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You're Welcome America!

Monday, May 28, 2012

It's a long...long....Summer!...Without ND!....

You know it's funny....This is about the time that we all 
start to think....maybe some of these guys know?...

Maybe these pre season magazines are not just all bullS#it!

Ten bucks for this one.... twelve bucks for that one....eight bucks 
here and doesn't add up!....'re right...IT NEVER ADDS UP!..LOL

Living where I do, I'm surrounded by idiots...Let's 
start with a little story...Today being  
Memorial Day 
(Thank you veterans!)
 I hit my local grocery store....bought some of the 
You're Welcome!...

Walked by the magazine isle and saw....Lindys...
so I thought...why not.... 
Now first off I walked to the register and while I was being 
rung out...the cashier saw the magazine and was like...
"DUDE....can you believe that Braxton Miller got the 
cover?".... Really?...
I said "'s a regional thing...whoever that areas 
main fan base is....they get the's marketing." 

After a long uncomfortable pause....he said "What do you mean?...
This is the cover everywhere..." 
I said "'s not...only for Ohio." 

At which time I tore the cover off and handed it to him....LOL

First come first served:
Lindys College Football Preview

Lindy's is giving Notre Dame ALL SORTS OF LOVE 
this season...
Not in the form of the
"Pre Season BS Rankings" but, 
read between the lines....then dumb it down for
the fans of non academic schools...and explain it in 
one syllable words....kinda way...

 Notre Dame is irrelevant?
I hear this all the time right after someone see's my 
t-shirt, but right before they ask me if I wanna "super size that combo".

Top 12 non-conference games of 2012 (page 26)
This is a section of what they consider to be the "BIG" games 
of the out of conference schedules of the season...
Now this is a head scratcher....If Notre Dame 
is not relevant...and cannot compete with the "elite" of 
college football...then WHY are almost HALF of the top 
twelve BIG out of conference games...VS ND?

Here are the top 12:
1. Bama vs UM
2. ND vs Oklahoma
3. UM vs ND
4. Boise vs MSU
5. UF vs FSU
6. SC vs Clemson
7. ND vs USC
8. BYU vs Utah
9. Auburn vs Clemson
10. Miami vs ND
11. Washington vs LSU
12. Navy vs ND

So for being irrelevant....seems like we are on the minds 
of A LOT of the big boys?....

And Lindys seems like they think...ND is pretty important
in 2012?...

Now moving on....Coach Brian Kelly!

Now....I can accept that Notre Dame has done a 
SH#T job hiring head coaches from the time 
Lou left up UNTIL they hired Brian Kelly...

This guy can coach..and if you don't believe me...just look at this:

This is page 23....
Career Coaching Victories
This is a section updating now that Joe Pa has headed 
to the nursing home in the sky and Bowden is in the 
nursing home in Jacksonville....WHO is now
leading ALL coaches in FBS in most wins?
You can see.....COACH BRIAN KELLY no. 6 
Oh...and wait....Is that the highest winning percentage?....
YEAH IT RELAX morons!....This 
guy knows what he's just is gonna 
take time to fix this at a school that doesn't take kids
with 14 ACT scores and the diplomas are not in 
golf course management!...

Now on to:

Now this guy...I actually like....
A few years ago I was in Vegas....and stopped to meet a 
client who's brother was a professional gambler.
He told me that his friends that ran the sports books 
in Vegas at most of the BIG casinos followed Phil 
because he was the best handicapper in the country....
Since I've followed him and enjoyed his stuff....

In my business...RULE 1: Follow the money...
(that doesn't mean to follow a guy with an O$U bumper sticker
in case he's handing out $100 handshakes!) 

If Vegas follows this guy...That's good enough for me!

Now...this magazine is not officially out yet....

But the Notre Dame page is up...and downloaded...
Phil's analysis is....PERFECT STORM happened to ND last year.

****These are his words not mine!

"1st. They had an amazing 508-254 yd edge vs USF but lost 23-20
due to 5 turnovers!"

