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Friday, October 31, 2014

Winning in the court of public opinion... GO IRISH!

Being right in the public eye...doesn't always translate to 
being right when it matters..

Good examples: 
Bill Clinton
OJ Simpson
Any Catholic Priest

Now...When I list those names, they sound 
like a joke, that has "Walked into a bar" in
it somewhere!

But the point of that is...Legacy..Don't let the 
court of public opinion determine your legacy!

Bill Clinton...Balance budget, great economy
and I'm not a dem!...But will he be remembered
for that...or the cigar? 

OJ Simpson, pretty sure we don't immediately 
think Heisman winner? 

And...Not every Priest is bad guy!

The "Court of Public Opinion" is what 
Notre Dame is fighting against...

Now the court can hurt ya...or 
help ya!

"Those pious Notre Dame fans!"

"Those Catholics!"


We dropped 2 spots in the AP?

Why...The "court of public opinion" showed
Notre Dame out played FSU and got 
caught behind enemy lines and with
a flag, our game was stolen!
(that and the stats!) 

Good example...Ohio State played
Penn State last week...They went on the road
played an unranked team, and without the same 
type of assistance would have lost....But 
they the "Court of Public Opinion" they
did lose!
Hence dropping in the AP with a victory..
And being 16th to the committee..

So's our job to recognize the court  
we are playing in...The court that has:

A: ex head coach Notre Dame fired 

B:   A former ND broadcaster that 
was fired and is now our 
oldest and biggest rival's AD

C.   A former ND defensive Cord

My point here is, we are NOT going to 
get the benefit of the doubt...We are not going 
to win the "coin toss" vs other teams close to 
us, and we are for sure, as an independent, not going 
to be viewed in a positive light!

It's the

Hence the "biggest difference between the 
AP and the committee rankings?" 

AP :6th 
Committee: 10th

We have to realize that the only way to get what 
we to DOMINATE on the field!

To REMOVE all doubt that Notre Dame 
DESERVES it's spot among the top teams!

We need to just focus on what we do, and 
who's in front of us....Then...DESTROY THEM!

We need to establish ourselves within the 
"Court of Public Opinion", that we 
cannot be left out of this mix...And you know 
how to do that?...Simple!
Just WIN!

That's all we need to's not "If this team 
does this" or "If they beat them"
Just WIN!

Don't think they aren't' seeing FSU putting 
damn near 600 yards on the "No.1 Defense"
in the country in their house, when they
 barely went over 
300 on Notre Dame's D at FSU!
Just WIN!

They are paying attention....but lose one game,
over look one team....Not show up one night!
And it's all for nothing!

So...Who's next?

The always respected...sometimes hated, 
for the game, at least...
Mid Shipmen!

This is a bit of a surprise to me...I sorta expected Navy to 
be better than they are...Now with that being said it's not 
the normal Navy team...They are, well just not that good!

They are 4-4 
They've not really played any "BIG BOY" defenses!

They beat Temple by 7?
But who hasn't?

They beat Texas...wait for it..STATE!

They beat Virginia Military?
Who I didn't know existed? 

And...a 3 loss horrible San Jose State!
Who happens to have the 119th ranked
rush D!!! 

They give up almost 30 points a game!

They are 75th in Rush D!
They are 74th in pass D!
So their defense is very balanced
 at being bad!

Still no. 1 in rushing over 352 yards per game
But that due to touching 3 teams 
for huge yards....
Ohio State
San Jose
Western Kentucky 

Oh..and by the way their pass Offense?
123rd in the country!

So this is our 

This is our first week, to make our 
first entry, into the ledgers of:

So all Kelly has to do the rest of the season 
is take this one game at a time!

Make one STATEMENT at a time!

UNLEASH HELL and let the chips fall 
where they may...and when the smoke clears
and the nay sayers are done bitching...

JUST WIN, and sit back and laugh!

Cause there are no "moral" victories, FSU showed 
us that....but the "COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION" 
showed us that IMMORAL victories don't hurt
the victims quite as bad!



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