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Friday, October 10, 2014

Your who now?...Cause I knew who you were last week... GO IRISH!

We've all got that one story about a girl or guy that was...
Well..Bi-Polar or just plain old nuts!

One second she was talking about how happy she was
then next...BAM!...Here comes the head-case!!

As football fans we are very similar to this, struggle one 
week and the sky if falling, dominate the next and 
bring on the crystal trophy!

This season, across the landscape of college football
most teams are....Bi-Polar!

We don't know who's good and who's not,
from one week till the next...But the one

Whoever we beat, was over rated!

You have to step back and take a look at the situation
from the outside to really determine
how things are going!

So far so good...

We've beat who we should, and how we should!

We've had that "Shut your mouth" hater game
with our victory over Stanford!

Golson has proven he's not only got
a short memory when he makes errors,
but also he's go ice in his veins!

The O line is finally starting to come together!
FINALLY...but baby steps!

The wide outs are showing their HUGE variety 
of talent, and skill sets, that it is very hard 
to control for opposing defenses...

And...when you finally start looking...I mean 
really looking, there are signs of the nation taking
notice of the IRISH!

1. Vegas: ND was a 14pt fav to beat Syracuse 
on a neutral site!
This week Florida State is a 20 pt 
favorite at cuse!
So the IRISH are only 6pts less favorite than 
the reigning National Champs?

2. ESPN: The talking heads are showing their 
doubt, is becoming respect!

3. The team: This team is starting to BELIEVE they 
can make noise.... They see they can bang with 
ANYONE who lines up across from them!
They know they can score whenever and 
against whoever! 
This young talented team gets all guns 
blazing in the same direction?

Oh...and all of this with 5 suspended players
3 of which were preseason HUGE parts of 
this team...and don't hold your breath on 
seeing any of them play for ND again..
Makes me sad!...
So what has the Frozen 5 taught us?

When the smoke clears...The nation will have to 
take notice that Notre Dame doing it the right way!

Show me ONE school that would kick out their
starting QB, that took them to the natty, for grades?

Show me ONE school that would suspend 5 
players for academics??

Show me ONE school that has played in the 
National Championship with a 99% graduation rate!

All the things that drive you NUTS about ND,
are all the things that make you love ND!


Kids are getting caught with coke and 
not sitting one game at other programs!


You can do this the right way and still win!


XM-Radio-ESPN-FOX Sports
All have complimented ND on the handling 
of student issues and applauded the ETHICS of 
doing it right! 

Don't think parents of recruits are paying attention!

So.....stay calm...On to the next victim!

The 2-3 Tar-heels of North Carolina

Okay...I know this is not Stanford...but embrace the
ability to take another step forward in EVERY
aspect of our game!

Embrace the ability to get this O line more 
experience and time together!

Embrace the game and enjoy the show!

North Carolina:

Unranked and for good reason!
Not a strong team!

They can score!
They average 36 pts per game scoring..
Problem is they average allowing 36 pts per game!

Expect Riggs to cover the slot and the D
to get after the QB regularly!

They have two wins vs...Well, AIR!
Liberty 56-29
Before you go..."They scored 56!" 
Ask your self "How did Liberty score 29?" 

San Diego State 31-27 

Now their D is the BIG ISSUE!

They are 121st in the country in pass Defense!
Allowing over 320 yards per game!

They are 92nd in rush D!
Allowing almost 200 yards per game!

This game is all about our run game!

It's about getting prepared and ironing out 
the kinks and doing work!

We need to put this away fast and then get the 
loose ends worked out cause we all know 
what's next!

Sit back and watch the chips fall where they may my
IRISH family....The next few weeks are gonna
be very interesting!


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