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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

False Evidence Assumed Real....FEAR! GO IRISH!

Few years back I was in New York on business, 
at the end of each work day I'd avoid the normal 
"tell me how great you are" dinners, and escape 
to the streets with another broker I'd known for years.

We were drawn to the energy of the city, the stories and
characters that littered the streets...

One night in Times Square we ventured upon a street performer
dazzling people with the old, "Sleight of hand"

He was good, and was earning due to his technique, and
ability to convince his prey of almost EXACTLY what 
he wanted them to think...

Sleight of hand 
(also known as prestidigitation or legerdemain) 
is hand methods and finger techniques used 
by performing artists in many art forms to 
entertain or manipulate.

Just when you thought you had his number...He'd 
hit ya!...BAM!....Doubt!

Doubt is a very powerful emotion...It controls almost
every aspect of our lives due to it's close proximity to 
another emotion...called FEAR!

See that's what the talking heads have attempted to 
do ALL SEASON...Put FEAR in our heads!

They are hoping, when we aren't looking, the "Sleight of hand" 
can strike and make us forget common knowledge by using FEAR!


We are playing Clemson...not "2014 Clemson" with one
of the top Defenses in the country...

Not "Sammy Watkins" Clemson that dismantled 
Ohio $tate!

But..."2015 Clemson"....That's a different tiger!

Here's what I'm trying to figure out...

Why should we have "FEAR"

                                  Who is Clemson...Wait who is the 2015 Clemson?

 First, they started the season returning 11 starters overall!
So almost 50% of the team we saw last year is gone!

Then they lost Williams!
(their version of Will Fuller)
Then they lost their starting D tackle Reader!

So less than 50% of the 2014 team is still intact!

What have they done? 
Vs the 73rd Strength of Schedule!

Beat Appy State? 
But only sacked them once!
Appy State sacked Clemson 3 times!
Appy rushed for over 200 yards!
Turned the ball over...

Beat Wolford? 

Beat Louisville!
Uh...a 1-3 team that couldn't even 
beat the hot mess called Auburn?
Louisville has ONE win vs Samford!
Clemson won by 3 pts!!!

I'd look up their Defense and Offensive stats 
for you but why??? 
Look who they'e played!

Their D has give up scores 100% of the time teams 
have reached their red-zone!

I'm trying to figure out the "FEAR" in this equation!

Teach me??? Explain to me how we are going to lose
this game? 

Hell...I feel like I'm watching 
a"Common Core Math" presentation!

Help me understand how the top NFL draft analysts 
in the country look at this game and say...

McShay & Kiper-"Top 150 draft eligible 
players, there are 10 playing in the Notre Dame
vs Clemson game...ALL ten are from ND!"

Explain to me how this is not a "re-make" of the
Oklahoma vs Notre Dame game from 2012!

 Cause that's what I'm seeing!

I see a Notre Dame team doing what they 
do, and wearing down the tigers!

We are going to line up and go at the Tigers!

ND's O line average 6'5 322
Clemson D line averages 6'2 280!

I pray that our boys feel disrespected!

Other than the game when we lost our
                                       STARTING QUARTERBACK we've
done nothing but hand people their ASSES!

This game is more than just Clemson vs Notre Dame!

This game is about RESPECT!

It's about shutting those IDIOTS up!

It's about showing EVERYONE that this team plays 
with NO FEAR!

They know how good they can be if they just do their job!

Come Sunday morning...When we wake up, and look at the 
TV...We'll hear the same old story..."I think we underestimated
the losses Clemson has suffered to the NFL draft, they 
are just not as good as we thought." 

And you know what...KEEP THINKING that!

Keep giving Notre Dame NO CREDIT!

The job Brian Kelly has done at Notre Dame
and the talent sitting in that locker room is not
a "sleight of hand" trick!

We'll take your disrespect! 

And transform the 
"False Evidence Assumed Real" 
into WINS!

So pour yourself your favorite spirt and 
enjoy the show Saturday night!


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Not really sure what to make of this....GO IRISH!

Ever have something come to you so easy that it
frightened ya? 

Just every piece of a puzzle came falling into place, 
to the extent that you just couldn't believe it 
was happening? 

