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Friday, September 12, 2014

Well..What did we learn? GO IRISH!

There's an old saying that if something walks like a duck..
Quacks like a duck...
Has feathers like a duck....

It's a duck!

WOW...That game didn't exactly go the way my 
Michigan buddies thought it would....Or the way 
I thought it would....Well since Kelly has had all "HIS" players
in the seats...He's 2-3 vs the Wolverines.

Including a HISTORIC ass whipping, we all witnessed 
last weekend...So what did America learn?

To the educated they learned...VanGorder can 
fist pump is ass off, better than ANY member of the 
Jersey Shore!

We learned that Golson is as legit as advertised!

Our overall team "speed" is what we'd thought it was...

And...Michigan is...Not as far away as you think, from
running things in the Big Ten... read that right!

Let me take you for a bit of a trip down memory lane!
Imagine this lineup vs ANYONE with 
"Brian Kelly" as coach..

QB-Jimmy Clausen 
*currently with the Chicago Bears

WR-Golden Tate
*super bowl champion now with Detroit

WR-Michael Floyd
*currently with Arizona 

Slot WR-Theo Riddick
*currently with Detroit 

TE-Kyle Rudolph
*currently with Minnesota 

RB-Robert Hughes
*currently with Arizona 

RB-Armando Allen
*former Chicago Bear

OLine-John Sullivan
*currently with Minnesota

OLine-Sam Young 
*currently with Jacksonville

OLine-Trevor Robinson
*currently with Bengals

Oh..and on the D?...

LB-Manti Teo
*currently with San Diego

DT-Trevor Laws
*former Eagle

DB-Harrison Smith
*top 15 NFL draft pick
current with Minnesota

DB-Darrian Walls
*currently with NY

DB-Robert Blanton
*currently starting for Minnesota 

DT-Ian Williams
*currently starting for San Fran

Ryan Harris-Jonas Gray-Fasno-Fleming

See where I'm going here????

Charlie could recruit talent!

Charlie could call plays!

Charlie could destroy a buffet and burp 
his way through a presser!


Michigan has a few simple issues to fix 
but they are dealing with a double edged sword!

With their schedule Hoke could trip his way 
to 8 wins...If he splits Penn State and O$U,
which neither look very good, 
lose to MSU..which is gonna happen...

He's 9-3, and he's safe!
You just put a band aid on a issue rather than 
a stitch!

Hoke- Early success with already developed talent,
then recruited well and couldn't ever put it together!

Weis- Early success with already developed talent,
then recruited well and couldn't ever put it together!
Tell yourself whatever you need to hear Michigan nation!

But if it walks like Charlie...
Recruits like Charlie...
Eats like Charlie...
And loses like Charlie...
It's Charlie!


This doesn't come from me "hating" Michigan...Very opposite 
actually!  I don't "dislike" Michigan unless they are facing 
Notre Dame!

Coaching...that's your issue!

He's not paying attention to the little things!
Exhibit A:

Look at him...look at his lack of traps???? 
Has he been in the weight room?

Where does chin one end and chin two begin?

He's out of shape and got MAN HANDLED by a first year
starting soph NT!

It was legalized assault what Jarron Jones did to this kid!


You don't think I "kinda" grew up rooting for MICHIGAN
at least ONE DAY A YEAR???

One of my longest and closest friends in the world
LOVES MICHIGAN (notice the
Denard T-shirt) as much as he loves 
butchering the English language!
Trust me we've celebrated "Birf-Days" together!

Hell...he told me yesterday he expects us to 
re-match in the four team playoff???
 Yeah...he bleeds Maize and Blue!!

This is from the HEART!

Your one great coach from returning to GLORY!

And this ain't him!

You have NFL caliber talent ALL OVER that team!

It's just not gonna happen with Hoke...

Now...on to our beloved IRISH!

It's gonna be a long night and hopefully paramedics
will be standing by....cause Purdue is HORRIBLE!

They've played the 171st Strength of Schedule!
And they are 1-1

They have quarterback issues!

They have the 97th ranked rush D so this should
be a fun night for this guy!
With teams averaging almost 200 yards on the ground 
per game, they are  47th in pass D...there's another
210 yards in the air!

They beat a horrible Western Michigan team by 11!

