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You're Welcome America!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Don't be quick to react...always look at all the viewpoints!

Often we react without thinking...sometimes we 
think, and don't react!

News comes to us and we can only see our viewpoint!

It's hard to put yourself in the shoes of others and see 
opportunity from their "viewpoint" of what it means. 

The next few weeks are going to be interesting in my
opinion...We have to take what comes with 
a grain of salt, and not get to excited or upset regardless!

Now...I usually don't  blog this close together, but
if the next few weeks go the way I see them, I need
my people prepared!

Well...Rutgers went pretty much the way I expected.

We hit 9 wins and are ready to watch our recruits 
perform at the Under Armor and Army All American


We hired Troy Niklas's Father for our new D-cord!

Just kidding...but what Kelly did in my opinion was 
a thing called "Addition by subtraction" 

Diaco leaves....We ALL PANIC!...and BOOM!

Kelly hits a HOME RUN hire!

BRIAN VANGORDER addition to the INCREDIBLE 70's porn 
mustache!...there is a lot more to be happy about here!

Now..I can list the programs he's coached at!

I can shoot stats that will make you warm and fuzzy!

I could show you his LAUNDRY list of NFL draft picks!

His awards...etc!

No...I'd rather tell you about a conversation I had with 
a gentlemen from the south that's well connected in
SEC locker rooms that Brian has been in...

From what I'm hearing Brian is...

Dalton Baby!

He's nonsense, and it's

He was groomed under the same coaching 
tree as Kelly and has a close relationship 
with Brian.

When I say MY WAY...he's known for taking
NO SH#T...he will flat run off players that 
don't comply with the mission of the 

He's not handcuffed to a system...
3-4....4-3?...doesn't matter..

He tailors his D to the personal on the team!

He does have one common preference!


He wants MONSTERS at the LB position!

He want's his linebackers to draw so much attention
that it frees up D linemen!

He likes BRUISERS!...He likes HITTERS!


Not known for his pass coverage so this marriage
is perfect with a veteran like Elliot coaching the 

Of course it's hard to pass from your back!

Word from the Georgia program is that it's never 
been the same sense he left!

He prides himself in creating an "IDENTITY" for his
defense...nasty, hard hitting, pin your ears back

This is a tested coach....with an established track record,
walking into a laboratory full of talent!

I found NO ONE, that had anything but 
positive things to say....He's a perfect fit!


There are some times in life....regardless of your 
position, or happiness in your current situation, if
people request a meeting with you to discuss 
opportunity...YOU LISTEN!

You listen out of respect...and you listen to not 
burn a bridge, or allow an industry to paint a picture of
you in an unflattering light!
*This one is for the ladies! 

I'm a financial planner, I've been doing it for
17 years...I've achieved success in the profession due to 
hard work, ethics and determination!

I own my own firm and my machine is pretty much built
and taking care of it's self...and my family and future!

I'm happy!...I have no desire to do anything else the rest
of my working days...but what I'm doing...

I don't want any other boss than ME...and my clients!
(and wife!) 

That being said....IF

They called...I'd board a to their office and listen!

The entire time they were talking to me...I'd realize that I have 
no desire to change...I have no desire to move my family...
I have no desire to work for them!

But out of respect...I'd listen!

Money is not everything...opportunity can mean
more than income!

Ask Chuck Martin who took a pay DE-CREASE
to become the head coach of Miami!

Cause what if?...I'm 41, what if in five years things change?

What if I get the itch to expand?...or change my challenges in life?

What if?.....So I'd listen!

So with that being said...change you viewpoint!

Change your way to reacting to things when the rumors 
start to swirl!

Cause...Brian Kelly in the past 4 years has had 

He's got one of the highest winning percentages of current
coaches, that have been doing this for twenty or more years!

They are going to call!

He's going to listen!

It means NOTHING!

So relax....If nobody is trying to hire your head 
coach, then you don't have a very good head coach!

There is gonna come a time, when Kelly 
has accomplished all he can at ND, and he
will move on to the NFL!