A good friend of mine YEARS ago went to Vegas.
He was there during a business convention, and being 
one of the only single people spent a lot of time in the 
casino and the casino bar....

Now he's my boy, but not exactly the "Don Juan" of
our social circle...  As the night went on and the 
spirits started to affect him, he became a bit...let's say
brave.  Brave to the point of approaching a young 
lady sitting at the end of the bar...

Well to his surprise his wooing of the young female
went surprisingly well, and one thing lead to another,
and an evening of monkey business ensued. 

But after the festivities, as he laid there with this beautiful
specimen on his arm, staring at the ceiling, doubt started to creep 
into his head...and he started to wonder.."Why was that so easy?"

That's what the Texas game left me with in my gut!

And the question kept coming to me..."Why was that so easy?" 

We were SURROUNDED with Burnt Orange!

Very gracious people..of course they were in our house,
and taking a colossal ass kicking...but was it was too easy?

I glanced up at the score board for my traditional 
pic and a hand flew in, as I was snapping the picture
  it started to turn into..."Are we this good?"

That's a question best answered at the end of every week 
until seasons end...."Are we this good?" 

I mean we did what we were supposed to do to 
a six win regular season team!

It's not like they were in the game at any time!

Hell, if we'd have been losing at any point that 
would've have been cause for concern! 

But we weren't..and sadly this game 
came at a severe cost to us!
Exit right, Folston joins Jarron, with a season ending injury.

Welcome to college football Mr. Adams, and in 
dominant fashion!

5 carries...average 10 yards per carry, 
and two touchdowns!

First freshmen since Darius Walker to accomplish
such a feat!

This week we will take the next step answering the 
question of "Are we this good?" 

I know this video has ZERO to do with the game
and even less to do with being a "cavalier" but 
I just couldn't get it outta my head!!!

It's what I picture when I think "Cavalier"

So who is Virginia

2014 was a hard year for the Cavalier faithful..

They finished 5-7...

Richmond Spiders? 
Kent State? 

North Carolina 
Georgia Tech..BADLY
Va Tech

Now they lost 4 games by a combined 20 points!

But squeaked out 2 of their wins by a combined 7

But here is their real issue..that FIVE win 
team isn't there anymore, due to returning 

Hence why they got MAN HANDLED by UCLA
and a freshmen QB!

34-9 with 3 minutes left in the game! 

It wasn't close! 

So it's safe to say I see why Notre Dame is favored 
by more over Virginia than they were Texas!

So this game for me is about taking the next...


I wanna see MORE of Josh Adams and Dex Williams!

I wanna see Cage and Tillery compete!

I wanna see the O-Line, do what they want, when 
they want!!

I wanna see the Defense continue to SMOTHER their
opponent the way they should!

I wanna see Zaire BUILD upon the confidence
that the Texas & LSU games should have instilled in him!

But I wanna see a team that takes NO ONE for granted, 
and competes from kick off to victory formation for 
60 minutes straight!

SHOW ME, we are this good!

SHOW ME, the depth we've built!

SHOW ME, how your gonna build upon these
games and get ready for the gauntlet that
is ahead for the IRISH!

Cause when all is said and done...We don't want that 
beautiful female waking up telling us how much we 
owe her, cause it was "Too easy!" 


Here's to my "friends" at Blue Gray Sky "Polo Grounds"... LOL 

I'll tip one to you guys in my home pub,
 you were "blowing" my blog up!

Great Article!!! 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Just when I thought I was out....YOU PULLED ME BACK IN! GO IRISH!

Sometimes in life our  feelings have double meanings, 
we can say one thing then COMPLETELY go the other direction!

That's why I've always been a "Follow my actions...not my 
words" kinda guy.

I was out...I was outta the "blogging" business...due to 
weird little message board heroes that would actually 
get mad at me if we'd lose...?

Some went as far as using other friends message 
board names to post stories about me that were...
Don't get me wrong..very entertaining but about as 
accurate as a North Korean motivation video!

Then the "FANDOM" of Notre Dame got me also!

The trials and tribulations of rooting for a program 
that actually respects the game and has a moral compass! 

The icing on this cake was the insane HOPE!

That we'd actually have a selection committee that 
would change the ethics of an already corrupt system!

We traded the devil we knew (BCS) for the devil 
we had no idea about...