They got ass crammed by Central Michigan!

And now they get the IRISH full of confidence, rolling
and hitting on all cylinders and in a dome!

Yeah...this could be like the first 30 seconds of a
Tyson fight in his prime!

So next time your sitting around and decide to criticize
the direction of THE Notre Dame Fighting IRISH...

Take a good long look at the list of NFL talent...that 
Notre Dame didn't get a chance to fully enjoy!

Thanks Coach!


Cheers my IRISH family....Here's to you!  

Thursday, September 4, 2014

What?...GO IRISH!

CON~FU~SION: noun: The state of being bewildered
in one's mind about something.

This is the only way I can describe the Notre Dame 
vs Michigan games say...oh the last

It was an pretty normal series..until!

It started in 2004 when Darius Walker erupted on UM 
and then again when UM was no.3 in the country and 
ND went in under Weis, and then did it again!

Flash forward...Now, NEVER, in all my years of watching
college football have I seen my Irish lose to a team they 
were better than more...than Michigan!

In fact I think the only team luckier than Michigan 
playing Notre Dame is Ohio State playing Michigan!

So this game in my opinion is a bit confusing!

I mean we all know we don't like each other!

The best team rarely wins...

It's week two so it's extremely hard to understand 
who either team is...

Michigan sounded clubbed Appy State
Which was like watching this pup spend the 
weekend at Michael Vick's house!

Now with that being said Appy still rushed for 
over 4.3 yards per carry and converted 2 outta 3
4th downs, and Appy is HORRIBLE!

This game was dominated by Gardner and Funchess 
who make no mistake are dangerous!

Now which Gardner is gonna show up?
The one we faced last year, or the one Toledo almost beat? 

Funchess...not a blazer but good size and hands!

Green DESTROYED a defense that may be 
"slightly" better than most really good high 
school teams...So what can we get outta this? 


Notre Dame soundly took apart Rice.

Now don't come at me with this "Rice won ten 
games each of the last two seasons!" crap...
Yeah..they did, vs AIR!

Rice "Tresseled" it...They played NO ONE!

So here's Rice...
Slightly bigger...Slightly meaner...
Really small dog!

Granted Rice does have a legit 1st round 
draft pick on their D line, that we didn't hear
his name ALL DAY!...But the supporting cast around
him was pretty weak...

ND dominated every aspect of the game..and 

But with that being said a few things did jump out to me.

1. The game was clean: Penalties/mental errors etc. 
2 Penalties in the ENTIRE game..

2. Golson is no longer "Stepping over dimes
to pick up pennies!" 
What I mean by that is, in 2012 when the pocket would 
break down he'd jet!!

Now...when he sees that 5 to 7 yard run he continues to 
buy time, and look down field, for the 20 or 30 yard 
pass rather than the 5 yard run....Maturity! 

This is the fastest overall team I'd say that ND has 
had in over 30 years!
Top to bottom!

4. BIG FROSH...The Freshman now blend in with the 
rest of the team...the size difference between them and 
the rest of college football is nothing!

So what should we expect?

Well that's the tricky part...on paper ND is the favorite,
Vegas realizes it!

Michigan's O line?...Better?
We'll see!

Does Michigan have any other receivers?...
All 3 TDs Funchess!  Out of the 16 complete
passes almost 50% went to Funchess!
We'll see!

Can Michigan's secondary keep up with the speed
that ND has at WR?...Sparty couldn't..We know 
that Peppers isn't 100%!...
We'll see!

Now flip that coin to the IRISH!

Did we really play as vanilla of a D scheme as 
Kelly led us to believe vs Rice?
We'll see!

Is the O line really as good as we think?
We'll see!

Is Golson really as good as he looked..or was that
just a great example of 4 and 5 star players
vs 2 and 3 star players? 
We'll see!

We'll see!

Each team has something to prove!

Notre Dame wants to show Michigan that
when they asked for the series to 
was no big deal to us!

Hence the announcement today!

Hoke in my opinion is coaching for his job
this season...I mean UM will only take so many
7 win seasons and losses to "big brother" and
 Ohio State before the "Michigan man" 
is shown the door.
Is he the Charlie Weis of Michigan football? 

So this..."end" of a great series is playing right into
the hype machine and about to be on full display
on NBC....
We'll see!

