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Sunday, July 22, 2012

All right....All right...Take it easy!....

There's not gonna be a lot of context to this tonight...
This is more about me venting than anything!...but here we go!

Camp is a few weeks off still...but from what I'm being told...all 
is on target and ready!...

7 on 7 NOTES

1. Chris Brown is turning heads...and 
when I say turning heads, the guy's I talk too are not
quick to that means  A LOT!
He's fast and has good hands...he's our deep threat waiting 
to happen...I'd say he will see the field this season...but 
he'll be more of a "bullet in our holster" waiting to be shot!
When he hits the field it won't take a wizard to figure out he's there 
for the go route!

2. CJ Prosise is an athlete!
This kid was a tweener type of pick up and arrived without the 
normal "fan fare" but he's and LISTENS to 
instruction!  That can make up for a lot!

3. Sheldon Day is a MAN CHILD!
The coaches knew they had scored when they landed Day!
They just didn't think he'd be what he looks like he 
can be!....
Joe Bowman is a friend of mine and a scout, also a 
Michigan fan...durning the whole Tommy Schutt 
situation I know there were a lot of idiots bitch#ng about 
ND passing on Schutt...then UM passed on Schutt...
Bowman told me.."I'd jump over Schutt to get Day!"
Seems like Bowman knows his stuff!

Kelly is recruiting as well as ANYONE in the 
country and is truly starting to stack more talent 
than you can get on the field at any given time!


If the guy next to you falls....the guy behind him is a
STUD in waiting!....

Now...on to the 2nd Installment of :
Anonymous and Unfiltered is a 
collection of e-mails I've received from our 
current recruiting class on what is going on and how 
they invision the future...and some questions I've asked!

1. How was The Opening and who did you work on recruiting?

-My experience was great...always good to test your skills 
against the best of the best. I'd say I worked on Alex the most
durning that week and we all saw how that worked out!
Ebenezer was hanging out with us also and we all kinda took 
turns at him!...

2. Since you committed who is the most annoying coach that 
keeps calling and won't take no for an answer?

-LOL..there was a few there for a while...but it seems like 
the coaches have gotten the idea that we are a different class and 
we will not be swayed!...

3. Where do you see ND being by the time your a Jr. or Sr.?

-I see us being contenders year in and year out, with the strength of 
schedule a 9-10 win season this year looks really good and 
will let everyone know we are back....then my class 
can come in and help out...

4. Why ND? had several other offers..

-It was too good of an opportunity, academically and athletically
and overall a place I could see myself 
not only winning but being happy with the type of man 
I will develop into.

5. Any one coach really stick out to you?

-All of them are great...but Coach Cooks was one 
of my favorite at ND, he was real with me throughout 
my process and nothing ever changed no matter who visited...

Tune in next week for the next installment!....

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In closing I'd like to take a moment and address this guy:

This is our:


Okay...if you buy an Halloween Costume and re paint it
to match your team're a D-BAG!

If you get a shower curtain and turn it into some sort
of Mascot outfit making you the "super fan"
you are a D-BAG!

If your over 30 and you paint your face....
You're a D-BAG!

If you dance around like a moron with your
shirt off in December...your a D-BAG!...

STOP!'s embarassing to everyone...

When people stop you and want to take a picture with's not cause they think you are cool!....


Sunday, July 15, 2012

The only thing we have more of than talent?.... QUESTIONS!

You know nothing would make me happier than to sit here 
like  "Uncle Jerry" sitting by the fire with an old 
book telling a story about..."Well...everything is gonna
be just perfect!"...but that isn't the case!

Coach Kelly has had 2 seasons!....
Both could'a...would'a...DIDN'T!...

We had 10 win back to back BCS seasons and let'em 
slip right outta our hands like a hundy being palmed
to a defensive end on Lane Ave in Columbus Ohio!

That's on us!....Time to start looking in the mirror and not 
out the window!....


