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You're Welcome America!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The good..The BAD..The happy...and the SAD!... GO IRISH!

Your successes in life rarely teach you anything. 
Your failures on the other hand are how 
you become GREAT!

Look this is gonna be short and sweet...I want you 
to RELAX...VENT...SCREAM if need be,
then go be with your family and enjoy
your Sunday!

Last night was a good example of why you never 
pour hot water on a frosted windshield to remove the ice!

EMOTIONS were on display!

HIGH highs!

LOW lows!

Let's walk through them in reverse order shall we? 

Losing to a team that we are clearly better than.
Look it happens, and it happens to everyone!

Do you think Louisiana Monroe is better 
than Bama in 07? 

Or is Florida better than Ol'Miss

Was O$U better than Miami in 02?

No...but they were better THAT NIGHT!

It's the parody of the game!

Six years ago we'd have lost that game in the first 
six minutes!

This team has RESOVE!
Beat up...Injured..Playing in a MONSOON 
down two scores in five minutes!!
They never stopped fighting!

You want something to be happy about???

If you wanna beat us, you better pack your lunch
and bring your friends! 

Pray Clemson doesn't fall apart...Cause you play
that game ten times we win nine!

Well..the first 5 minutes!

Dropped passes!....Robinson??? 
What is going on??
Dropped TD
Dropped 2pt Conversion

We dropped passes all night that not only would have
extended drives but would have put POINTS ON THE BOARD!

I know it was wet!!! But Clemson wasn't treating 
the ball like a second grader playing hot potato! 

Play Calling...or should I say Play Calling???

What in the world?...You have 8 in the box...don't run!


Yep..that's 4...How do you expect to win in that 
climate and atmosphere down by two scores handing 
them the ball?

We have to tighten things up!

We got ourselves a GAMER in Kizer!

Red-Shirt Freshman...Down by 14, on the road in 
that rain, with that wind...

Yeah he had the one pick...he also SHREDDED Clemson 
in the second half and led the team in rushing!

Show me another RSF QB that could throw for over 300 
yards in that environment...Think ANYTHING can 
rattle this kid now?

Sure he missed a few passes, but if the ones that hit 
our receivers in the hands were caught?

He'd have had a 400 yard night and still be celebrating!

The youth is starting to believe!
CJ is gonna be SPECIAL not just returning kicks!
Wait and see if he's not thrown into the mix on O
pretty soon! 
The Freshman class is starting to get in their groove!

This is not just the "WILL FULLER" show anymore!

Hunter and Brown are stepping up!

Brown showed Clemson SPEED they've not 
seen in years last night!

Look my IRISH family...This was just a bad night
and the sleeping giant woke 6 mins too late!

It's far from over...This team will fight, and they 
will learn from this, and they will continue their 
journey next week by sinking Navy...

So hug your kids, tell your neighbor to kiss 
your ass if he gives you crap and wait...cause there's 
a lot of football to be played!


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