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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Not really sure what to make of this....GO IRISH!

Ever have something come to you so easy that it
frightened ya? 

Just every piece of a puzzle came falling into place, 
to the extent that you just couldn't believe it 
was happening? 

A good friend of mine YEARS ago went to Vegas.
He was there during a business convention, and being 
one of the only single people spent a lot of time in the 
casino and the casino bar....

Now he's my boy, but not exactly the "Don Juan" of
our social circle...  As the night went on and the 
spirits started to affect him, he became a bit...let's say
brave.  Brave to the point of approaching a young 
lady sitting at the end of the bar...

Well to his surprise his wooing of the young female
went surprisingly well, and one thing lead to another,
and an evening of monkey business ensued. 

But after the festivities, as he laid there with this beautiful
specimen on his arm, staring at the ceiling, doubt started to creep 
into his head...and he started to wonder.."Why was that so easy?"

That's what the Texas game left me with in my gut!

And the question kept coming to me..."Why was that so easy?" 

We were SURROUNDED with Burnt Orange!

Very gracious people..of course they were in our house,
and taking a colossal ass kicking...but was it was too easy?

I glanced up at the score board for my traditional 
pic and a hand flew in, as I was snapping the picture
  it started to turn into..."Are we this good?"

That's a question best answered at the end of every week 
until seasons end...."Are we this good?" 

I mean we did what we were supposed to do to 
a six win regular season team!

It's not like they were in the game at any time!

Hell, if we'd have been losing at any point that 
would've have been cause for concern! 

But we weren't..and sadly this game 
came at a severe cost to us!
Exit right, Folston joins Jarron, with a season ending injury.

Welcome to college football Mr. Adams, and in 
dominant fashion!

5 carries...average 10 yards per carry, 
and two touchdowns!

First freshmen since Darius Walker to accomplish
such a feat!

This week we will take the next step answering the 
question of "Are we this good?" 

I know this video has ZERO to do with the game
and even less to do with being a "cavalier" but 
I just couldn't get it outta my head!!!

It's what I picture when I think "Cavalier"

So who is Virginia

2014 was a hard year for the Cavalier faithful..

They finished 5-7...

Richmond Spiders? 
Kent State? 

North Carolina 
Georgia Tech..BADLY
Va Tech

Now they lost 4 games by a combined 20 points!

But squeaked out 2 of their wins by a combined 7

But here is their real issue..that FIVE win 
team isn't there anymore, due to returning 

Hence why they got MAN HANDLED by UCLA
and a freshmen QB!

34-9 with 3 minutes left in the game! 

It wasn't close! 

So it's safe to say I see why Notre Dame is favored 
by more over Virginia than they were Texas!

So this game for me is about taking the next...


I wanna see MORE of Josh Adams and Dex Williams!

I wanna see Cage and Tillery compete!

I wanna see the O-Line, do what they want, when 
they want!!

I wanna see the Defense continue to SMOTHER their
opponent the way they should!

I wanna see Zaire BUILD upon the confidence
that the Texas & LSU games should have instilled in him!

But I wanna see a team that takes NO ONE for granted, 
and competes from kick off to victory formation for 
60 minutes straight!

SHOW ME, we are this good!

SHOW ME, the depth we've built!

SHOW ME, how your gonna build upon these
games and get ready for the gauntlet that
is ahead for the IRISH!

Cause when all is said and done...We don't want that 
beautiful female waking up telling us how much we 
owe her, cause it was "Too easy!" 


Here's to my "friends" at Blue Gray Sky "Polo Grounds"... LOL 

I'll tip one to you guys in my home pub,
 you were "blowing" my blog up!

Great Article!!! 

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