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Thursday, September 26, 2013

At some's gonna CLICK...

Certain things in life are taken for granted...
Like when you flip on a light switch or glance at your
wrist've taken for granted all that needs to 
happen to create that glow...or produce an accurate time.

Each gear, perfectly aligned and assembled...each fork falling 
into just the right place to create that rotation...

Each current traveling from a power plant to your home 
to that switch...and BAM!'s still amazing!


Precision is what is needed to make amazing events 
seem ordinary!

What we saw last week was an additional spoke falling 
into the right place...a current traveling that soon, 
may find it's switch!

What we saw is young play makers finding confidence surrounded
by veterans carrying the load until they do...

We saw a senior QB draw flags in mis-matches, and take 
what was available to him vs. one of the best defenses in the country!

We saw maturation and baby-steps, towards precision!

We saw a head frustrated by his team's lack of 
ability to perform...that he bit*hed like a little girl...

When we all know who the Big Ten refs like!

When each gear of that clock....CLICKS...amazing 
things become possible!

That's what we are waiting for at Notre Dame!

We see the current...we see the pieces starting to assemble.

We see movement beginning...slowly...and when 
it all finally CLICKS?.... LOOK OUT!

Will it be this week?

Will it be next?

That's what makes each challenge so frustrating and 
exciting all at the same time!

This team is an INCH from being undefeated!

But...does that really matter?

This team has been tested...It's seen the Big House 
at night...with an explosive offense!

It's seen rivals challenge our offense at home 
with one of the nations best defenses!

We've seen under dogs attempt to "make their season" by 
trying to beat the IRISH!

We haven't had the luxury of cupcakes and FCS 
crash test dummys!....but you know what? GOOD!

I'm glad that every week brings a new challenge!

I'm glad the Number 14 in the Country 
OKLAHOMA SOONERS are coming to town!

You line'em up...and we'll knock'em down!

So...what are we up against?

They are 3-0, but I'd say
 a very similar undefeated team 
 to the one we beat last week!

Only in the opposite direction!

Good so D. 

OU vs ULM 2-2
Of course ULM went on to be 
KILLED by Baylor 70 to 7!

2-2 WVU vs OU 
Close game...which doesn't bode well for 
OU's argument since Maryland CRUSED 
WVU 37-0!

1-2 Tulsa vs OU
Of course Tulsa is the 88th ranked D 
in the country?...
So they weren't exactly playing a brick wall!

OU is 3-0, vs the 118th ranked Strength of Schedule
which features wins over teams that are 500 or
worse...and one FCS team!

Welcome back to reality!

We are a 3 point underdog!

The line hasn't moved a point all week!

Why?...cause Vegas sees exactly what we see.

A young team on the cusp of the CLICK that will
cause teams a very long night playing the IRISH!

So take a moment and thank our back-up
QB Tommy Rees for taking the bull by the horns
and leading the IRISH onto the field with no 
fear...and superb leadership!

With that being said...let's move on to our 

Here's a toast to you "Douchebag Tommy Rees hater"

Only you could hate a kid that has done SO much for ND!

Only you could down play the saved games in our march 
to the National Championship that Tommy gave us!

Only you could look at the TOP PRO STYLE QB's in Tommy's 
recruiting class and still talk trash about him!

Only You would be ignorant enough to realize that the 
top 5 drop back passers of that recruiting class
1. Jake Heaps
2. Phillip Simms
3. Connor Wood
4. Brett Nottingham
5. Jesse Scroggins


So toast your glass to a great QB, and a great kid
doing his best with what God gave him and
being a winner doing it!


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