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Thursday, July 3, 2014

LORD... It just amazing the stupidity in this world..

We have two types of functions in our body, voluntary and involuntary. 
Some functions we can control..and other functions our 
body controls for us, like breathing and digesting. 

Now breathing is a two way can control your 
breathing to help calm yourself, or like women often do
during child birth, or to blow out the candles on a birthday cake.

But then your body will also breath for you...these 
are "involuntary" functions!

INVOLUNTARY FUNCTIONS: Those bodily activities
that are not within your conscious control. 

Now in life you meet people that are "educated" and very 
"intellectual" like myself...or you can meet people that are 
message board cult members or the "sky is falling" idiots 
where their reactions are "involuntary"...meaning they 
speak without thinking!

And trust me every fan base has them, even 
ND Nation..wink..wink.. 

It's up to you to do what I refer to as "analytical research".

You analyze the situation and use common sense to determine 
the value and performance of a company/team, in the 
market they perform, and against the competition of that market!

Now in College Football this is done through the

In the past decade our beloved 
have played on average the 23rd toughest 
schedule in College Football.

Now to give you a comparison test of where 
that is exactly:

Past TEN YEARS average SOS:

Ohio State 48th
Alabama 34th
Michigan 40th

So this tells us that on average Notre Dame has a much 
tougher road to achieve success than the other 3 listed teams!

Now let's address the situation of employees/recruits:

ND has higher academic standards, requires a foreign language
and  requires their students to go to class...

They recruit nationwide, and do not allow reduction of credit 
hours or small class loads/requirements during football season.

That DRASTICALLY reduces the % of qualified recruits.

So if next year out of the Rivals top 250 

Team A=can recruit all 250

Team B=Can recruit 125 of the 250 

Which team has a better chance of landing elite talent?

This Brings me to the "stupidity" I see every day..and not just
from Notre Dame fans..but from the mouth breathers who think 
their team is "elite" that can't understand "analytical research"

This is the face that has brought NOTRE DAME back!

Who took the "WEIS" players and within 3 seasons was playing 
in a National Championship!

He didn't need to wait to get all "HIS PLAYERS"...

He didn't need to play a cupcake schedule to achieve success!

He didn't need to tear down the academic standards and 
traditions that make Notre Dame the Mecca of 
college football.

He EMBRACED the Notre Dame system and made it modern!

He's made Notre Dame a HOT TOPIC to the youth again!

He's dressed up the program to make it appeal to the younger 
fan and recruit...while making sure the tradition remains!

Still mad about the helmets not being painted
 the night before a game?

He's got kids looking at ND and realizing the EDUCATION 
might just be worth the sacrifice....the commitment!


He's INVADED states like Texas and Ohio and 
taken their top talent from under their noses!

He's fixed relationships with programs damaged by the 
piousness of past coaches! 

He's CONSISTENTLY closing top 10 recruiting classes with 
high caliber talent that then turns around and translates into 
TOP TEN DRAFT classes!

*7th ranked class so far this season* 

Remember it's Kelly that brought us into the 
MODERN era of physical training with 

The ability to do stabilizer muscle training with the addition of
the sand pit...and the endurance hill!

The ability for the players to have an "exclusive" players lounge
so the players have a place to be away from the media
and pressure of the classroom!

The emphasis on nutrition and meal plans, custom to 
EACH players nutritional needs and deficiencies!..

Shamrock Series Uniforms!

Leprechaun Gloves!


Hell we have NBC special TV broadcasts about our
PRACTICES!!! Strong & True ring a bell?? 

There are coaches in the country who's teams are 
pre-season top 10 that 

1. won a bowl game in years

2. won their conference in years

3. haven't beat a top 5 or 10 or 15 ranked team in years!

and all that with a WEAK SCHEDULE!

And none of their fans are bit#hing!

So take a step back and:

is positioned to be HUGE for the IRISH!

We are positioned with the opportunity to 
make HUGE statements, on 
some HUGE stages!

LORD! that all of that is 
off my mind...on to some...

From Camp!

Kolin Hill above!


But the talk of the 
weight room is Daniel Cage!

Staff is very happy the way everyone has shown up 
in shape and ready to compete!

Trumbetti continues to impress, but not just with
strength...but speed!

He's fast and moves like a LB coming off the drills!

His agility and footwork are incredible for 
someone his size and strength!

Everyone is battling already to become the 
ALPHA of their respective units!

Davaris vs Farley in the tire pull tug of war!

Jhonny Williams vs Nic Weishar!

Jaylon vs Durham, battled for 
FIVE MINUTES...with Smith pulling out the W!

Sheldon Day is ready to make a STATEMENT 
this season...every person I speak with can not 
say enough about his strength and speed!

Riggs impressing and studying the nickel!

Shumate moving all over the place within the 
scheme to maximize the amount of talent on the 
field at one time! the word I hear over 
and over when describing the defensive scheme!

Everett is running off the field voluntary  
work with the receivers, and from what I hear 
it's not "voluntary" in Golson's eyes!

So relax IRISH faithful!

And enjoy the summer!

Kelly has this thing 

Next step?...
We shall see...

ANYONE who lives in Central Ohio area I completed my new 
home pub...we are going to be having some great 
NOTRE DAME GAME watch parties!

Find me on Facebook and look for details!


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