But I'd say he will be holding a crystal football 
before we have to worry about it!

Do you think he'd hire a close friend from the 
NY Jets...just to drop him and leave?

So sit back and toast the direction of your 
beloved IRISH!

And realize....the future is bright,


Thursday, December 26, 2013

See ya 2013....You'll be in the rearview mirror..but not forgotten!

Sometimes when you're "within" a moment you don't 
realize what that moment means, until you look back at it
after some time passes.

One of my favorite passages in the book "Don't sweat the 
small stuff and it's all small stuff" is the passage that
asks you stop...take a moment and when
your "tragedy" is happening...ask 
yourself, "In a year will this matter?" and if the answer 
is "NO" then it's not worth getting all worked up over!

We've had a HELLACIOUS 2013 football year!

But you know's in the past and with some time 
to reflect and the aid of a nice glass of Jameson 
Black wasn't that bad!

When "GOLSON-GATE" happened  I was the first 
chicken to scream the sky was falling!

But then...I reflected on our situation and realized
that 12-0 had just gone out the window...but 10 wins 
was still within our grasp!

We battled...lost some soldiers along the way to injury.
We played games without Lou...and won!

We dropped some games to inferior teams...and recovered!

We laid an egg to Pitt...and yet still beat the Big Ten Champs!

So the IRISH glass...1/2 empty or 1/2 full?

We played one of the top 20 toughest schedules in the country!

In fact, out of the top 10 teams in the BCS, with the exception
 of StanfordALL PLAYED weaker schedules!

We played 4 teams that finished in the top 14 of the BCS...
Beat two of them and lost to two of 
them...but not by much!..

Hell...30% of our schedule are playing in BCS bowls.... 

NO ONE played 12 games in which their opponents won 
more games than ND...not one team!

Almost half our schedule won TEN OR MORE games!

And at the end of the day....we did all this with our 
back up QB!

We did all of this breaking in NUMEROUS freshmen starters
and relief players!

We did all of this...and most likely will still win 9 games!

And we did all this coming off a season where we lost 2 asst. coaches!

Take a minute and think about that!

Oh...and we still churned out graduates that will either 
move on to the NFL or into the world to make it a 
better 1/2 full?

I'd say so...


I mean...there's not much to say...they aren't very good!

Their best win I'd say is Arkansas if beating 
the worst team in the SEC is a chest pounder? 

They played the 89th toughest schedule in the country,
and still went 500!

85th in the country in total Offense!

68th in total Defense...but 120th vs the 
pass, so that should just be a field day!

So barring a COMPLETE meltdown we should
finish the 2013 campaign with 9 wins!

So....What's that do for the state of affairs?

It's time to reflect and realize this ship is headed in 
the right direction!

With the playoff system looming and the emphasis on 
a "Body of work" or as we've been preaching for years...
Your "Strength of Schedule" will make your team!

We have have an opportunity laid out before our IRISH!

We have statement games next season vs the REIGNING Heisman 
winner in his house!

We get to the opportunity to send Michigan on their 
way in our house!

We get to ruin Sark's first season at USC for the icing 
on this cake!

Oh...and by the way we get to do all of this with only losing
-3 starters on offense!
4- starters on defense!

And...with this under center!

2014 will be "breaking point" of the ND program!

It will be the "NO EXCUSES" year for the offense!

Brian Kelly has MORE TALENT than he's EVER had
in one offensive huddle!

We have DEPTH upon DEPTH on the offensive side of the 
ball...we should have the chance to WIN every game....NO EXCUSES!

Now...what's the D gonna look like?

Is Jarron Jones for real?

Is Jarret Grace ready to become a household name!

What is Jayon's ceiling...or does he have one?

Are Cole Luke and Devin Butler as good as we think 
they are?

What members of the Golden Army will compete early?

Are we on the verge of RUDY 2 with Joe Schmidt

2012 was special!

2013 was...let's say unexpected!

2014?....What should the teams facing ND expect?

So sit back and remember the good times of 2013...but 
also remember the bad times....cause it's the bad times 
that will make 2014 that much sweeter!