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Monday, December 17, 2012

Have you noticed the "TIDE" turning?....

Changing our mind is a God given happens
all the time...but sometimes it happens for an agenda!

This is what I've been seeing lately...have you?

Durning the season I'm always amazed at how un-informed 
the analysts on ESPN are.

Not just un-informed but down right WRONG!

This season in almost every game we were 
"about to be exposed!"

Then the next week came, and that team was 
suddenly "over rated". 

But it seems lately...with the additional time on their
hands...they've managed to watch some tape!
Guy's like this idiot!

Weeks before the seasons end...we would be 7th in the"ND will keep this game close!"

What changed Pollack?....The fact that Georgia's 
rush defense is pathetic and still almost beat Bama?

Heck...Trevor Matich said "It just takes ND doing 
what they've done all year...not make mistakes!"

Of course there is Vegas...just daring the Alabama nation 
to take that 9 1/2 point worm at the end of that 
ZILLION dollar hook!

Gonna be A TON of trailers repossessed if they do!

Heck..they did the same thing with Oklahoma for 11 1/2!
How much did that make them?

This game will be determined by inches!

This game will be determined by turnovers!

This game will be determined by who's been tested!
I know we have!

I know our boy's have been tested...respect neglected,
and never selected!

So there is A LOT of angst sitting in the Notre Dame locker room!

There is A LOT of "told ya's!" waiting to be handed out!

This game is not about "LUCK" this game is about
 what was "EARNED"...and what was earned is 
a shot at the title!

But you know what?...That's fine!
I'd rather they ALL pick us to be beat by 50 points!

That's what has made this season so great... REDEMPTION!

The chance to talk all that trash to your buddy at work, the 
guy at the gas station with the worn out Trojan hat, or
that family member who married into the family and 
suddenly is a HUGE SEC fan!

The entire world will be watching as the IRISH do, 
what weeks ago, most thought was impossible!

But not everyone thought the TIDE was the shoe in...

The October 22nd Sports Illustrated.

Notice the top right hand corner?

The "Case for Notre Dame"

-"The Irish would have a chance to keep 
the score low, then sneak out a win on a 
turnover, of which they have forced 15 so far"

-"Notre Dame is athletic enough up front to stuff
the run and generate a formidable pass rush on McCarron
without having to rely heavily on the blitz."

Of course all of the SEC thought SI was smoking 
what the cover boy had in his apartment, but the 
educated reader...saw more!

Remember!...this article was written BEFORE
the Irish CRUSHED Oklahoma!

Now the benefits of this are?

Imagine the backfield next season!

All that running behind the best O line class 
in the country and only losing 2 starters from the 
previous years line!


And the staff is FAR from done!

The next two weeks, from what I'm hearing, could take 
this class from GREAT to OH SH@T!..real fast!

Oh..and the Travel Channel has contacted us in hopes
of cross promoting the upcoming SUPER FAN 
Notre Dame special!...
Sign up now!

Are you a die-hard fan of Notre Dame Football? Does your extreme devotion put other fans to shame? Travel Channel is seeking superfans for a new TV series, and one lucky fan will win the ultimate fan experience. If you live and die by Notre Dame Football, then we want to hear from you! Email us at with subject line “Notre Dame.”
NOTE: At this time, we are only seeking Notre Dame fans who will be in Miami, FL on January 7th for the BCS Championship. 

In closing the next 3 weeks are gonna be the longest 
in my Notre Dame fandom!...but at the same time
the 14 bowl practices are SOOOO nice!

And all of you wondering...

There will still be plenty of this next season on the 
Irish Defensive line!


In the weeks to come we will be holding a silent auction
to benefit the families and victims of the 
Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy!

Lord bless them and hold them in your arms!

ANYONE that would like to donate money or 
an auction item please email
This is what I'm putting up for the auction!
GIVE ALL YOU CAN, then go home and hug 
your kids!

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