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Friday, October 17, 2014

Pro-active vs Re-active...GO IRISH!

One of my favorite saying in financial planning is...
"Past performance is not indicative of future results." 

Yet our entire life we've been taught that..."Those
who choose to forget history are doomed to repeat it!" 

So what've I seen the past IRISH team 
that loves the "noise"...Loves the role they've played
so many times, not only just this season...but all the way 
back to the beginning of another season, a season where
 we couldn't  possibly beat an Oklahoma team at home..

What I loved about that game was Kelly's ability 
to be "pro-active" in going after another team!

The IRISH this season are not "counter punchers",
they set the tone for the fight!

They want to punch you in the mouth!

They want to get you on your heels...Now that
hasn't happened in every game..but the premise 
is still the same, GO AFTER THEM!

Now there are a lot of people that have already 
chalked this game up to FSU!

That the "noise" will not affect the Seminoles.

That we are just not evenly matched to compete!

And you know what...They are right!

Florida State does't match the IRISH!

FSU                                     ND
Rush Offense
95th                                     67th
Pass Offense
13th                                     34th
Total Yards Per Game
462                                       444
Points scored per game
39                                        34

Now...FSU has played more, they've 
had to go to OT...and yet only 18 more
yards per game? 
So offensively we are pretty evenly matched?

So what about our defense?

FSU                                        ND
        Rush Defense     
54th                                        19th
 Pass Defense
40th                                        67th
Total Yards given
up per game
359                                         348
Points allowed  
21                                          17

Now...I'm even more confused?

Who's Florida State beaten?

Wait...Clemson can't be good they 
were taken to the wire with North Carolina?

NC State
Well NC State did hang 525 YARDS on FSU!
Then got shut out by Clemson?

Okie State
Who have they beaten?
Iowa State and Kansas?

  Well looks like we will have to compare
 common opponents. 

Who has FSU and ND both played?

FSU                                        ND
3rd down 
6-10                                       9-14 
165                                       161
294                                      362
Total points
 20                                       15

So...We rushed for more yards?
We were more efficient on 3rd down?
We passed for more yards?
We held them to less points?

Oh..and we played their starting QB not
their 2nd string freshmen!

And we turned the ball over 5 TIMES!!
Cuse also threw 3 PICKS vs FSU!

So there it is...We turn the ball over too much!

ND has 11 turnovers on the year!
FSU has 12 turnovers on the year!

What seems wrong about this?

Why in the hell are WE the ones worried?

This will be the best D that FSU has faced 
all year!

"With the most complex blitz package in 
college football." -Trevor Matich

This game is ours to win!

And the difference...We are peaking in the
 important areas!
Or D line is becoming the strength of this defense!

Our corners are realizing their ability to play
"pro-active" and go after the ball!

Our LBs are seeing the plays develop, not just
reacting to developing plays!

VanGorder is going to BRING the 
house vs FSU!

I hope they've studied HOURS of tape of
our defense...Cause from what I'm hearing
they will have watched NOTHING they 
will see come Saturday!

Blitz...yes...wait no! wait.. man!

Blitz three? wait FIVE!


"What the hell is going on" my opinion
is the thought, that will be going over and over
through Winston's head...

This is our stage!

This is our moment to show the world!

This is our game to win!

Notre Dame will rise up and will
give FSU all they can handle!

And when the smoke clears...The big message to 
Jimbo and Florida State University?

I hope it was worth it....cause the last coach 
that lied to keep players eligible...Didn't end well!


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