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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Who are you again?...

When you love something you are instantly bias...
You try to see the good...and ignore the bad!

Trust me I live in Ohio!

It's like a parent that enables a kid to become a bum, 
by never asking the kid to actually grow up 
and become an active member of society!

When you see "big time" court cases where a young
person is involved, you always see the parent when they 
finally hit that "moment of clarity"...
That moment..where you just have to call it what it is..

They usually look at their child and say...
"I don't even know who you even are!"

Well...good news is..We're not there YET with this team!

This team reminds me of that movie Momento a few 
years back...the guy had, what I think this team is 
suffering from....


They will have a drive, where I feel we are 
watching last years D!

Followed up by a drive, where they couldn't stop 
one legged man in marathon!

Purdue was to a bad dream with 
a decent ending!

A dream where I woke up and thought,
", that was scary!...No way we play that
bad for three quarters...but at least they woke up!"

This team needs to realize that this game...this scheme,
this formation...this is something that they 

We need leadership!....We need a voice!

 I don't care if this is a freshman,
a captain...or a player that just emerges and takes the 
ball and runs with it...On D we need a leader!

This could happen this week...

The ability to build a great unit, is all about who 
you're building the unit with!

The is old saying in business..."It's not as important
to know where your bus is headed...but who's on the bus!"

If you have talent...talent will perform!

Each player brings a certain aspect to this defense!

All the pieces are there!...all the talent is there!


We saw a bit of that last week...

When we had: 
Jaylon Smith and Cole Luke on the field at the 
same time...the sweep...screen...etc.. 

Speed was too much!

When we had:
 Nix..Tuitt...Day and Shembo
on the field at the same time...

Size was too much!

When we had:
Councell and Grace on the field at the 
same time....

Talent was too much!

Now...we need to get Jackson...Russell...Farley...Collinsworth
on the field at he same time...and 
TATTOO the words on their hands!

We need to remind them that they are good at this!
Not just good...but hell, All American good!

Where are you brothers?

We are growing....but right now it seems to 
be at a glacier pace!..

This week is all about finding out...Who are we?

Cause I'll tell you one thing right now!...

Michigan State is asking themselves the same question!

They've played a "nutty" schedule....3 WEAK teams, 
with WEAK offenses..and WEAK defenses!

They have no clue weather they are contenders 
or simply pretenders!

Michigan State Spartans

3-0 who are they?

 Western Michigan
Won 26-13 
Who is 0-3!

South Florida 
Won 21-6 
Who is 0-3!

Youngstown State
Won 55-17
Who is...Well, Youngstown State!

So their schedule is slightly harder than playing AIR!

So when we are facing the "number 1 Defense" in the 
country Saturday?....are we really? 
182nd strength of schedule!

If Jackson picks off Gardner and that game 
goes the other way....

Are we a top 10 team?
We'd be ranked top ten?

The rumblings from the program are few right now!

The players are ALL IN with Coach Kelly!

They understand they need to execute and play better!

They get that they've dropped a game they shouldn't have!

Are they a top 10 program?


But they could be!

If you want respect....TAKE IT!

If you want to show the country that your elite!...PROVE IT!

You play the big boys, cause you're a big boy!

You want to get out of Manti's shadow?

This game is the first step in changing the perception 
of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2013!

This game CAN BE the first 4 quarter game 
we play this year!

But as much as we want this, as much 
as the players talk about being ready...and 

You gotta show up for them to shut up!

This game is a gut check game!

This is our LAST CHANCE at playing a team that 
isn't exactly a powerhouse for quite a while!

We have to have our "moment of clarity" because if we don't...

You are in for a really long season!


**Little Everett Golson Update:

Talked to a friend within Everett's Camp this 
week who speaks with his father.

His dad said that Everett has used this off season like
most people train for the NFL combine!

He's gained 10 pounds of muscle...reduced his 
body fat by 5% and shaved a tenth of a second
on his forty time.

He left and is currently in California training with 
George Whitfield and will be returning to Chicago
in sixty days!

He is eager to redeem himself and prove his character
as well as lead the IRISH and re-gain his place as 
starting quarterback!

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