I'd love to tell you what you want to hear, and that I'm
predicting a slightly closer game than Rice...but if history
has shown us anything. It' s that ND has had gun fights with
Michigan numerous times in the past.  The outcome wasn't
talent...the outcome wasn't coaching...the outcome wasn't a
lack of weapons...It just seemed like they were using a
weird gun...

Let's get 2014 off on the right foot this year boys...
And not shoot ourselves....



The committee is meeting right now!
They got a team of monkeys working around the clock to
make a decision on a investigation that was
"supposedly" over A WEEK AGO!


Thursday, August 28, 2014

One bite at a time...GO IRISH!

There's an old saying that represents the ability 
to tackle a almost impossible task regardless
of how big..

"How do you eat an elephant?"

Answer: ONE bite at a time!

Well IRISH's almost dinner time.

This season's schedule to some is the 
"impossible" task...just like 2012 was...

No way the IRISH can beat: 
Michigan State

Not after they lost their BEST defender!

Not after they lost their new STUD corner!
:Tee Sheppard

Not after they graduated their best WR ever!

We started the year with a secondary 
where 3 outta the 4 players were 
CONVERTED Offensive players!!! 

It just can't happen!
And...yet it did!

Entering 2012 we had TON'S of questions!

We had TON'S of uncertainties!

We had TON'S of idiots saying we'd go 6-6!

Seem like we've been here before? 

So here we are...staring a new ELEPHANT in the face 
and RICE is the first bite in this epic meal of 2014! 

The only difference?...this is a better team than 2012!

Don't take my word for it...just ask Phil Steele!

"What Brian Kelly has done at Notre Dame is 
exceptional, the schedule is brutal but this may 
just be a better team than his 2012 squad." 
-Phil Steele 

Now...what I'm not understanding from the 
"Irish Taliban" of the message boards is...

It's RICE??? 

I'll tell you right now..this is a great opening game for us!

It allows our young talent to gain some confidence!

It gives Golson a chance to knock the rust off!

If gives res-life a chance to make a decision! 

Cause RICE is not a good team!

The 9 win RICE team of last year was not 
a good team!

If...IF...we don't win this game BIG!!
I'm talking 36 to 10 big...this is gonna be a long year!
By the end of the first offensive drive the owls should 
feel like they got hit by a freaking truck!

This is a team that last season played the 98th SOS!

Thanks to that WEAK SOS...they:

They played ONE top 30 team and LOST!

They finished 49th in total Offense!

Their D allowed almost 200 yards a game passing!

160 yards a game rushing!

Hell..they only beat 1 BIG 5 CONFERENCE team 
and that was Charlie's 1 win Jayhawks!

They beat Florida Atlantic by 4!!!!

They lost to North Texas Mean Green...I didn't 
even know that team existed!!! 

Then capped off their BEST SEASON in decades by 
getting THROAT PUNCHED by the worst
team in the SEC Miss State 44-7!!!
The highlight of their trip?

They will be able to tell their grandkids they got 
their ass kicked in the first game ever played
on turn at Notre Dame Stadium on turf!

Oh..and by the way they graduated their
BEST running back in the history of 
their program and their starting QB!

I'm sorry!...You just can't get me worried about RICE!

This season is not a walk in the park!

But it's not impossible to navigate through!

But I'll leave you with this...I'm hearing Issac is 
killing people! Ishaq might not be missed week one!

But ND needs to put this to bed!

Dragging this on is making EVERYONE look bad!

Close this out...punish who needs to be punished,
let the others return and play..but at the end of the 
day... Let this STIMULATE a conversation!

If the rest of the country aren't playing by the same 
rules....then let's give our academics a "BIT" of 
a break...not everyone is able to split the atom!


Friday, August 8, 2014

You gotta know who to call when you need good info!!! GO IRISH!

You got leaky pipes?...Call a plumber!
You got a history question?...Call a teacher!

Wanna know if your running backs pass the eyeball

It was a hot day in September beloved 
IRISH were pre-season top 3 in the country and 
here comes Penn State ranked 6th!

That day we had the opportunity to partake in a 
bit of spirits and food in the "Hospitality Village",
thanks to an invite we'd received from a friend.

