and the committee rankings?" 

AP :6th 
Committee: 10th

We have to realize that the only way to get what 
we to DOMINATE on the field!

To REMOVE all doubt that Notre Dame 
DESERVES it's spot among the top teams!

We need to just focus on what we do, and 
who's in front of us....Then...DESTROY THEM!

We need to establish ourselves within the 
"Court of Public Opinion", that we 
cannot be left out of this mix...And you know 
how to do that?...Simple!
Just WIN!

That's all we need to's not "If this team 
does this" or "If they beat them"
Just WIN!

Don't think they aren't' seeing FSU putting 
damn near 600 yards on the "No.1 Defense"
in the country in their house, when they
 barely went over 
300 on Notre Dame's D at FSU!
Just WIN!

They are paying attention....but lose one game,
over look one team....Not show up one night!
And it's all for nothing!

So...Who's next?

The always respected...sometimes hated, 
for the game, at least...
Mid Shipmen!

This is a bit of a surprise to me...I sorta expected Navy to 
be better than they are...Now with that being said it's not 
the normal Navy team...They are, well just not that good!

They are 4-4 
They've not really played any "BIG BOY" defenses!

They beat Temple by 7?
But who hasn't?

They beat Texas...wait for it..STATE!

They beat Virginia Military?
Who I didn't know existed? 

And...a 3 loss horrible San Jose State!
Who happens to have the 119th ranked
rush D!!! 

They give up almost 30 points a game!

They are 75th in Rush D!
They are 74th in pass D!
So their defense is very balanced
 at being bad!

Still no. 1 in rushing over 352 yards per game
But that due to touching 3 teams 
for huge yards....
Ohio State
San Jose
Western Kentucky 

Oh..and by the way their pass Offense?
123rd in the country!

So this is our 

This is our first week, to make our 
first entry, into the ledgers of:

So all Kelly has to do the rest of the season 
is take this one game at a time!

Make one STATEMENT at a time!

UNLEASH HELL and let the chips fall 
where they may...and when the smoke clears
and the nay sayers are done bitching...

JUST WIN, and sit back and laugh!

Cause there are no "moral" victories, FSU showed 
us that....but the "COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION" 
showed us that IMMORAL victories don't hurt
the victims quite as bad!



Friday, October 17, 2014

Pro-active vs Re-active...GO IRISH!

One of my favorite saying in financial planning is...
"Past performance is not indicative of future results." 

Yet our entire life we've been taught that..."Those
who choose to forget history are doomed to repeat it!" 

So what've I seen the past IRISH team 
that loves the "noise"...Loves the role they've played
so many times, not only just this season...but all the way 
back to the beginning of another season, a season where
 we couldn't  possibly beat an Oklahoma team at home..

What I loved about that game was Kelly's ability 
to be "pro-active" in going after another team!

The IRISH this season are not "counter punchers",
they set the tone for the fight!

They want to punch you in the mouth!

They want to get you on your heels...Now that
hasn't happened in every game..but the premise 
is still the same, GO AFTER THEM!

Now there are a lot of people that have already 
chalked this game up to FSU!

That the "noise" will not affect the Seminoles.

That we are just not evenly matched to compete!

And you know what...They are right!

Florida State does't match the IRISH!

FSU                                     ND
Rush Offense
95th                                     67th
Pass Offense
13th                                     34th
Total Yards Per Game
462                                       444
Points scored per game
39                                        34

Now...FSU has played more, they've 
had to go to OT...and yet only 18 more
yards per game? 
So offensively we are pretty evenly matched?

So what about our defense?

FSU                                        ND
        Rush Defense     
54th                                        19th
 Pass Defense
40th                                        67th
Total Yards given
up per game
359                                         348
Points allowed  
21                                          17

Now...I'm even more confused?

Who's Florida State beaten?

Wait...Clemson can't be good they 
were taken to the wire with North Carolina?

NC State
Well NC State did hang 525 YARDS on FSU!
Then got shut out by Clemson?

Okie State
Who have they beaten?
Iowa State and Kansas?

  Well looks like we will have to compare
 common opponents. 

Who has FSU and ND both played?

FSU                                        ND
3rd down 
6-10                                       9-14 
165                                       161
294                                      362
Total points
 20                                       15

So...We rushed for more yards?
We were more efficient on 3rd down?
We passed for more yards?
We held them to less points?