Well let's talk QB!...

We have to get consistent!....Tommy is a winner...and 
is a great kid (when sober!) and won us some games!...
BUT!....He's not gonna take ND to the next level!...
Put him in the Big East...or Big Ten....STUD!...
But when you play the gauntlet that ND faces!....
Not gonna happen!...


Moving on....
Can he be GOOD-MAN?
John Goodman has been a mystery to me...
He has HUGE upside...great size....Hands seem good!..
He's fast with a HUGE stride...and chews up a lot 
of field up when he hits full stride...
Now...cut him a bit of slack....
Michael Floyd cast a HUGE shadow!...
This could be the year that he's THE option...
not just AN option!
I've seen this:
Then other times...he's a GHOST!...
First you see him...and BAM!..he disappears!...
If Charlie Weis made Jeff Samardzija a household name 
in one season...can Coach Kelly get Goodman to the NFL
the same way?....We'll get back to that in a min!

QUESTION TWO: Wide Receivers

Then there is this HORRIBLE image!...
Notice the back is turned....?
Stevie Wonder could have made that throw!

We GAVE away two games last year due to poor DB play!
Michigan...who we just ABUSED all over the field...
And?...poor DB play gave us the same knee to the nuts being 
displayed in this picture!...
And Florida State....Poor DB play!...


 Fear not my Irish brethren!

From what I'm hearing from little Irish birds....
It's getting right!...

And we should be EXCITED!....

We have HUGE talent at the QB position!

My pick...
He has the ability to extend plays and not to scramble,
which he's fast and hard to get a hand on, but to find 
the open reciver down field...
And the word around summer training he...
"Puts the ball spot on EVERY TIME...he 
just needs to get all the calls and work on the little

It's like I tell my employees....
"Is this a brains or balls issue?"

If you don't have the brains?...I'll teach ya!

But if you don't have the balls?...I cant' fix ya!
Everette can ball!...PERIOD!

What will benefit us here is SENIOR Wide Recivers like
Roby Toma...and John Goodman...and
having the best Tight End in the country doesn't hurt!
Now...who's gonna step up and make the 
IMPACT we are looking for?

Davaris Daniels?...I've heard from more than 
one coach that Daniels is "Elite Talent!"

He has the rare combo of size and speed...Showed 
great hands in the spring...and so far is turning heads in 
the off season...

Davonte Neal?
Too much talent for someone not to take the
show over!...
This is like throwing spaghetti against the wall...
QB and Wide Recivers?...

This brings me to the Corner position!...
Now notice I said "corner" not "secondary"

My point with
Slaughter and Motta!...
Our safety position is SOLID!

Coach Kelly took Harrison Smith from a 
gyspy moving from one position to another...
and put his ass into the FIRST ROUND of the

Slaugter and Motta have that taken care of!...

Corners?....Who's it gonna be?
Look I think we all know Jackson has skillz!
He's the best open field tackler on the team...and 
speed to burn!...Just ask the Big East Track officals!...
So...who's playing Starsky to his Hutch?
Josh Atkinson!


This kid is LIGHTING in a bottle! 
Fast...hits hard...has great will to win...and 
is damn sure wanting some highlights with the 
last name "ATKINSON" not involving 
a guy making kickoff units look STUPID!

He was all over Tyler Eifert in the spring game 
to the point that he could've told ya what shampoo 
he was using on his Fabio like hair!...

So....Do we have QUESTIONS?...

Are we developing the ANSWERS?

And come September....Be ready!...

Cause there's a new motto floating around the 
Notre Dame Football team...


****2nd installment of :
Coming this week!...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Don't poke that bear!....

Have tried to get Notre Dame 
on in the past schedules, 
now Michigan is 
taking a break in 2018 & 2019. 
Will see what we can do 
for Wisco!
Really?...So now that you have made some noise 
in the Big 10 you think you should what?...
Schedule some losses in your out of conference games?
Andre Ware Former Heisman Trophy Winner
had this to say about the Wisconsin coach's
 idiotic offer...

