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Thursday, September 4, 2014

What?...GO IRISH!

CON~FU~SION: noun: The state of being bewildered
in one's mind about something.

This is the only way I can describe the Notre Dame 
vs Michigan games say...oh the last

It was an pretty normal series..until!

It started in 2004 when Darius Walker erupted on UM 
and then again when UM was no.3 in the country and 
ND went in under Weis, and then did it again!

Flash forward...Now, NEVER, in all my years of watching
college football have I seen my Irish lose to a team they 
were better than more...than Michigan!

In fact I think the only team luckier than Michigan 
playing Notre Dame is Ohio State playing Michigan!

So this game in my opinion is a bit confusing!

I mean we all know we don't like each other!

The best team rarely wins...

It's week two so it's extremely hard to understand 
who either team is...

Michigan sounded clubbed Appy State
Which was like watching this pup spend the 
weekend at Michael Vick's house!

Now with that being said Appy still rushed for 
over 4.3 yards per carry and converted 2 outta 3
4th downs, and Appy is HORRIBLE!

This game was dominated by Gardner and Funchess 
who make no mistake are dangerous!

Now which Gardner is gonna show up?
The one we faced last year, or the one Toledo almost beat? 

Funchess...not a blazer but good size and hands!

Green DESTROYED a defense that may be 
"slightly" better than most really good high 
school teams...So what can we get outta this? 


Notre Dame soundly took apart Rice.

Now don't come at me with this "Rice won ten 
games each of the last two seasons!" crap...
Yeah..they did, vs AIR!

Rice "Tresseled" it...They played NO ONE!

So here's Rice...
Slightly bigger...Slightly meaner...
Really small dog!

Granted Rice does have a legit 1st round 
draft pick on their D line, that we didn't hear
his name ALL DAY!...But the supporting cast around
him was pretty weak...

ND dominated every aspect of the game..and 

But with that being said a few things did jump out to me.

1. The game was clean: Penalties/mental errors etc. 
2 Penalties in the ENTIRE game..

2. Golson is no longer "Stepping over dimes
to pick up pennies!" 
What I mean by that is, in 2012 when the pocket would 
break down he'd jet!!

Now...when he sees that 5 to 7 yard run he continues to 
buy time, and look down field, for the 20 or 30 yard 
pass rather than the 5 yard run....Maturity! 

This is the fastest overall team I'd say that ND has 
had in over 30 years!
Top to bottom!

4. BIG FROSH...The Freshman now blend in with the 
rest of the team...the size difference between them and 
the rest of college football is nothing!

So what should we expect?

Well that's the tricky part...on paper ND is the favorite,
Vegas realizes it!

Michigan's O line?...Better?
We'll see!

Does Michigan have any other receivers?...
All 3 TDs Funchess!  Out of the 16 complete
passes almost 50% went to Funchess!
We'll see!

Can Michigan's secondary keep up with the speed
that ND has at WR?...Sparty couldn't..We know 
that Peppers isn't 100%!...
We'll see!

Now flip that coin to the IRISH!

Did we really play as vanilla of a D scheme as 
Kelly led us to believe vs Rice?
We'll see!

Is the O line really as good as we think?
We'll see!

Is Golson really as good as he looked..or was that
just a great example of 4 and 5 star players
vs 2 and 3 star players? 
We'll see!

We'll see!

Each team has something to prove!

Notre Dame wants to show Michigan that
when they asked for the series to 
was no big deal to us!

Hence the announcement today!

Hoke in my opinion is coaching for his job
this season...I mean UM will only take so many
7 win seasons and losses to "big brother" and
 Ohio State before the "Michigan man" 
is shown the door.
Is he the Charlie Weis of Michigan football? 

So this..."end" of a great series is playing right into
the hype machine and about to be on full display
on NBC....
We'll see!

I'd love to tell you what you want to hear, and that I'm
predicting a slightly closer game than Rice...but if history
has shown us anything. It' s that ND has had gun fights with
Michigan numerous times in the past.  The outcome wasn't
talent...the outcome wasn't coaching...the outcome wasn't a
lack of weapons...It just seemed like they were using a
weird gun...

Let's get 2014 off on the right foot this year boys...
And not shoot ourselves....



The committee is meeting right now!
They got a team of monkeys working around the clock to
make a decision on a investigation that was
"supposedly" over A WEEK AGO!


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