Oh..and we played their starting QB not
their 2nd string freshmen!

And we turned the ball over 5 TIMES!!
Cuse also threw 3 PICKS vs FSU!

So there it is...We turn the ball over too much!

ND has 11 turnovers on the year!
FSU has 12 turnovers on the year!

What seems wrong about this?

Why in the hell are WE the ones worried?

This will be the best D that FSU has faced 
all year!

"With the most complex blitz package in 
college football." -Trevor Matich

This game is ours to win!

And the difference...We are peaking in the
 important areas!
Or D line is becoming the strength of this defense!

Our corners are realizing their ability to play
"pro-active" and go after the ball!

Our LBs are seeing the plays develop, not just
reacting to developing plays!

VanGorder is going to BRING the 
house vs FSU!

I hope they've studied HOURS of tape of
our defense...Cause from what I'm hearing
they will have watched NOTHING they 
will see come Saturday!

Blitz...yes...wait no! wait.. man!

Blitz three? wait FIVE!


"What the hell is going on" my opinion
is the thought, that will be going over and over
through Winston's head...

This is our stage!

This is our moment to show the world!

This is our game to win!

Notre Dame will rise up and will
give FSU all they can handle!

And when the smoke clears...The big message to 
Jimbo and Florida State University?

I hope it was worth it....cause the last coach 
that lied to keep players eligible...Didn't end well!


Friday, October 10, 2014

Your who now?...Cause I knew who you were last week... GO IRISH!

We've all got that one story about a girl or guy that was...
Well..Bi-Polar or just plain old nuts!

One second she was talking about how happy she was
then next...BAM!...Here comes the head-case!!

As football fans we are very similar to this, struggle one 
week and the sky if falling, dominate the next and 
bring on the crystal trophy!

This season, across the landscape of college football
most teams are....Bi-Polar!

We don't know who's good and who's not,
from one week till the next...But the one

Whoever we beat, was over rated!

You have to step back and take a look at the situation
from the outside to really determine
how things are going!

So far so good...

We've beat who we should, and how we should!

We've had that "Shut your mouth" hater game
with our victory over Stanford!

Golson has proven he's not only got
a short memory when he makes errors,
but also he's go ice in his veins!

The O line is finally starting to come together!
FINALLY...but baby steps!

The wide outs are showing their HUGE variety 
of talent, and skill sets, that it is very hard 
to control for opposing defenses...

And...when you finally start looking...I mean 
really looking, there are signs of the nation taking
notice of the IRISH!

1. Vegas: ND was a 14pt fav to beat Syracuse 
on a neutral site!
This week Florida State is a 20 pt 
favorite at cuse!
So the IRISH are only 6pts less favorite than 
the reigning National Champs?

2. ESPN: The talking heads are showing their 
doubt, is becoming respect!

3. The team: This team is starting to BELIEVE they 
can make noise.... They see they can bang with 
ANYONE who lines up across from them!
They know they can score whenever and 
against whoever! 
This young talented team gets all guns 
blazing in the same direction?

Oh...and all of this with 5 suspended players
3 of which were preseason HUGE parts of 
this team...and don't hold your breath on 
seeing any of them play for ND again..
Makes me sad!...
So what has the Frozen 5 taught us?

When the smoke clears...The nation will have to 
take notice that Notre Dame doing it the right way!

Show me ONE school that would kick out their
starting QB, that took them to the natty, for grades?

Show me ONE school that would suspend 5 
players for academics??

Show me ONE school that has played in the 
National Championship with a 99% graduation rate!

All the things that drive you NUTS about ND,
are all the things that make you love ND!


Kids are getting caught with coke and 
not sitting one game at other programs!


You can do this the right way and still win!


XM-Radio-ESPN-FOX Sports
All have complimented ND on the handling 
of student issues and applauded the ETHICS of 
doing it right! 

Don't think parents of recruits are paying attention!

So.....stay calm...On to the next victim!

The 2-3 Tar-heels of North Carolina

Okay...I know this is not Stanford...but embrace the
ability to take another step forward in EVERY
aspect of our game!

Embrace the ability to get this O line more 
experience and time together!

Embrace the game and enjoy the show!

