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Friday, August 8, 2014

You gotta know who to call when you need good info!!! GO IRISH!

You got leaky pipes?...Call a plumber!
You got a history question?...Call a teacher!

Wanna know if your running backs pass the eyeball

It was a hot day in September beloved 
IRISH were pre-season top 3 in the country and 
here comes Penn State ranked 6th!

That day we had the opportunity to partake in a 
bit of spirits and food in the "Hospitality Village",
thanks to an invite we'd received from a friend.

Hospitality Village is a private HUGE tented tailgate
where ex-players...alum and whatever 
celebrity types were attending the game that day
go to mingle, and get in a bit of a pre game 
good mood!

Franco Harris, Tim Brown, some guy from 
CSI Miami I'd never heard was packed!

I was making my way to the bar when I noticed the 
gentleman's ring standing next to me...

MARC EDWARDS!...We talked a few minutes
over Jameson's and then I asked if I could show his ring
to some friends...more than willing he took the ring off, 
I turned to show my buddies...turned around, and he 
was GONE!!!

I was like...

After a few moments of panic we located Marc, 
returned the ring, had a laugh and went on to 
watch the IRISH boot stomp Penn State!

I remember what he said that day..."If your 
in here with us...your not gonna run off with 
my ring!.."

So when I wanted to know if my excitement over
our current stable of work horses was warranted...
I called Marc!
I mean..if you get carried off the field while playing 
at THE University of Notre know a thing
or two about a thing or two when it comes to football!

So what have you been up to?

Marc- Since 2005 I left the Bears and invested in a 
group benefits company...but was a bit bored with that so
I decided to work with a friend at Notre Dame 
who was starting up a company called 
Speed Shield.  I still own part of the
benefits company and now I'm doing
consulting with Speed Shield and working for 
myself.  This allows me to travel with 
my daughters who are currently playing  
around the country in travel soccer and 
allows me to visit clients.

We've had some coaches that have arrived 
since your time, that have hit hard and faded 
quickly...What do you see in Kelly that
makes you comfortable about the 
future of Notre Dame?

Marc-Kelly is consistent. He wins games.  
He's right there with the top programs.  He hasn't had
that let down season, like the coach's in the past.
Brian is charismatic and represents the program 
he shows the leadership qualities to 
get out and talk to the people. He understands
that he's on a big stage... Consistency and Charisma!
Brian doesn't abuse his position of power...

What about the "modernization" of the program
what are your thoughts in the HUGE 
change Kelly has brought in..

Marc-It breaks my heart but I understand 
it.   It needed to be done. This isn't the 90s.  Now
it's instant gratification and you have to adapt!
I may not like it, not like the turf, but the game
has changed.  You either wanna be a competitor
or your a dinosaur. It's something I agree with!
Uniforms, Music in the stadium, turf,
it was time. 

What do you see for the future of the sport as a whole?
I mean with that instant gratification athlete 
compared to the athletes you were being 
recruited with years ago? 

Marc- Holtz used to say something all 
the time, years ago, and it rings true today:
"Being part of the University of Notre
Dame is not a right of's a 
Kids now a days are being told 
since pop warner how great they are, and 
there is so much more access. The competitive
nature of recruiting, they have created a 
pedestal.  The kids feel they are entitled. 
Not all kids...but in general. 
We need to get back to student/athletes! 

Last summer I had a chance to speak to the 
team. I told them I've been in your shoes
and I played at the highest level.  People 
always want to hear from you and talk
with you..Get educated because at some point
your gonna hear the word "NO" and sometimes 
the phone calls, after this is all said and done, don't
get returned...Get that education!
You may end up working for that nerd down 
the hall someday!
Be nice to him now! LOL

What jumped out to you on our running backs?


MarcFolston seems like the first "dynamic" running
back I've seen in a while...just more "electric". 
Lot's of our backs could run. This kid just does it in 
a more dynamic fashion, he's natural. 

He can start and stop fast..and he's shifty!

Always seems to be moving forward.

