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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Do you REALLY know why you're so upset?

Sometimes in life we lead...but often, most just follow!

We form an opinion..we're good about our place on a topic,
but the crowd mentality kicks in and we start to re-think our 
stance on important issues!

Let me clear one thing up for you, and after this it's on 
to Purdue....Cause I'm one second away from 
chopping my ear off if I have to read one 
more "IDIOTIC" message board thread about 
the Michigan game!

We didn't play with the passion I'd expect on that stage...
We made errors not typical of a Brian Kelly team...
And it cost us the game!

You cannot put yourself in a situation where bad calls 
can affect your outcome!
Michigan was 6-12 on 3rd down, half
of the six 3rd down conversions "3" where 
Pass interference calls that baffled not only 
ND fans but left Herbstreit and Musburger
with the same look on their face as

1.2nd Quarter score 10-10
Russell called for PI on 
3rd and 14 turned into 1st down and a TD
instead of a FG!

2. 4th Quarter score 30-34 with over 9 min
in the game left, Jackson picks off Gardner 
on a 3rd and 12,
celebration begins and late flag is thrown..
No score turned into a TD!

3. Same drive 4th Quarter score still 30 to 34 
3rd and 5 another questionable PI call 
that resulted in the TD to go up 

I can only remember 3 pass interference calls for the 
most part of the ENTIRE 2012 season!

This represents a HUGE change in this game!
Tommy's pick before the half...bad showing from ND
no love from the officials...And Michigan playing the 
game of their LIVES!....Equals a BAD NIGHT!

A REALLY bad night..where we still could have  
won vs a good team playing out of their minds!!! 

Line up that game IN THE BIG HOUSE and I'll 
take ND 7-10 times!

Where do we go from here?

We realize who we are and what we can accomplish!

I think a bit of a....
Whoops....Maybe I underestimated a few things that happened 
that I think may have had a bigger impact than I'd considered!

Manti Teo-Kapron-Zeke-Spond
4 Defensive Leaders lost due to 
NFL and Health!

So you're gonna have to forgive me for that one!
With that being doesn't mean leadership 
will not emerge!

We are becoming the 2013 Fighting step at 
a time...Michigan was just a toe stubbing in that mission!

We have some great opportunities laid out in front of us 
that give us the chance to grow as a team!

One of them?

I'm not going to waste your time with a complex breakdown of 

Let's play a quick game of 
"My Dad can beat up your Dad!"

Purdue got KILLED by Cincy ,who then 
turned around and got DESTROYED by 
Illinois... Who barely beat SOUTHERN ILLINOIS!

Then for an encore decided to let Indiana State 
become a down to the wire game!


We need some games to test the waters!

We need the opportunity to get some young talent involved 
and see who can rise to the opportunity!

We need the Purdue game to ramp us up...the Michigan State
game to confirm our confidence...and the 
Oklahoma game to show everyone that 
game two was a bump in the road!

You do're back in the top 10 by beating ASU!

So all of you "arm chair" Quarterbacks....STFU and 
relax...Just cause you've played Madden doesn't mean you're ready
to coach!

And from what I'm wouldn't want to be 
in any of the meetings or practices this week!

One player said..."Coach Kelly wasn't hiding his disappointment 
in the locker room Saturday night!"

I told him...As long as Kelly has been coaching..he knows what games
look like he should have lost, and still won...but he also knows 
what games look like he should have won...and still lost!

Let this hurt be a reminder to you of the successes we've achieved 
under Brian Kelly in just his first 3 seasons!


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