North Carolina:

Unranked and for good reason!
Not a strong team!

They can score!
They average 36 pts per game scoring..
Problem is they average allowing 36 pts per game!

Expect Riggs to cover the slot and the D
to get after the QB regularly!

They have two wins vs...Well, AIR!
Liberty 56-29
Before you go..."They scored 56!" 
Ask your self "How did Liberty score 29?" 

San Diego State 31-27 

Now their D is the BIG ISSUE!

They are 121st in the country in pass Defense!
Allowing over 320 yards per game!

They are 92nd in rush D!
Allowing almost 200 yards per game!

This game is all about our run game!

It's about getting prepared and ironing out 
the kinks and doing work!

We need to put this away fast and then get the 
loose ends worked out cause we all know 
what's next!

Sit back and watch the chips fall where they may my
IRISH family....The next few weeks are gonna
be very interesting!


Friday, October 3, 2014

Guess what kids...Monsters aren't real!..GO IRISH!

As parents we've all had "that" talk..
NO!!!...not "THAT" talk..The talk about "monsters".

The talk that no matter what you see on TV, or 
read in books, monsters are just not real!

Well the talking heads this week have been in 
going crazy trying to create a monster that's 
just not real!

That monster?
The mighty Tree....or Cardinal..or whatever the 
hell they are calling themselves these days!

Well guess what folks...HARBAUGH is in San Fran!

This is not your fathers Oldsmobile!

Now look I get it with your little "act" your bit of
"tom foolery" so to speak..The epic:

Well guess what folks...ND hasn't struggled with 
it's cupcakes!

You can hate and deny the progress Notre Dame has 
made on the field...You can say "look what Bama did to them" 
..."They didn't deserve to be in that game!" hold LSU to nothing, and push them 
around....still a "CONTENDER"!

You destroy the Buckeyes TWICE and 
they are still "DESERVING"!

You can get beat TWO years in a row,
by an UNRANKED Arizona and your
still a "Mighty Duck"

Saban get's ass raped by OU and they
"Didn't really want to be there!"

And we are the "pretenders"...Welcome to the
world of double standards!

That's why the old Damefan is here to interject 
with some REAL research and knowledge!
So let's break down some numbers!


They've played the 65th 
Strength of Schedule!

They've played 4 games!

2 cupcakes!
1 UNRANKED struggle!

Let's talk about the cupcakes...Which is 
where 90% of the "monster" stats come from!

They beat UC Davis...The fighting..uh Mailmen
They did what anyone else would have done to 
them...They beat the hell outta them 45 to ZIP!

Rushed for 150 yards
Passed for 312

On to USC
Now I'll be the first to tell you they got 
jobbed vs the Trojans!

A "cut block" call cost them the TD that would 
have won them the game..But the bottom line 
is, they couldn't score!

USC held them to 10 pts?
UNRANKED Boston College didn't seem 
to have that issue? 

On to ARMY!....
Yeah..the 1-3 Army, that just lost to YALE!!

Now...two shutouts?
UC Davis and Army?

Then comes a night game at!

Cause that's a "tough place to play" unless
it's ND playing there...Then it's not!

The "mighty" Washington D held them to 
ONE TD in the 2nd half and lost by 7!

The same Washington that Eastern Washington 
scored 52 points on!
So Eastern Washington was able to score
32 more points than STANFORD???

Yet...Stanford is a CONTENDER 
And ND who's won by taking a knee in almost every 
game by a margin of victory of over two TDs per game is

Stanford has played one good team...and LOST!

So...Thanks Army and UC Davis for our 
#1 scoring Defense ranking!

Thanks USC for being OVERRATED and
making that loss look respectable!

Thanks Washington for SUDDENLY being 
someone?...Even though you almost lost
to HAWAII!!!

This MONSTER is not real!


Not even top 50 in turn over margin!

78th in scoring offense!
ND-47th averaging over 35 pts per game!

This is a classic case of....Sorry boys you've not
watched the games! 

This dog can't hunt!

So Griese...Time to start drinking again!

Cause sober your not very good at breaking 
down big games!

Bottom line is it's time for Notre Dame to 
demand respect and...

It's time to
it's place in the college football

It's time to
it to the Stanford team and 

You want respect?

You want them to know who you are?