Hospitality Village is a private HUGE tented tailgate
where ex-players...alum and whatever 
celebrity types were attending the game that day
go to mingle, and get in a bit of a pre game 
good mood!

Franco Harris, Tim Brown, some guy from 
CSI Miami I'd never heard was packed!

I was making my way to the bar when I noticed the 
gentleman's ring standing next to me...

MARC EDWARDS!...We talked a few minutes
over Jameson's and then I asked if I could show his ring
to some friends...more than willing he took the ring off, 
I turned to show my buddies...turned around, and he 
was GONE!!!

I was like...

After a few moments of panic we located Marc, 
returned the ring, had a laugh and went on to 
watch the IRISH boot stomp Penn State!

I remember what he said that day..."If your 
in here with us...your not gonna run off with 
my ring!.."

So when I wanted to know if my excitement over
our current stable of work horses was warranted...
I called Marc!
I mean..if you get carried off the field while playing 
at THE University of Notre know a thing
or two about a thing or two when it comes to football!

So what have you been up to?

Marc- Since 2005 I left the Bears and invested in a 
group benefits company...but was a bit bored with that so
I decided to work with a friend at Notre Dame 
who was starting up a company called 
Speed Shield.  I still own part of the
benefits company and now I'm doing
consulting with Speed Shield and working for 
myself.  This allows me to travel with 
my daughters who are currently playing  
around the country in travel soccer and 
allows me to visit clients.

We've had some coaches that have arrived 
since your time, that have hit hard and faded 
quickly...What do you see in Kelly that
makes you comfortable about the 
future of Notre Dame?

Marc-Kelly is consistent. He wins games.  
He's right there with the top programs.  He hasn't had
that let down season, like the coach's in the past.
Brian is charismatic and represents the program 
he shows the leadership qualities to 
get out and talk to the people. He understands
that he's on a big stage... Consistency and Charisma!
Brian doesn't abuse his position of power...

What about the "modernization" of the program
what are your thoughts in the HUGE 
change Kelly has brought in..

Marc-It breaks my heart but I understand 
it.   It needed to be done. This isn't the 90s.  Now
it's instant gratification and you have to adapt!
I may not like it, not like the turf, but the game
has changed.  You either wanna be a competitor
or your a dinosaur. It's something I agree with!
Uniforms, Music in the stadium, turf,
it was time. 

What do you see for the future of the sport as a whole?
I mean with that instant gratification athlete 
compared to the athletes you were being 
recruited with years ago? 

Marc- Holtz used to say something all 
the time, years ago, and it rings true today:
"Being part of the University of Notre
Dame is not a right of's a 
Kids now a days are being told 
since pop warner how great they are, and 
there is so much more access. The competitive
nature of recruiting, they have created a 
pedestal.  The kids feel they are entitled. 
Not all kids...but in general. 
We need to get back to student/athletes! 

Last summer I had a chance to speak to the 
team. I told them I've been in your shoes
and I played at the highest level.  People 
always want to hear from you and talk
with you..Get educated because at some point
your gonna hear the word "NO" and sometimes 
the phone calls, after this is all said and done, don't
get returned...Get that education!
You may end up working for that nerd down 
the hall someday!
Be nice to him now! LOL

What jumped out to you on our running backs?


MarcFolston seems like the first "dynamic" running
back I've seen in a while...just more "electric". 
Lot's of our backs could run. This kid just does it in 
a more dynamic fashion, he's natural. 

He can start and stop fast..and he's shifty!

Always seems to be moving forward.

He's got good size, runs strong, and has
great hands which is HUGE in today's game. 


Marc- My thought on him is he's got all the talent in the
world, fast and great attitude. Now I'll reserve judgement 
to see how that translates to the field!


Marc- You know every time I talk to somebody it's
the comparisons to me.  I like it, he's a hard nosed 
kid who runs with everything he's got.  He can 
run, he's not gonna break the league record but he's 
gonna get ya the hard yards to close the game out!
He kinda brought a tear to my eye last year.  I 
can't remember the game but they just kept feeding
him 3 yards here, 4 yards there...that's the football
I played!  It's encouraging to have this 
much talent.  It's a good change up of 
of  the style they play, I want them in the back
field together like the "Thunder & Lighting" 
days with Bettis and Brooks. 

