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You're Welcome America!

Friday, December 28, 2012 can be a real BIT#H!...

In every persons past there was a moment...a decision
that will forever HAUNT them.  

Garth Brooks put it best in one of his songs,
"Sometimes I thank God...for UNANSWERED

This is what it is, most of the time...but sometimes the 
soap opera that is college football, has some bitter sweet
"I told ya so" are some of my favorites!

Now...for all you tree hugging..."they are only kids
at age 17 or 18.." 

If they can do this at 17 or 18...Then..
They can make a decision and keep that commitment!
So save your whining for the wussies!

Aaron Lynch
My favorite part of this was the complete 
EXPLOSION that happened upon his leaving of the 
"Notre Dame lost it's best defensive player!"
Lynch was one of those kids that the grass not only 
looked greener...but just easier!

He has to be COMPLETELY kicking himself in his own
a$$ right now!

Ronald Darby
Who drank the Florida State koolaid and it 
led him to a 14 tackle season with ZERO picks!

Imagine what the coaching staff could've done for him, 
when they made 3 of our defensive secondary players 
that were converted offensive players look like 
All Americans! was an All American!

Chris Martin
Where do I start....I really thought this kid 
was destined to be HUGE in college football!
Little did I know it would be for Drama and not
pass rushing...I think he may have more upside
than Lynch...but fell into bad advice!
I ran into him not to long ago...fresh off being 
committed to Notre Dame...then Cal...then
Florida..then Colorado...and now Kansas!
All he said to me was,
"I should have never left ND"

The list goes on and on...but they will forever be 
etched into our minds as the "one the got away"
But remember for every Anthony Barr there are

Tee Sheppard
Deontay Greenberry
Justin Trattou
Shaq Evans
Omar Hunter

This is the beauty of Stephon Tuitt and Louis Nix!
Nix committed when we had NO COACH, and is now 
coming back after receiving a first round draft grade!

I just watched a re-cap of the entire season and it brought 
tears to my eyes seeing Stephon Tuitt, so choked up with 
emotion after the USC win that he could barley say...
"We're going to the National Championship!"

This was the promise that was made by Coach Brian Kelly 
and his staff...

He told recruits.."We are here to play for the 
National Championship!"

He told recruits..."If you are the best will play!"

He told recruits..."I'm gonna educate you...mentor you and 
develop your talent!"

And to the fans...he said..."I'm the right guy for this job!"

And you know what....HE WAS!

He did EXACTLY what was expected of him and 
in a timely manner!

He fixed the culture...the work ethic and the 

It's funny...I think Garth's song was  right when we 
considered Meyer and Stoops!

You DO need to thank God for 
Un-answered prayers!

Home Depot 2x Coach of the Year
AP Coach of the Year
Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year

Thanks Coach!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Are we being fooled?....

As with all aspects of our daily world the only
constant is "change".

Now to see change coming, you must embrace research!

Research the "weather forecast" for clothing choices
or vacation destinations!

Research "reviews" for your choice in movie options!

Research "company financials" for stock purchases!

And...when the topic of College Football comes around?
ALWAYS....ALWAYS research the team and what 
Vegas has up their sleeve...Cause if you think that 
Vegas ALWAYS favors the team they think is gonna 
win...then you have no idea how much Casinos cost!

I think we might have a bit of a "bait and switch" on 
our hands when it comes to the BCS National Championship!

Back in November when EVERYONE was telling me 
how UNBEATABLE K-State and the Ducks were
I kept preaching...YOU GOTTA DO RESEARCH!

I kept saying.."They will be exposed!"

Well...CBS Sports was listening!...November 6th 
this article was released and caused quite the up roar!

It was in essence a blind test of saying..
"Take your fandom out of the equation!...Look 
at this like these are 5 black and white teams!"

Well..unless you're an idiot...Your first choice
 was always 
C=Notre Dame
and second choice was 
E=Kansas State

Never would you choose team A or D unless you 
were picking with your heart and not your head!
A=Bama & D=Oregon

This was the ONLY way to get the fans in the 
city I live in to make an "educated" choice!

This I think, is what Vegas is BANKING ON!

Animal Planet did a story last year on the 
DUMBEST animals in the world!...

CHICKENS were number 1 on the list!
In fact, if a chicken is left in the rain and they look 
up into the rain, they are too dumb to look away 
and will drown!

But a 25 foot tall Chicken can still do damage!

Here's the issue...HUMANS were on the list also!
That's what Vegas banks not thinking for yourself,
damages you and profits them!

