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You're Welcome America!

Friday, September 28, 2012's the FUTURE on line one.... Looks BRIGHT!

I could get used to this type of play!

Welcome to the I see it!

This is not a "Notre Dame is BACK" speech...

Notre Dame was NEVER gone, to need to come "back" 
from anywhere!

It always cracks me up..the "it's been 23 years since ND's last
National Championship!...are they relevant?"

Well here's a list of time spans for supposed "big boy" 

Michigan went almost a 1/2 century between 
they're 1948 championship and their 97 1/2 Title!
"Those who stay will be Champions!"...AT WHAT?

Ohio State went 32 years between 1970 and the
2002 debacle!

Funny thing Texas claims the same 1970 National Championship 
and then went 35 years till 2005!...(well let them and the nuts 
sort that one out!)

USC went 25 years between their 1978 title till 2003!...
And God knows if that one will stick!

So I don't wanna hear you...ND has 3 National Championships
 in the past 4 decades!...

Don't call it a comeback!....We been here for years!

Notre Dame is no. 10 in the country...has a Defense that 
can compete with ANYONE!

Has an offense that is "finding it's self" and a coach
that has us positioned for the FUTURE!

So?...How do we gauge this season so far?

Notre Dame is 4-0 with wins over 4 BCS caliber teams.
1 win over a top 10 team at night in their house.
1 win over a top 20 team at night in our house.
Both got BLANKED from reaching the endzone.

2 more wins vs Purdue, who in my opinion 
is one of the best teams in the BIG 10 and we should know
we've beaten their best already!
And Navy!

So?....The ND defense has only allowed 
3 TD's in the entire season!

We have a defense that has forced as many turnovers in the first
four games as they did the ENTIRE season last year!

How does that rank?...Well our current National Champions
Alabama started last season in a simular fashion...only allowing 
3 TD's but they didn't play but one Top 20 team...and 3 CUPCAKES! NO WAY am I comparing us to BAMA!...just making
a point!...

We are GROWING!...getting stronger and gaining confidence!

So are our questions answered?...NOPE!

We got work to do for EVERY game!

We are a 1/2 full glass...with lot's of promise!...

bad performance!

We are "good"....we need to work to be "great"

We need our offense to continue to progress and allow Golson 
to become the "QB of the present as well as the future!"

Look let's be honest with ourselves, We still have a 
VERY brutal road ahead.

Miami?....Which Miami?..the one that allowed Boston College 
and Kansas State to score all over them...or the one that beat GT?

Stanford?...Which Stanford?..the one that beat USC or the one
that lost to....?????WASHINGTON????

BYU?...Which BYU?...the one that plays fast and hard with 
a dynamic passing game?...or the one that allowed Utah to beat them?

Oklahoma?...mystery  USC?..mystery?


This is not just served up for us...we are going to have to 
take it!

That was the difference between this seasons game vs UM 
and last seasons game vs UM...


We took away their offense...I mean Denard...and didn't allow 
him to be a factor in this game!

Oh..and we found SHEMBO'S BIKE SEAT!...

9 Drives for UM, we forced 6 turnovers and allowed 2 FGs!

From this point forward the rest of this season Notre 
Dame will have to bring the fight to whoever they play!...

This season is about the present and the future!

Finish strong...see who we can be...but WELCOME to 
being in the "big picture" every year for quite a while!

Offense?... Riddick/Eifert The rest have a 5th year!
**We get Welch back next season from injury
**We get Amir back from injury
**We get Mike Heuerman committed!

Defense?...Motta/Teo KLM The rest have a 5th year!
**We get Slaughter back from injury
**We get Lo Wood back from injury
**We get Jaylon Smith and Anzalone and the rest 
of the MOB to do damage!

We will return 17 STARTERS next season!

Bring in the BEST O LINE/LINEBACKER class in the country!

And steadily upgrade speed/athletes/coaching!

This is what having a HEAD coach and staff will produce!

So toast up my IRISH brothers....the future is as bright as the new
gold helmets shining in the sun!

Sure nice to be the one giving and not receiving!



Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Doing something one time is LUCK...twice...SKILL!

That was an historic night...