What do you think the return of Golson 
will mean to the run game?

Marc- Add fifty to one hundred yards rushing 
in every game. Now you got a middle linebacker 
that has to spy to see if he's gonna take off. That
will open the middle of the field to the slot 
receivers or the tight ends.  Golson's return
is huge. It adds a HUGE dynamic!
With Malik we can do this without worry 
the back up is important cause your dealing 
with QB 1-A to QB 1-B.

Does his return affect other aspects of the team?

Marc- Oh yeah, the defense!  All three areas 
of the game are intertwined, you could have the best 
D in the league but if your offense is terrible you'll
lose games.  I think in 2013 the defense was out there
too much due to 3 and outs and drives being stopped!
A good offense will make a defense more effective!
Offense is different than defense. If one guy doesn't 
do his job it's a sack.  On defense if one guy makes
an outstanding play...the other 10 just have to do 
their job! The defense will be more effective 
this year with Golson's return. 

Don't hand that ring to anyone!

Marc-I'm still pretty big and fast...They won't make
it very far!

Now on to some rumblings I'm hearing from camp!

There is excitement flowing through everyone in
camp.  They realize that this new defensive scheme
will give them the ability to be very hard to
game plan against especially in early season.

You won't be seeing the same defensive lineup two
plays in a row. There will be a constant rotation
of talent coming into the game to play very
"situational" football!

Golson is cementing his starting position
everyday in practice!

I think we have a talent rich QB position right now.

Golson is showing why he should be the starter and
Malik is showing why you don't need to worry
about Golson getting hurt!

The D line is making noise!

We all entered the season worried about the loss of
talent to the NFL...well from what I'm hearing we
may not skip a beat!

Trumbetti is OWNING things in camp!
Turning heads and showing why he should be
on the field snap one vs RICE.
Romeo has work to hold his spot...
And that's a good problem!

Sheldon Day is an All American waiting to happen!

And, Ishaq is very happy to have his hand back on the
ground, where he's always been the most comfortable!

Cage will play...he's as big as a Buick and handles
like a Mustang!

We only need 10 to 15 plays a game from him!
He's a huge part of the ND future at D-Line!

The light has turned on for Max Redfield!
He's the commander of the secondary and is
running the show like we all figured he would!

The fun battle of camp?
Turner vs Onwualu!

Onwualu is showing the coaches that he doesn't
want to watch..he want's to play!

Riggs is as advertised and is trying to be the
Robin to Russell's Bat-Man for the dynamic
duo of shutdown corners for ND!

But make no mistake...Butler/Luke/Watkins 
are all ready in case of needing the NMI!

Chris Brown has been turning heads and is
by far the most dynamic receiver in camp!

He's poised to have a HUGE year and the
pace of the offense will make this years
receivers, by years of the country's
top units!


Good Lord!


This is gonna be a huge year for the Notre Dame program!

We have the coaches, we've recruited the talent,
we have the schedule to prove our point!

Now let's get to work salute Coach Kelly for
getting us here!


HUGE shout out to Jerry Barca for sending me a few
copies of his new book!

Get out today and get your copy!.

Live in Columbus and wanna watch a real team?

Hit up the ND Club of Columbus!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

LORD... It just amazing the stupidity in this world..

We have two types of functions in our body, voluntary and involuntary. 
Some functions we can control..and other functions our 
body controls for us, like breathing and digesting. 

Now breathing is a two way can control your 
breathing to help calm yourself, or like women often do
during child birth, or to blow out the candles on a birthday cake.

But then your body will also breath for you...these 
are "involuntary" functions!

INVOLUNTARY FUNCTIONS: Those bodily activities
that are not within your conscious control. 

Now in life you meet people that are "educated" and very 
"intellectual" like myself...or you can meet people that are 
message board cult members or the "sky is falling" idiots 
where their reactions are "involuntary"...meaning they 
speak without thinking!

And trust me every fan base has them, even 
ND Nation..wink..wink.. 

It's up to you to do what I refer to as "analytical research".

You analyze the situation and use common sense to determine 
the value and performance of a company/team, in the 
market they perform, and against the competition of that market!

Now in College Football this is done through the

In the past decade our beloved 
have played on average the 23rd toughest 
schedule in College Football.

