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Friday, January 4, 2013

Could the drought be over?....See ya Monday at 8!

Like water on the highway on a hot summer day...we've 
seen this before...but as the car got closer we 
realized it was just an mirage!

Bob Davie?... coordinator
George O'Leary?...cautionary tale
Ty Williingham?...snake oil salesman
Charlie Weis?...coordinator

We thought we were close...

In 05 the IRISH were seconds away 
from a Fiesta Bowl win on a 3rd and 
nine with 1:45 left in the game and 
down by 7...

We just didn't have the D line to 
make the stop...and lost..
Hope, like spring flowers was growing!

But when your starting Safety and Linebackers are
much smaller than your starting QB?...
We wondered?...can we really outscore everyone?


But the MIGHTY QUINN brought interest again
in the Notre Dame brand...and from the ashes a new  
hero emerged...the problem?...he had all the weapons...but 
not enough on the other side of the ball...and on the tails of 
a coach that spent more time golfing than recruiting!
We once again lost more than expected...We lost the 
opportunity...the chance of having a 


That would have used a 

We could score on ANYONE...but ANYONE 
could score on us!

Our NFL defensive talent was limited...We would strike gold
here and there with an Ian Williams or Tommy Z or Justin Tuck,
but the across the board...the talent was there!

So back to the chalk board we went...pride in hand and hopeful
but with very little to hang our hat on...

But happened!
We were looking, and ready to hire!

Option 1?...Health Issues forced him into retirement..
We passed!

We knew we needed a LEADER...a GENERAL
someone that could not only draw up the blue print,
but build the MACHINE!

We needed guidance...strength and someone 
that had been there before..that NO stage was 
too big for him or his staff...

We needed...

"NOBODY does it like Notre Dame!"

From day one, he did the job and never looked back!

He dealt with defections to the NFL, swayed by past 
Generals not having the best interest of the Irish in 
their sights!

He dealt with the tragedy of death, an employee
and student of the audio/video dept. when the media
 searched for a witch to hunt..

He broke down and rebuilt, what WAS a country club
atmosphere, along with the sense of country club

He molded himself...a high flying offensive guru
into a DEFENSE first minded mentor!

He realized..that the ND glow was not gone...but
just in need of POLISH!

But what he did mostly, was take what he had...add 
who would fit...and mold CHAMPIONS!

That will be on display Monday at 8!

Because this is our time!

So pour yourself a favorite spirit!

If you have a "lucky shirt"...or "special spot on the couch" then
get it ready!

If you're wearing the same socks or haven't shaved since our last loss!
 EMBRACE that you're starting to look like Merlin Olson!

Because ALL those Christmas cards...all those babies pjs,
all the trash you've heard from your friends, and 
all the HATE that has been spewed about ND!

Is about to be served up with a nice hot glass 
of KISS MY A$$!

And when that last down is played...and the crystal ball 
is raised into the air...I'm gonna find a local pub, 
light up a cigar...sip some Jameson, raise
my glass to the heaven and say...

"See Beno...You were right, Kelly is the man
and Notre Dame is special!"

We miss ya buddy!

Beno Cook


See ya at the game!

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