"If I were Brett Bielema...I'd be careful poking that bear,
Notre Dame is one good QB away from being a 
VERY good team." 

You might just get it!

This year has the makings of being a very interesting year for 
Coach Brian Kelly...a fork in the road so to speak!

You HAVE to show progress....but you don't HAVE to 
be perfect about it!....

Let's face it...this schedule is BRUTAL...but not 
unmanageable!....just tough! 

We are in a unique position to play spoiler NUMEROUS times 
this season....there are 


All three are trying to get back to the
 crystal ball game!

All three have to beat Notre Dame to do it!..

"If you want to win a National have
to beat Notre Dame!"
Beno Cook

Like it or not....the ENTIRE season will be on the shoulders
 of whoever is named starting QB!...

But the talent is there....the talent in the backfield
to take pressure off him is there...
The talent in the receiving and tight end core
is there....the talent on the there!

Now...what can you do with the QB?

The D is not a concern....It's gonna keep us in
 EVERY game....but...

If we get into a punching match...we need to 
know that we can exchange blows!...
TD for TD!

Now...on to a new segment here on the Damefan Blog!

In the past months I've been getting a lot of emails....some fun...
Some haters from the M Go Blog idiots....some from people telling 
me who they think will do this...or that...or BREAKOUT!

But lately I've been getting A LOT of emails from the 
IRISH MOB...our current batch of recruits!

They pass on stories about camps....about coaches calling them...
About each other...We are very lucky to have this class...

So....I thought I'd pass on some tidbits about what is going on in the 
recruiting world.....there will be NO NAMES attached...

Don't email and ask me...I will not put their names out there
per their parents requests!...

So welcome to: Anonymous & Unfiltered!

1. What message did the coaches at ND seem to all share among each other, 
common theme so to speak?

-The main message told to me was that this is a life commitment. I have no
choice but to be successful, 100% graduation rate is a convincing statistic.  
Then it's all about winning a championship!

2. What schools recruiter jumped out to you as being maybe the "dirtiest" as far
as saying ANYTHING to get you to listen?

-Probably Ohio State simply because they say whatever it takes, they 
have a great speech but they'll say it to anyone that they want.
I guess they don't think about us meeting and comparing notes. 

3. How tight is this class...what do you feel this class does
that makes it different than others?

-This class has blown up, and is real close but personally I think
this is how it should be, a bunch of great dudes that are 
athletically gifted coming together to do something special!

4. Do people contacting you on Facebook and Twitter seem odd
to you?

-No, not at all, I appreciate the support, the guy's that make a 
big deal out of people contacting us are the creepy ones.  What do 
they think is happening, we are all grown men?  I love the 
fan base I've started to grow and I'm happy to be 
in the Irish family.

5. Who do you feel we have the best possible chance of landing next?

-I think Demetrius Cooper could be a kid that will jump on a 
huge offer like ND but also I think Anzalone "hopefully" will 
be next.  

6. Who reaches out of all the recruits the most? Who seems to 
be leading the way?

-Probably Malik, he's a guy that is always checking in 
on everyone...but we all talk and stay in touch!

So...Stay strong Irish Nation!
Realize that the machine is being built!...
And by seasons will be able to look at the fan's 
of all the teams we beat and say...

But as we close!....I would like to rehash and old favorite
here on the blog!....
The Douche Bag Award!
Brought to you by:

The award goes to....wait for it!...

This idiot takes shots at Gunner Keil because why?
Gunner would like a coach that can call plays that 
might?...just might make it past the 50 yard line 
in big games?....

Gunner has too much class to come out and respond the way 
it needs to be said so...




You uneducated idiot!... 
Enjoy talking to those CAJUN
fans that think books are the best place to hide your 
valuables because no one reads them!


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Gonna be epic!...
Meet the FROSH!