Now to give you a comparison test of where 
that is exactly:

Past TEN YEARS average SOS:

Ohio State 48th
Alabama 34th
Michigan 40th

So this tells us that on average Notre Dame has a much 
tougher road to achieve success than the other 3 listed teams!

Now let's address the situation of employees/recruits:

ND has higher academic standards, requires a foreign language
and  requires their students to go to class...

They recruit nationwide, and do not allow reduction of credit 
hours or small class loads/requirements during football season.

That DRASTICALLY reduces the % of qualified recruits.

So if next year out of the Rivals top 250 

Team A=can recruit all 250

Team B=Can recruit 125 of the 250 

Which team has a better chance of landing elite talent?

This Brings me to the "stupidity" I see every day..and not just
from Notre Dame fans..but from the mouth breathers who think 
their team is "elite" that can't understand "analytical research"

This is the face that has brought NOTRE DAME back!

Who took the "WEIS" players and within 3 seasons was playing 
in a National Championship!

He didn't need to wait to get all "HIS PLAYERS"...

He didn't need to play a cupcake schedule to achieve success!

He didn't need to tear down the academic standards and 
traditions that make Notre Dame the Mecca of 
college football.

He EMBRACED the Notre Dame system and made it modern!

He's made Notre Dame a HOT TOPIC to the youth again!

He's dressed up the program to make it appeal to the younger 
fan and recruit...while making sure the tradition remains!

Still mad about the helmets not being painted
 the night before a game?

He's got kids looking at ND and realizing the EDUCATION 
might just be worth the sacrifice....the commitment!


He's INVADED states like Texas and Ohio and 
taken their top talent from under their noses!

He's fixed relationships with programs damaged by the 
piousness of past coaches! 

He's CONSISTENTLY closing top 10 recruiting classes with 
high caliber talent that then turns around and translates into 
TOP TEN DRAFT classes!

*7th ranked class so far this season* 

Remember it's Kelly that brought us into the 
MODERN era of physical training with 

The ability to do stabilizer muscle training with the addition of
the sand pit...and the endurance hill!

The ability for the players to have an "exclusive" players lounge
so the players have a place to be away from the media
and pressure of the classroom!

The emphasis on nutrition and meal plans, custom to 
EACH players nutritional needs and deficiencies!..

Shamrock Series Uniforms!

Leprechaun Gloves!


Hell we have NBC special TV broadcasts about our
PRACTICES!!! Strong & True ring a bell?? 

There are coaches in the country who's teams are 
pre-season top 10 that 

1. won a bowl game in years

2. won their conference in years

3. haven't beat a top 5 or 10 or 15 ranked team in years!

and all that with a WEAK SCHEDULE!

And none of their fans are bit#hing!

So take a step back and:

is positioned to be HUGE for the IRISH!

We are positioned with the opportunity to 
make HUGE statements, on 
some HUGE stages!

LORD! that all of that is 
off my mind...on to some...

From Camp!

Kolin Hill above!


But the talk of the 
weight room is Daniel Cage!

Staff is very happy the way everyone has shown up 
in shape and ready to compete!

Trumbetti continues to impress, but not just with
strength...but speed!

He's fast and moves like a LB coming off the drills!

His agility and footwork are incredible for 
someone his size and strength!

Everyone is battling already to become the 
ALPHA of their respective units!

Davaris vs Farley in the tire pull tug of war!

Jhonny Williams vs Nic Weishar!

Jaylon vs Durham, battled for 
FIVE MINUTES...with Smith pulling out the W!

Sheldon Day is ready to make a STATEMENT 
this season...every person I speak with can not 
say enough about his strength and speed!

Riggs impressing and studying the nickel!

Shumate moving all over the place within the 
scheme to maximize the amount of talent on the 
field at one time! the word I hear over 
and over when describing the defensive scheme!

Everett is running off the field voluntary  
work with the receivers, and from what I hear 
it's not "voluntary" in Golson's eyes!

So relax IRISH faithful!

And enjoy the summer!

Kelly has this thing 

Next step?...
We shall see...

ANYONE who lives in Central Ohio area I completed my new 
home pub...we are going to be having some great 
NOTRE DAME GAME watch parties!

Find me on Facebook and look for details!