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Thursday, August 28, 2014

One bite at a time...GO IRISH!

There's an old saying that represents the ability 
to tackle a almost impossible task regardless
of how big..

"How do you eat an elephant?"

Answer: ONE bite at a time!

Well IRISH's almost dinner time.

This season's schedule to some is the 
"impossible" task...just like 2012 was...

No way the IRISH can beat: 
Michigan State

Not after they lost their BEST defender!

Not after they lost their new STUD corner!
:Tee Sheppard

Not after they graduated their best WR ever!

We started the year with a secondary 
where 3 outta the 4 players were 
CONVERTED Offensive players!!! 

It just can't happen!
And...yet it did!

Entering 2012 we had TON'S of questions!

We had TON'S of uncertainties!

We had TON'S of idiots saying we'd go 6-6!

Seem like we've been here before? 

So here we are...staring a new ELEPHANT in the face 
and RICE is the first bite in this epic meal of 2014! 

The only difference?...this is a better team than 2012!

Don't take my word for it...just ask Phil Steele!

"What Brian Kelly has done at Notre Dame is 
exceptional, the schedule is brutal but this may 
just be a better team than his 2012 squad." 
-Phil Steele 

Now...what I'm not understanding from the 
"Irish Taliban" of the message boards is...

It's RICE??? 

I'll tell you right now..this is a great opening game for us!

It allows our young talent to gain some confidence!

It gives Golson a chance to knock the rust off!

If gives res-life a chance to make a decision! 

Cause RICE is not a good team!

The 9 win RICE team of last year was not 
a good team!

If...IF...we don't win this game BIG!!
I'm talking 36 to 10 big...this is gonna be a long year!
By the end of the first offensive drive the owls should 
feel like they got hit by a freaking truck!

This is a team that last season played the 98th SOS!

Thanks to that WEAK SOS...they:

They played ONE top 30 team and LOST!

They finished 49th in total Offense!

Their D allowed almost 200 yards a game passing!

160 yards a game rushing!

Hell..they only beat 1 BIG 5 CONFERENCE team 
and that was Charlie's 1 win Jayhawks!

They beat Florida Atlantic by 4!!!!

They lost to North Texas Mean Green...I didn't 
even know that team existed!!! 

Then capped off their BEST SEASON in decades by 
getting THROAT PUNCHED by the worst
team in the SEC Miss State 44-7!!!
The highlight of their trip?

They will be able to tell their grandkids they got 
their ass kicked in the first game ever played
on turn at Notre Dame Stadium on turf!

Oh..and by the way they graduated their
BEST running back in the history of 
their program and their starting QB!

I'm sorry!...You just can't get me worried about RICE!

This season is not a walk in the park!

But it's not impossible to navigate through!

But I'll leave you with this...I'm hearing Issac is 
killing people! Ishaq might not be missed week one!

But ND needs to put this to bed!

Dragging this on is making EVERYONE look bad!

Close this out...punish who needs to be punished,
let the others return and play..but at the end of the 
day... Let this STIMULATE a conversation!

If the rest of the country aren't playing by the same 
rules....then let's give our academics a "BIT" of 
a break...not everyone is able to split the atom!


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