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You're Welcome America!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Take it easy!.....relax!.....Don't get too excited!...

Rumblings!....Rumors!....He said this...
I've heard that...I know a guy that knows a guy!


It's just the spring...and your already annoying me!

Here we go!....From what I've heard!...

O-LINE!....100% improvement!.... Not gonna
dance on a guy's grave...but THANK GOD!...we 
upgraded at that coaching position!...

From what I'm hearing....90% of the mistakes from 
what appeared to be QB play...was lack of protection...and
route running!..

Don't take this as an endorsement of ANY one of our QBs!...

We've got us an old fashion GUNFIGHT on our
hands at that position!...and from what I've been 
told....there is no clear cut leader!...

All have been impressive in their own ways!...

The Offense has so many skill position weapons...that scoring 
doesn't seem to be a concern!...They KNOW they will score!

Has come alive at the Running Back position this spring!

He is showing the staff that they have a LEGIT 3 headed 
monster coming outta the backfield for ND!
WOOD will gash ya!
RIDDICK will slash ya!
ATKINSON will dash past ya!

Wide outs are looking impressive!....but the big news is the 
Patriots type of tight end passing set I see emerging before
my eyes!....

Troy Niklas/Tyler Eifort
1-2 PUNCH!

Say Hello to SIX FOOT SEVEN...
Two hundred and fifty five pound 

This kid is gonna be on EVERY TE watch list by seasons end!
I feel sorry for the first safety or corner that has to tackle 
this beast in the open field!....BETTA HIT LOW!

The Defense is gonna be just exactly what you think....

This is year two of the:


There is so much athletic ability last year
technique was overtaken by talent....

This year...talent will be accented by technique!

Are we young at corner?....YEAH!

Are you gonna be able to run the ball?....NO!

Are you gonna have much time to set your feet?...NO!

Problem solved!....
You'll get a pass here and there....but 
you better hope that this guy, from what I'm hearing doesn't
get some confidence....or it's gonna be a

So enjoy the spring game!....I'll be blogging my thoughts 
of what I see there also!....but for now...RELAX!

The season is a long way off...and we need 
every second to develop our talent and build our team!

But the progress is easy to see!....
All we have to not show up to any 
gun fights that we can easily win,
carrying this!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Okay....JUST WIN!...

If you're a college football've felt like this

Whether it was a hard loss....a missed recruit...interception at the wrong time!
Or a money laundering scheme being found out after
a decade of supposed success....


Maybe not the money laundering thing...but you get the point...

You have to realize that the game has changed....

CASH IS KING....and everything else...well, is many steps 
down the priority ladder...

Let me clarify one thing before we move on...and maybe you 
haven't realized this...I BLEED NOTRE DAME!

You wanna compete...? You wanna land the big boys?

You want your respect back?  WIN!

But at the same time there are lists of things YOU CAN'T DO!

1. You can't give games away!
When you play an inferior team and you get a 
few touchdown lead....YOU HAVE TO CLOSE!
Letting games go by not closing strong when you pushed 
the team around for 2 or 3 quarters is RIDICULOUS!

2. You can't be Notre Dame with Harvard academics!
You can't fight sinners with saints?
Now take this any way you want...If you want to compete
with schools that will allow 8th grade grads into college than
RELAX your academic standards....
Don't "do away" with them...just conform a bit!...
I'm not saying "undecided" is an okay major for a junior...but?

3. You can't get OUT COACHED!
Now this one is a double edged sword!...
 -You can't go crazy and losing your F-ING mind on the sideline!
-You can't put so much pressure on a staff to turn a program 
around in 2 seasons...that it makes the pressure UNBEARABLE!
We have a great coaching staff....LET THEM COACH!
(with that being F-ed up a few times last year!)

2011 was an UNBELIEVABLE season!

My take on the record is this...
Who's to blame?

If the grenade doesn't go off...don't pull the pin 
on a new one and hope!

 FSU and UM= Diaco
Put your foot on their throat and STOMP!

USC and Stanford= Players!
You can't play uninspired and expect to compete!..

This off season is going to be a long one...Momentum was 
killed by allowing FSU to win that bowl game....

But the bright spots are clear!....

Consistency.... Consistency... Consistency!

Recruiting is off and rolling....the QB battle is underway...
Conditioning is coming along like gang busters!...

Now the only thing you should worry about is!...