One to be remembered and then quickly forgotten.  

See if you pull off a DOMINANT performance then 
follow it up with a complete STINKFEST...

You were lucky!

Is that what 
Sept. 15th in East Lansing will be?

YEAH..if you allow Michigan to beat you!

MSU fans said..."Oh..last year was a fluke!"

"No way they beat us at home...we're a top 10 team...our 
defense is too strong!"

This game is about PROGRESS...and remember the old
adage..."You can't fight progress!"

Well...We will see!

So are we good?...or Lucky?...

Michigan is an odd team to me right now, I'm  not really 
sure what to think of them, AT ALL!

They are 2-1...Now we know what happened 
with BAMA, they got KILLED!...but 
what about teams that aren't BAMA?

Air Force, who scored just as many points 
on Michigan as they did on Idaho State...Took them to 
the buzzer...and Michigan escaped!

Then UMASS, who got KILLED by
UConn and Indiana...then went on to 
score more points on Michigan than they 
had scored in both their previous games combined!

So who is Michigan?

Well...let's look at last year?....They were what?..11-2

They had a GREAT season...Didn't they!

Didn't they?

Here are some interesting stats...

Last season they beat:
Western and Eastern Michigan
San Diego State 
All NON BCS schools by 72 points!

BCS schools WITHOUT winning records?
Ohio $tate 
By 127 points!

BCS schools WITH winning records?
Notre Dame 
Virginia Tech 
Both by 3 points and both could
have easily gone either way!

Best Win?
Nebraska by 28!

Most embarrassing loss?
A really bad Iowa!

8-0 vs NON winning teams

3-2 vs BCS teams with winning records!

So?...Are you buying?

Let's take it one step further! 

Michigan recovered 80% of their fumbles last season!
Average for ALL 121 BCS teams?....51% 
(remember the 3rd and goal...the ball bouncing INTO 
Denard's hands like they were magnets?)

So did the ball bounce their way?....Yeah!

Luck?...Who knows?

All this combined with 8 TRUE home games!

They had NO major injuries to ANY starter  
where significant time was missed!

So who is Michigan?...

Michigan IS Denard Robinson!

And the only person to rape ND harder than ND raped 
themselves is Denard!...

I've NEVER seen one player affect a game more 
than Denard...(except Rocket!...LOL!)

Contain Denard?...Beat Michigan!
That simple!

So who are we, and how are we going to accomplish this!....

Two him on the sidelines!

Line it up and CRAM it down the 104th ranked rush defense
in ALL of college football!... run some more!....

And right when they think you're about to hand it off 

Introduce them to Everett Golson!


Too many weapons on offense!

2nd way?

Pressure...Pressure...Pressure...and maybe some more PRESSURE!

Going into the fourth quarter last year, Denard had 18 yards rushing and 
had DONE nothing through the air!

This time...Don't take your foot off the gas don't 
self destruct and give the game away!

Contain...Detain....Bring the BIG TRAIN!


This is about a STATEMENT!

This is about not being this guy...
 One hit wonder?

We wanna be this guy!
A proven player knocking out the competition!

This Saturday is a chance to make THAT statement!

So rise up IRISH nation and be heard....We are 
either back...or on our backs!....We will see!

But one thing is for sure....Feels good to be a PIMP!

Now...on to a very BIG closing award!...

To the 

Now don't get me wrong...I love my 
Michigan fans!...They single handedly made 
me SO MUCH money on my Youtube videos
 that I bought my new golf cart!

This goes out to our friends at MGOBLOG!

Mgoblog is a blog site that is very popular with the 
WalMart Wolverine crowd...but they are a bit scary lately!

Now we all know the Michigan fan base is obsessed 
with your buddy DAMEFAN.

I was hoping it wasn't to the 
"It puts the lotion on the skin" 
kinda way!

This is borderline like being "Sandusky-ed" via
the internet!

I use a site for this EPIC blog called BLOGSPOT
and I really feel it's a very comprehensive site!

You can track...traffic...hits...where in the world these 
hits come from (hello to our friends in Europe by the way!) 
but most importantly....

This is the past 2 weeks!
Over 15,000 views!

