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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. IRISH!

In life some people judge others based upon appearance.
They judge people by social class or by education.

But hopefully if we parent our children properly they will 
not judge by either, but instead allow peoples action's to 
define them!

This is the dilemma dealing with the
2013 Notre Dame Fighting Irish!

There are several different disorders in the spectrum of 
mental is a person suffering from being 
Bipolar...dealing with EXTREME opposites of the 
emotional scale.

One second they are happy and ready to take on the world,
the other, the world has beaten them to the point of no recognition!

This has been my issue with our beloved IRISH!

This season has been a roller coaster of emotion!

Highs, followed by lows, followed by an upset stomach!

I got to a point where I thought...You know what? 
This season is lost!

This season is about getting the freshmen ready, let's 
get the offense and defense tested, and when 
Everett returns we can hit the ground running!

I was out!....I was done!

But happened, something was born...

Faith...a glimmer of what could be was 
displayed in Jerry's house Saturday night!

The birth of a

 Fast..Hungry...and RELENTLESS in pursuit of his prey!

This was a coming out party for Jaylon Smith on the 
GRANDEST of stages!

This was a young player reading plays and reacting!

This was the future of the ND defense being born before 
our very eyes!

This was the future...and the defense ND is building!


Sideline to sideline speed with aggressive force and 
precision tackling!

When I view this defense in a hour glass, I see SPEED!
I see D lineman standing straight up flying 
through gaps!

I see Romeo and Ishaq and Jarron pushing linemen
while Grace and Councell shoot gaps and 
Smith and Luke control the perimeter!

It finally hit me....we are moving in the direction of 
the future at ND!

The days of the 320lb lineman are over!

The days of the 290 pound aggressive fast tackles is 
being born!

The game is changing...speed and aggression!

Players like Jay Hayes...and Andrew Trumbetti!

Did you know Trumbetti was used for a 

He ran it back 
70 yards for a TD at 6'5 260lbs!!!

The 2013 season is not over!

The chance to make a statement is upon us!

And until Stanford...Notre Dame will be 
the favorite in the next 5 games!

Their fate is within their hands....

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish made a statement 
in Dallas!

They told the country 
"Hey...we aren't dead yet!...and flawed as 
we may be, this dog can hunt!"

#22 Arizona State 
This was a tested team!
They've played the 7th toughest strength of 
schedule in the country!

They have a top 10 passing game!

They are fast and well coached!

And all I heard Saturday night was...
"They just can't keep up with the speed
of Notre Dame!"

We are an unfinished machine!

We need to fix and address A LOT of issues!

We need to NOT lose to teams we know
we should beat!

We are getting better...with a QB that was 
NEVER recruited to be the starting QB at the 
University of Notre Dame!

We are making mistakes...and fixing them within 
the game it's self!

Have we turned a corner?

I don't know...but this definitely felt like it could be...

God Bless & Go IRISH!

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