"2nd. It was UM's first ever night home game and the Irish led 24-7
(410-141 yd, 22-5 FD) going into the 4Q. Robinson's 16 yrd td pass with :02
left game gave UM a MIRACLE comeback as ND lost 35-31. "

"3rd. They had the situational edge vs USC as they were off a bye, for a night home
game while catching USC in a Pac 12 sandwich with Stanford on deck.
USC led 17-10 but ND was poised to get back in it when Crist fumbled
a snap at the USC 1 and it was batted back and returned for a TD."

Those first 2 give aways where the only thing keeping ND from the BCS!

With all this being said....Phil Steele is calling for a 
minimum of 9 wins this year.

This season is what BIG BOY programs dream about!...


You want respect...EARN IT!....

You wanna dodge the big boy's and schedule cupcakes....

Welcome to being...


Friday, May 18, 2012

100,000 views in 10 months!....GO IRISH! seems like only yesterday my talents were taken
to this blog after the fans around the world begged
for my help!

Soooooo the IRISH family has come out in support...and I want to say thanks!...

Let me start by telling a quick story on what got me thinking about this...

First is excellent! cost!...
Links you to advertising sources,
Even if your no sell out like the DAMEFAN!

But the great thing is, it allows you to track your many...and whom!

But this takes me to my story!...About a week ago I was in
Costa Rica on a work/vacation type of trip...

You see the only thing I know better than College Football is 
Financial Planning! I was at a trip provided by a 
firm that does work for me when I walked up to the bar 
and was approached by 2 other brokers...
The Malia boys from Florida!....
They simply said...
"We're on to you!...We know who you are!"
"Your Damefan!"
As I laughed we became fast friends and 
exchanged some Irish football talk and then returned to our 
day to day  jobs after several whiskys and other cocktails!...

The IRISH family is truly WORLDWIDE...
My blog has been read by people in the following countries:
United States -Canada
Czech Republic-Iraq
OVER 100,000 views in 10 months!


Now on to the IRISH!...

Let's talk UNDER THE RADAR players!
Let's talk Defense!....let's talk re-loading!
Josh Atkinson
Thanks to the NFL most of our D secondary went in the draft...
So the shelves are ready to be re-stocked!....that's where 
Josh Atkinson comes in!....
We all know what his brother can do... 
But watching Josh cover the best tight end in the country during 
the spring game coming off his Big East Track
Championship Title...was a joy!....

This kid hasn't even scraped the surface of what he is able to accomplish!..
I heard a coach years ago say..."You can't fix speed with experience...
but you can make up for a lack of experience with speed!"
Josh is full of speed!....Nasty SEC type speed!...

6 '2 220 lbs...ESPN Top 150 recruit...
Notre Dame beat out Alabama and EVERY 
Florida school for his skills!...He's and has
excellent body control!...
By seasons end he and Davaris should make excellent bookends!

Ben Councell 
Expect this kid at 6'5 245 lbs to have people wonder
who was dumb enough to EVER transfer from this D?
Fast...aggressive...and long wing span...
he's got speed rusher written all over him!...

Elijah Schumate
This kid is game ready DAY 1!....
At 6'1 and 215lbs 
If we have Bennett or Josh go down to injury this 
kid allows us to bump Slaughter up to corner and 
still have that BIG HITTER in the secondary!...

Be ready my brothers and sisters!...
The haters and bandwagon bit#hes will come out full 
force in the near future!...

The bottom line is this....Notre Dame could pu$$y up their schedule 
by putting some cupcakes here and there...but 
at the end of the day what does that accomplish?
NOTHING... but creating an 
over hyped...over ranked team that gets their 
a$$ handed to them by the SEC...just look at the last 
couple National Championship games involving the BIG 10!

This is Notre Dame...This is not a cake walk...this 
is not easy... We have endured the bad choices of the 
administration for over 20 YEARS!...

But now...
We have a HEAD coach!....
Better get your wins Coach...cause the 
powers that be at ND...have a very short 
attention span!...


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