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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

False Evidence Assumed Real....FEAR! GO IRISH!

Few years back I was in New York on business, 
at the end of each work day I'd avoid the normal 
"tell me how great you are" dinners, and escape 
to the streets with another broker I'd known for years.

We were drawn to the energy of the city, the stories and
characters that littered the streets...

One night in Times Square we ventured upon a street performer
dazzling people with the old, "Sleight of hand"

He was good, and was earning due to his technique, and
ability to convince his prey of almost EXACTLY what 
he wanted them to think...

Sleight of hand 
(also known as prestidigitation or legerdemain) 
is hand methods and finger techniques used 
by performing artists in many art forms to 
entertain or manipulate.

Just when you thought you had his number...He'd 
hit ya!...BAM!....Doubt!

Doubt is a very powerful emotion...It controls almost
every aspect of our lives due to it's close proximity to 
another emotion...called FEAR!

See that's what the talking heads have attempted to 
do ALL SEASON...Put FEAR in our heads!

They are hoping, when we aren't looking, the "Sleight of hand" 
can strike and make us forget common knowledge by using FEAR!


We are playing Clemson...not "2014 Clemson" with one
of the top Defenses in the country...

Not "Sammy Watkins" Clemson that dismantled 
Ohio $tate!

But..."2015 Clemson"....That's a different tiger!

Here's what I'm trying to figure out...

Why should we have "FEAR"

                                  Who is Clemson...Wait who is the 2015 Clemson?

 First, they started the season returning 11 starters overall!
So almost 50% of the team we saw last year is gone!

Then they lost Williams!
(their version of Will Fuller)
Then they lost their starting D tackle Reader!

So less than 50% of the 2014 team is still intact!

What have they done? 
Vs the 73rd Strength of Schedule!

Beat Appy State? 
But only sacked them once!
Appy State sacked Clemson 3 times!
Appy rushed for over 200 yards!
Turned the ball over...

Beat Wolford? 

Beat Louisville!
Uh...a 1-3 team that couldn't even 
beat the hot mess called Auburn?
Louisville has ONE win vs Samford!
Clemson won by 3 pts!!!

I'd look up their Defense and Offensive stats 
for you but why??? 
Look who they'e played!

Their D has give up scores 100% of the time teams 
have reached their red-zone!

I'm trying to figure out the "FEAR" in this equation!

Teach me??? Explain to me how we are going to lose
this game? 

Hell...I feel like I'm watching 
a"Common Core Math" presentation!

Help me understand how the top NFL draft analysts 
in the country look at this game and say...

McShay & Kiper-"Top 150 draft eligible 
players, there are 10 playing in the Notre Dame
vs Clemson game...ALL ten are from ND!"

Explain to me how this is not a "re-make" of the
Oklahoma vs Notre Dame game from 2012!

 Cause that's what I'm seeing!

I see a Notre Dame team doing what they 
do, and wearing down the tigers!

We are going to line up and go at the Tigers!

ND's O line average 6'5 322
Clemson D line averages 6'2 280!

I pray that our boys feel disrespected!

Other than the game when we lost our
                                       STARTING QUARTERBACK we've
done nothing but hand people their ASSES!

This game is more than just Clemson vs Notre Dame!

This game is about RESPECT!

It's about shutting those IDIOTS up!

It's about showing EVERYONE that this team plays 
with NO FEAR!

They know how good they can be if they just do their job!

Come Sunday morning...When we wake up, and look at the 
TV...We'll hear the same old story..."I think we underestimated
the losses Clemson has suffered to the NFL draft, they 
are just not as good as we thought." 

And you know what...KEEP THINKING that!

Keep giving Notre Dame NO CREDIT!

The job Brian Kelly has done at Notre Dame
and the talent sitting in that locker room is not
a "sleight of hand" trick!

We'll take your disrespect! 

And transform the 
"False Evidence Assumed Real" 
into WINS!

So pour yourself your favorite spirt and 
enjoy the show Saturday night!


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