So lets do a 
and see if you're at the top end of dumb?
or at the top end of smart
=Researched Human

Now to be fair!...FAIR...We took the 
top 6 opponents of Notre Dame and Alabama 
for our study! thought, being WAY smarter than 
the average human, has always been that Bama, on 
paper, benefited TREMENDOUSLY from
W.Kentucky-Florida Atlantic-W.Carolina
5 games that were almost all shutouts!
Bama scored 45 pts per game while only giving 
up 1.4 pts per game!
 That doesn't even count Ol'Miss & Mizzu and Tenn!

Now I know what your thinking..
"How did you get the 5th and 6th opponents for Bama without
picking D1 AA teams?" 
It was hard!

Points Per Game: 10.3 
Total Yards Per Game: 285
Run Yards Per Game: 89
Passing Yards Per Game: 196

Points Per Game: 20.5
Total Yards Per Game: 332
Run Yards Per Game: 102
Passing Yards Per Game: 230

Analysis?...If you score 21 Poins on team B YOU WIN!
And vs their top 6 opponents?...almost all 6 did!

Now go research each team...and one allowed only 10.7 points per game
ALL YEAR...vs their tough games..and vs their less tough games!
They don't care WHO you are!
But team B?...cant' say that!

So....Who has the better Defense? ______

And when you look at the numbers...the REAL numbers
Team A is not just better...but MUCH BETTER!

Points Per game:10.2 points less per game!
Total Yards Per Game: 47 yards less per game!
Run Yards Per Game: 13 yards less per game!
Passing Yards Per Game: 34 yards less per game!

Now...for fun...Here is:

Points Per Game: 18.8
Total Yards Per Game: 329
Run Yards Per Game: 155
Passing Yards Per Game: 208

Oh..and Team C's top 6 opponents record was 59-15 
with a stronger Strength of Schedule than A or B!



In my opinion...Bama might be the 3rd toughest Defense
we've faced ALL SEASON!

Behind Sparty and The Cardinal!

This game is not a shoe's not un-winnable!

It just is what it is....a good game vs a good opponent
that in my opinion we are just slightly better than!

So I feel the IRISH will expose the Sheep 
wearing the wolves clothing!

As long as we don't lay an egg like we're a chicken!

 Even Nuns THOUSANDS of miles away know!

Big Shout out to my boy 
for the research!
AND...for all you haters!....METTLE is a 
Michigan he doesn't have a dog in this fight!
But he can pull the ladies!
His prediction....ND by 10!

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 17, 2012

Have you noticed the "TIDE" turning?....

Changing our mind is a God given happens
all the time...but sometimes it happens for an agenda!

This is what I've been seeing lately...have you?

Durning the season I'm always amazed at how un-informed 
the analysts on ESPN are.

Not just un-informed but down right WRONG!

This season in almost every game we were 
"about to be exposed!"

Then the next week came, and that team was 
suddenly "over rated". 

But it seems lately...with the additional time on their
hands...they've managed to watch some tape!
Guy's like this idiot!

Weeks before the seasons end...we would be 7th in the"ND will keep this game close!"

What changed Pollack?....The fact that Georgia's 
rush defense is pathetic and still almost beat Bama?

Heck...Trevor Matich said "It just takes ND doing 
what they've done all year...not make mistakes!"

Of course there is Vegas...just daring the Alabama nation 
to take that 9 1/2 point worm at the end of that 
ZILLION dollar hook!

Gonna be A TON of trailers repossessed if they do!

Heck..they did the same thing with Oklahoma for 11 1/2!
How much did that make them?

This game will be determined by inches!

This game will be determined by turnovers!

This game will be determined by who's been tested!
I know we have!

I know our boy's have been tested...respect neglected,
and never selected!

So there is A LOT of angst sitting in the Notre Dame locker room!

There is A LOT of "told ya's!" waiting to be handed out!

This game is not about "LUCK" this game is about
 what was "EARNED"...and what was earned is 
a shot at the title!

But you know what?...That's fine!
I'd rather they ALL pick us to be beat by 50 points!

That's what has made this season so great... REDEMPTION!

The chance to talk all that trash to your buddy at work, the 
guy at the gas station with the worn out Trojan hat, or
that family member who married into the family and 
suddenly is a HUGE SEC fan!

The entire world will be watching as the IRISH do, 
what weeks ago, most thought was impossible!

But not everyone thought the TIDE was the shoe in...

The October 22nd Sports Illustrated.

Notice the top right hand corner?

The "Case for Notre Dame"

-"The Irish would have a chance to keep 
the score low, then sneak out a win on a 
turnover, of which they have forced 15 so far"

-"Notre Dame is athletic enough up front to stuff
the run and generate a formidable pass rush on McCarron
without having to rely heavily on the blitz."

Of course all of the SEC thought SI was smoking 
what the cover boy had in his apartment, but the 
educated reader...saw more!