I thought..."NOW we will finally come closer 
to leveling the playing field!..."  We will eliminate 
the ability to "cupcake" your way to games you don't 
deserve to play in!!

No more beating up on San Jose State and thinking your 
earning your spot...

And....REALITY sunk in... We have athletic directors  that get 
"revenue" sharing on the committee.. We have ESPN
saying small "Christian" schools don't "travel well"...

I kinda thought we might have a problem, when Archie
Manning wanted NO PART of the job...

And here we are...Same place we started...Looking 
at the real selection committee...

So...I'll focus on what I care about...NOTRE DAME!

I'll focus on the team that can show the country that 
you dont' have to cut those corners...

You dont' have to 
cupcake that schedule!

When a player screws up...You can punish him, 
because you care about player enough to punish him!

You can graduate young men and prepare them 
for the world..even if that world is in a boardroom and 
not on a football field!

You can set the standard, and who knows...Maybe others
will take notice and follow? 

Maybe the committee will notice and realize, what the sport is, 
and why it was created...

But hey..."You may say I'm a dreamer...
But I'm not the only one!" LOL

I'm done...On to the WEEK AT HAND!

On to THE 2015 Notre Dame FIGHTING IRISH!

On to....What's for dinner!

BEVO courtesy  of Texas.

Okay...So who is Texas

First let me say I have respect for Charlie Strong
I thing he's cleaning up the program and respects 
the game...With that being said he's gonna need a few
 more seasons to get it back to "Mack Brown" type play!

2014 Texas was a 6-7 team

There were glimpses of the W over WVU.

But there were more harsh realities that made the Longhorn
faithful I'm sure have nightmares at night..

Now granted they played a pretty brutal SOS!

West Virginia was BY FAR their best win!

Followed by:
North Texas?
Kansas Weis-Hawks?
Iowa State? 3? 
Texas Tech who couldn't stop air? 
Oklahoma State

Okay..who were the losses?

Arkansas...really badly.
K-State...shut out.
Oklahoma..respectable showing!
UCLA..respectable showing!
BYU..really badly

It was a rough year...they were just not in A LOT of games!

They return 13 starters, that has I do believe turned into 11
due to injuries...and will be throwing 3-4 TRUE freshmen
at a very veteran Notre Dame team...


Ranked 106th in Scoring offense
Ranked 98th in Rushing offense
Ranked 88th in passing offense

So it's safe to say that they are not great on that 
side of the ball and have struggled to find a QB!

Ranked 31st in Scoring defense
Ranked 59th in rushing defense 
Ranked 11th in passing defense

So..more respectable, but in their losses they 
average giving up over 31st per game...

I think what we will see Saturday is two ICONIC 
programs in different stages of development...

Your gonna see a "healthy" Notre Dame defense that
averaged allowing 12 pts per game until the injury bug 
set in...

Your gonna see depth...speed and players familiar 
with a system that isn't new to them.

Your gonna see a single caller who understands his 
role, and the success he can have vs ANY DEFENSE
if he just does his job...he's 1 of 11 and he 
just needs to play within that system!

We saw "average" QB play can win
championships last season...

We will see an O-Line that will make NFL scouts
set up and take notice...And a running back benefiting 
from that chemistry..

We will see a wide receiver core that has no weak link..that
can hurt you in multiple ways... 
No more.."We got Floyd and everyone else." 

We will see the best Linebacker in the game flying 
around like a tiger on a wounded gazelle!

You'll see a secondary that is opportunistic and hungry!

You'll see scheme and stunts, and stunts and scheme
from VanGorder!

Your gonna see the future of Notre Dame football Saturday!

The range and skill of Alize Jones.
The speed and size of Equanimeous St.Brown.
The elusiveness of CJ Sanders!

The precision of Justin Yoon...
You will see what it's taken Brian Kelly years to 

And it's gonna be one hell of a show!

So sit back say a prayer for health and happiness of
our players and watch them UNLEASH HELL on 
the Longhorns!


***Just a "friendly reminder"..these are my "opinions"
this was written not for the "War and Peace" crowd so 
I'm sure there are grammar issues...
Guess what...I DON'T CARE!

If you don't like it...go read about Caitlyn Jenner