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You're Welcome America!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Quick look...over on the grassy knoll.... GO IRISH!

****This is me ranting a bit***
***I'm not real happy right now***

Enjoy the show!

Let's say you walk into a McDonalds 
next week, you meet the counter worker
and the two of you just don't hit it off!

After struggling to get your order, he kinda
gives you some lip and you return it with a 
not so favorable comment on why he's 
working at Micky Ds at forty years old!

Your "special" order Big Mac comes  
off the grill with an extra ingredient fresh 
from the mouth of your new friend...

Do you sue him?...The Ten dollar an hour
counter worker...or do you blame Ronald and 
his Golden Arches?

You sue the company!

Now...The company is run much like a team.
Each aspect of that team has a job to perform and 
when a person breaks down on their specific 
mission that day, the ENTIRE team fails!

But only McDonalds gets the lawsuit!

We've taken a kid and blamed him almost 
like a "patsy" for all the errors, regardless 
of if they are his fault or not!

Why?...He's the quarterback for

And that position comes with ALL the 
credit when things go good!

And ALL the blame when they don't!

Hell, there were idiots calling for a back up 
that hasn't had ONE COLLEGE pass 
attempt to be put in the game!

Of course...That was BEFORE the
O-Line woke up and gave Golson the time
to rattle off 28 unanswered points and 
get ND back from 34-3 to 34-31!

A "TEAM" is just that...pieces working 
together achieve a goal!

Like a car engine...If you turn the key on 
a V8, and 2 spark plugs are firing your 
gonna know about it RIGHT AWAY!

Why do you blame a QB for allowing a 
blind side shot to cause a fumble? 

"Oh..he should have "felt" the pressure!" 

Shut up!

Let me punch you in the back of the 
head, and then blame you for not
"feeling" it coming!

How about calling a 3 step drop slant?

Who's fault is it when the ENTIRE offense
knows you called a 3 step slant...That 99% of 
the time is gonna go to the EXACT 
same WR...And you don't block your man,
and keep him from jumping DIRECTLY 
into the pass... 


What am I missing here?

Now look I'm not saying that NOTHING 
is Golson's fault, but making him the 
blame for EVERY issue is like 
blaming Obama for a local mayor
embezzling from the playground
fund...And I blame Obama for A LOT!

FSU was a horrific loss!
And don't get me wrong, I'm as mad at the 
inconsistency of refs as you are!

But this game STUNG TWICE as hard,
cause we lost to an inferior team!

We allowed a team, that if we play them ten 
more times, we win 9!



You eliminate these STUPID mistakes 
and I'll put ND up against any team in the 

Hell, we played like complete trash for an ENTIRE 
half of the game, and still were in a position to win!

And not against a 500 team, or a team 
that won't even be bowl eligible!

Which takes me to the next topic that's on 
my angry mind!


We lose to the current what No.3 and No. 6 
team in the country and we are 18th??

We beat's nothing!
But to Oregon is a statement win!

We are 18th in the country...But we are
the "signature" impressive W for 
ASU and FSU??? 

No. 9 beats no. 10 on the road and we 
drop 8 spots?

But no. 8 losses to no. 14 at home and 
drops 4 spots?

FSU gets jumped by a team that lost 
at home to an UNRANKED team
while FSU is still UNDEFEATED!

Strength of Schedule???
Which was supposed to be a HUGE factor 
in all of this has been tossed out the window!

It's the BCS with less members!

It's the "Schedule a 2 game season, and if you
can win one of the the two we will make you top 

This thing is a joke!
Got me feeling like I'm in a bad SNL skit!

I got no idea which way is up!

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

They are FORCING ND's hand to join a 
conference, and if you can't see the flaws in 
this current system after just three weeks...

So...I'm gonna end with this...Drink'em if 
ya got'em!

Smoke'em if you want'em!

Cause the last thing we have is a unbiased panel 
helping determine the National Championship race!

AND NO!!! I'm not breaking down a match up 
with a 3-6 Northwestern team that 
Michigan beat!

Give me a damn break!



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