Now out of those 15,000 views?

Easy fellas!...

The DAMEFAN sack is a bit sore from all that hanging 
you're doing on it!...



Thursday, September 13, 2012

You want respect?....TAKE IT!...

This game is about more than #10 vs #20...
It's not about Michigan State....
It's not about a rivalry, an ESPN game of the week...etc...

It's about RESPECT...and it's about QUESTIONS!

Questions like....How bad do we want this?

Like...Who are we and where are we headed as a program?

Like...Who's gonna be coaching here in 3 years?....

 Trust me brothers....You either WIN consistently 
or you  sharpen your pencil and get that resume ready...
That's college football today!

This game is an OPPORTUNITY!...a chance to make a 
statement of what's about to come?

Will it be "dominance" or "failure"?

This team has the stage to make this they 
have the dogs to fight?...


2012 ND #19 MSU #41

2011 ND #10 MSU #31

2010 ND #14 MSU #30

2009 ND #21 MSU #17

Do we have the dogs?

Have they been trained to fight?

1st prize is the Cadillac El Dorado....
2nd prize? You're fired!

I'm sick and tired of being challenged by teams we should PUNISH!


This is football...nasty smash mouth put your foot on 
their throat and don't stop pushing till it's OVER!

No more BULLS#HT!



These signs should be on EVERY telephone poll in 
South Bend this week!

What in the Hell happend at the Purdue game?

What are you gonna tell me, that Purdue is elite?...That we should 
be proud of that game?...NO!...

The ONLY good thing that came out of that game?

Good teams WIN when they have BAD days!

Good teams find a way to win!....PERIOD!

So?...are we a good team?.... 

This week is my Missouri week!...


Michigan State?... Ranked 10th in the country?

Really?... New QB...New WRs... Nasty D?... 10th?

Okay..if you say so...they have played a REALLY down 
Boise State team and Central Michigan High School...

So what have they done?....More than us?....Same as us?...

I'll tell you what we have seen that they have not!....

A NASTY D LINE!...I'll give Purdue that!...
They have 2 BIG NASTY D-Lineman that will play on Sundays!

Sparty has not seen ANYTHING like this!
There are not 2 other D lineman in the country playing 
at a higher level than:
LOUIS "Irish Chocolate" NIX

They should be ALL over Maxwell in this game....

Advantage when MSU is on Offense? NOTRE DAME!

Maxwell threw 3 picks in the first half vs Boise with very 
little pressure!

I want Diaco having this kid hearing footsteps by half time!...

I want him having flashbacks of being SMASHED into the ground
 when he snaps the ball ALL GAME!

I know they got Bell...and he's rushed for xyz amount of yards?

So what?...He's not doing that against ND!'s the wild card!

Here is what is gonna determine a WIN or LOSS for ND!

The Notre Dame Offensive Line


We establish the run...and protect the QB...


If not...You'll be shining shoes!...

This is not quantum physics!....
We have the players...We have the talent?...

We will see...Show me!

So with everything happening this week with 
the ACC ol' Jack Swarbrick is pulling his weight!

He's blazing the trail to an easier schedule....expanded exposure 
in the South...BIG TIME BOWL tie ins....Now?...

Cause at some point you have to say,
"Your either Notre Dame or your Princeton!"

You can't have it both ways!...

2-0 right now what's it gonna be!...

We got no excuses!....Injuries?...Shut up!

This is Notre Dame!

Cierre is back!... healthy...and ready to run!...

Are there gonna be holes to run through?...


Cause there is NOTHING like watching the MSU crowd
look like this...


Prayers to Manti Teo and the entire Teo family on 
their loss...

May the angels in heaven greet your family with open arms!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Okay....take it easy....CALM DOWN!....

First things first...

Okay...Okay...Okay...Was it good?

Was there some dominant moments?

Was there some SCREW UPS?

Are we there yet?...

Let's start with the obvious...

Notre Dame has always had our share of "Big Plays" 
but for the past?...oh...20 years, not many of them 
have been on the defensive side of the ball...


We FINALLY have a coach that understands the need 
for DEFENSIVE balance...and SIZE!...