He's got good size, runs strong, and has
great hands which is HUGE in today's game. 


Marc- My thought on him is he's got all the talent in the
world, fast and great attitude. Now I'll reserve judgement 
to see how that translates to the field!


Marc- You know every time I talk to somebody it's
the comparisons to me.  I like it, he's a hard nosed 
kid who runs with everything he's got.  He can 
run, he's not gonna break the league record but he's 
gonna get ya the hard yards to close the game out!
He kinda brought a tear to my eye last year.  I 
can't remember the game but they just kept feeding
him 3 yards here, 4 yards there...that's the football
I played!  It's encouraging to have this 
much talent.  It's a good change up of 
of  the style they play, I want them in the back
field together like the "Thunder & Lighting" 
days with Bettis and Brooks. 

What do you think the return of Golson 
will mean to the run game?

Marc- Add fifty to one hundred yards rushing 
in every game. Now you got a middle linebacker 
that has to spy to see if he's gonna take off. That
will open the middle of the field to the slot 
receivers or the tight ends.  Golson's return
is huge. It adds a HUGE dynamic!
With Malik we can do this without worry 
the back up is important cause your dealing 
with QB 1-A to QB 1-B.

Does his return affect other aspects of the team?

Marc- Oh yeah, the defense!  All three areas 
of the game are intertwined, you could have the best 
D in the league but if your offense is terrible you'll
lose games.  I think in 2013 the defense was out there
too much due to 3 and outs and drives being stopped!
A good offense will make a defense more effective!
Offense is different than defense. If one guy doesn't 
do his job it's a sack.  On defense if one guy makes
an outstanding play...the other 10 just have to do 
their job! The defense will be more effective 
this year with Golson's return. 

Don't hand that ring to anyone!

Marc-I'm still pretty big and fast...They won't make
it very far!

Now on to some rumblings I'm hearing from camp!

There is excitement flowing through everyone in
camp.  They realize that this new defensive scheme
will give them the ability to be very hard to
game plan against especially in early season.

You won't be seeing the same defensive lineup two
plays in a row. There will be a constant rotation
of talent coming into the game to play very
"situational" football!

Golson is cementing his starting position
everyday in practice!

I think we have a talent rich QB position right now.

Golson is showing why he should be the starter and
Malik is showing why you don't need to worry
about Golson getting hurt!

The D line is making noise!

We all entered the season worried about the loss of
talent to the NFL...well from what I'm hearing we
may not skip a beat!

Trumbetti is OWNING things in camp!
Turning heads and showing why he should be
on the field snap one vs RICE.
Romeo has work to hold his spot...
And that's a good problem!

Sheldon Day is an All American waiting to happen!

And, Ishaq is very happy to have his hand back on the
ground, where he's always been the most comfortable!

Cage will play...he's as big as a Buick and handles
like a Mustang!

We only need 10 to 15 plays a game from him!
He's a huge part of the ND future at D-Line!

The light has turned on for Max Redfield!
He's the commander of the secondary and is
running the show like we all figured he would!

The fun battle of camp?
Turner vs Onwualu!

Onwualu is showing the coaches that he doesn't
want to watch..he want's to play!

Riggs is as advertised and is trying to be the
Robin to Russell's Bat-Man for the dynamic
duo of shutdown corners for ND!

But make no mistake...Butler/Luke/Watkins 
are all ready in case of needing the NMI!

Chris Brown has been turning heads and is
by far the most dynamic receiver in camp!

He's poised to have a HUGE year and the
pace of the offense will make this years
receivers, by years of the country's
top units!


Good Lord!


This is gonna be a huge year for the Notre Dame program!

We have the coaches, we've recruited the talent,
we have the schedule to prove our point!

Now let's get to work salute Coach Kelly for
getting us here!


HUGE shout out to Jerry Barca for sending me a few
copies of his new book!

Get out today and get your copy!.

Live in Columbus and wanna watch a real team?

Hit up the ND Club of Columbus!

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