Remember!...this article was written BEFORE
the Irish CRUSHED Oklahoma!

Now the benefits of this are?

Imagine the backfield next season!

All that running behind the best O line class 
in the country and only losing 2 starters from the 
previous years line!


And the staff is FAR from done!

The next two weeks, from what I'm hearing, could take 
this class from GREAT to OH SH@T!..real fast!

Oh..and the Travel Channel has contacted us in hopes
of cross promoting the upcoming SUPER FAN 
Notre Dame special!...
Sign up now!

Are you a die-hard fan of Notre Dame Football? Does your extreme devotion put other fans to shame? Travel Channel is seeking superfans for a new TV series, and one lucky fan will win the ultimate fan experience. If you live and die by Notre Dame Football, then we want to hear from you! Email us at with subject line “Notre Dame.”
NOTE: At this time, we are only seeking Notre Dame fans who will be in Miami, FL on January 7th for the BCS Championship. 

In closing the next 3 weeks are gonna be the longest 
in my Notre Dame fandom!...but at the same time
the 14 bowl practices are SOOOO nice!

And all of you wondering...

There will still be plenty of this next season on the 
Irish Defensive line!


In the weeks to come we will be holding a silent auction
to benefit the families and victims of the 
Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy!

Lord bless them and hold them in your arms!

ANYONE that would like to donate money or 
an auction item please email
This is what I'm putting up for the auction!
GIVE ALL YOU CAN, then go home and hug 
your kids!

Friday, December 7, 2012

SPORTS-BAR 101...Sometimes you gotta educate!

The old saying that it's better to keep your mouth 
shut and let people "assume" your stupid...
Then to open your mouth and REMOVE all doubt!
Was never taught to idiots!

Okay...let me set the scene for ya, it's five o'clock
on a Thursday in one of the WORST sports
cities on the planet.  I'm at a "wing joint"
not known for their "scholar" patrons...but
well known for their grilled chicken salad!

So there I was...reviewing contract status via
the Ipad when two guys came in and sat at the 
two open stools to my left....the Bud Lights started
getting tossed back...and out flew the comments!

"Notre Dame is gonna get KILLED!"

"Bama is tested!"

"Notre Dame's Defense is NO WHERE as 
good at Bama's!"

And the one that broke my silence?...

"Notre Dame has played NO ONE!"

I was a bit confused!

So I decided to be like an "apostle" of God's team to do 
some educating.

ME-"Excuse me fellas...I can't help but hear your football discussion!"
"Mind if I ask how you came upon your conclusions?"

IDIOT-"Well...what do you mean?..."

ME-"It's just you two seem like highly educated people, just 
wondered...Mind if I ask a few questions?"


Here is our interaction...

1. Who had a tougher schedule?
Bama 35th ND 30th

2. Who had more wins vs top 30 teams?

3. Who's got a better Offense?
Bama's offense is 40th in the country in total O
Notre Dame is 49th in the country in total O
.57 yards per play separate the 2!

4. Who has the better Defense?
"BAMA's D destroys people!"
Bama has allowed almost TWICE as many
Touchdowns as Notre Dame!

5. Who has the coaching advantage?
Really?...Saban is a STUD!
But Kelly is the only 2 time winner of the 
Home Depot Coach of the year!
I think we are good!

6. How has Bama done in their "big" games?
"What do you mean?...they killed people!"

Bama gave up:
73% comp. ratio
435 yards of offense!
140 yards rushing!
2 turnovers!

Vs A&M 
Bama gave up:
75% comp. ratio 
418 yards of offense!
165 yards rushing!
3 turnovers!

Vs Georgia 
(the 79th ranked rush D!)
Bama gave up:
61% comp ratio
Almost 400 yards offense!
113 yards rushing!
2 turnovers!

So he stopped...drank the last swig in his 
beer looked at me and said..."Oh..."

I responded with "So do you REALLY think
Notre Dame is gonna get killed?"

His response..."Yep!"..LOL!...

So I drew this on a napkin and asked if 
math was his strong point?
"Is this your math?"

What Bama has shown the "educated" fan is VS "inferior"
teams...they are INCREDIBLE!

Vs teams with same "level" talent?

We are not playing the AURA of BAMA!

We are playing 2012 Bama team!

There is a HUGE difference!

They have struggled and BARELY won the 3 
toughest games they've played this season!

This is what we are up against as Notre Dame fans!

It's the media that has already given Saban the 
Crystal Ball..and insecure fans of other teams
that have ALWAYS had fear of the mighty 

Well...All I can say is there is A LOT of people
praying to whoever they can for a Notre Dame loss!..



***Email me your favorite interactions with the 
haters you've met!...