This defensive line IF and yeah I said IF they continue
 to progress at the rate they displayed the last 
two seasons....could be the part of this team that 
paves the path back to the "golden years" of ND!

Sheldon Day-Ishaq Williams-KLM-Tuitt

This is not your fathers Oldsmobile!

Now don't get upset...our O Line was Incredible
but it was Navy...Push Purdue around the same'll get yours!..

Moving on...

SPEED!...nasty...greasy...hard to get a hand on SPEED!

And not just at the skill positions!...Go back and watch 
the O line get to the second level and block the linebackers!

Watch our 6'7 Tight End LUMBER down field for 30 yards on 
a boot leg....or our 6'6 DE take a fumble 77 yards and actually 
be pulling away as he ran!...

This next one might explain our CURRENT recruiting classes 

We are playing an INCREDIBLE amount of players and they 
are stepping up to the plate making an IMPACT!

We have Daniels...Neal...Russell...Brown...Ferguson...

The list goes on and on...and the YOUTH 
are not looking "youthful"...they are an assest 
and not a liability!...

Show me another team playing as many freshman/redshirt freshman 
as Notre Dame and winning by 40 points in their opener!

So is there a reason for excitement!...YEAH...

Is it justified?....NO!...

It was NAVY....


What are you gonna tell me next?.....

I'm happy, don't get me wrong...let's jump up and down 
and buy curtains when we beat OKLAHOMA!...

Let's just calm down...and breath and look at 

Cause I'll tell you right don't beat 
Purdue..and beat them WELL!....

By like 20 points or more?...
It's gonna be a long
hard season...and we'll be looking back saying...

"Remember how excited we were over  that Navy game?"

So what are we up against?....


This Purdue team is a mystery right now..

Last week they played...

Eastern Kentucky FIGHTING 
Colonel Sanders from KFC!

Who are HORRIBLE!...I have NO CLUE 
how Purdue can sleep at night scheduling a team 
that went 7-5 last year and their toughest win was 
verses UT Martin?...

Just embarrassing!....Now next question...How do you 
lose a game when Purdue had 5 TURNOVERS?...

You lose because you are HORRIBLE!...

Now with that being said...Purdue is not Navy!..

They are a little bit:
More Talented
and have not lost to OSU in 3 Years!
Now like'em or hate'em O$U is a decent 
little program!

So what does that mean...? 

We will see Saturday!

Will be all about the safeties and the 
pass rush...I expect Tuitt and Williams to 
LIVE in Purdue's back field...and expect 
WAY more LB blitzing with Purdue's lack of a 
dominant rushing game....Purdue averaged less than 
4.5 yards per carry and only 2 TDs on the ground...

If we are going to give up big plays...they are going to be 
BROKEN big plays!...

The only TD vs Navy had WAY more to do with Slaughter 
biting on the wingback thinking he was taking the pitch 
and letting the receiver behind him..

We aren't seeing the triple option again 
this season!...

We are starting to realize our potential...but one 
bad quarter vs Purdue...and old ghosts come 
flying back at us!...

Hope is playing 3 Quarterbacks....I remember 
Lou Holz saying once...
"If you play 2 QBs it's 
because you don't have 1!"

We know who Purdue is somewhat...

They are not as difficult to scheme against as a 
Navy team....We know that!

But if we aren't careful...We will end up looking like an 

Let's do the work and get to 2-0!...

Before I close I'd like to give out the



To my good buddy and one of the only
HONEST radio hosts....

Glad you said it brother!....GIVE ME A BREAK!

You can't fight sinners with saints!...

What he said was the TRUTH!...

Should he be punished?...Yeah...I guess...
If he said "THUG" instead of "CRIMINAL"
no biggie!...but it doesn't change the fact 
that he who recruits the biggest THUG wins!...

Now can we do it without criminals?...sure!...

Is it harder to do with kids that can spell their name?...Yeah!

But let's just be real and realize that JUCO and this arrest
and that arrest...etc...that's what most programs 
have a very easy time living with....

Hell, you can get caught RED HANDED and still 
come like nothing happend!

So even the playing field?...or stop accepting criminals?

Until the rules are the same for everyone...