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Friday, November 1, 2013

There are girls you date, then there are spring break girls!

Life is all about timing...and anticipation!

The timing of an event must be right in order to test our
normal everyday standards!

Like when you trying to work out and eat right...then 
some lady brings brownies into work with cream cheese icing!

You don't want to eat one..but damn they are right there, 
and it's just bad timing!

Anticipation will build excitement if you 
can get excited about normal everyday

Navy reminds me of spring break!

There were girls you'd date...if your buddies where 
watching..Then there were girls you'd date, cause 
all your buddies where out of town on spring break!

Make sense?...Navy is the full figured lady!

Yeah...she's pretty...She's nice and she's here...but 
damn, she's a bit bigger than the standard you're used too!

Now to the "idiotic" fan of other programs pointing out 
Navy on our schedule is like justifying playing teams 
from Florida with an "A&M" behind their name!

But to the "educated" fan we all know why Navy has 
a relationship with Notre Dame and that is to be 
respected and honored!

But Navy can be like that full figured girl A LOT!

When your not looking this can happen!
She creeps away and re-appears and SHOCKS YA!

Navy is one of those teams!

In the past 4 years they've:

Taken Ohio State to the final minutes 
and the Buckeyes barely escaped!

Taken South Carolina at home to the 
wire..and the Cocks barely escaped!

They run the ball...they are very disciplined, and they
play with heart cause they all know: They are 
NEVER gonna play football beyond this 
stage of life!

So you have to respect them!

So who are the 2013 Navy football team?

Wins over:
Indiana- Nobody
Pitt- Nobody this year
Deleware- ? Uh yeah
Air Force- Bad

Losses to:
Western Kentucky- I got nothing
Duke- Not much better
Toledo- and were done!

They are 61st in Total Defense

89th in Rush Defense always a top 10 rushing team!

Now with that being said..this should be a very 
similar game to the Air Force match-up from
last week!

On to more interesting topics:

Watkins is IRISH as I'm sure most 
of you have heard!

I first laid eyes on Watkins at the ND coaches clinic
in March...The kid walked around the practice 
like a 1st round draft pick being shopped 
by NFL teams...he is not short on confidence 
that's for sure!

From what I heard just this morning this is domino 
one, in a decent size line that should be dropping 
in the next few weeks!

Then we have a few that are "work in progress" type
of situations...

 Two are HUGE names ready to pop,
and one that popped, then un-popped, all 
are due to academics!

These kids getting into ND will be a marathon not
a don't expect them anytime soon!

One would be as big a get as Jaylon last season and 
can play ANY position...but he's gonna have to hit the 
books hard to even come close!

The other is a substantial need with what I'm sure will be
 a mass exit of our current D line come draft day!

But again this kid is not splitting the atom anytime soon!

Sometimes being ND is hard...cause at any other school
they'd already be committed regardless of grades!

A big time Offensive playmaker is getting ready to 
join the ranks also...just working on timing!

We are on the verge of taking that next step 
in the re-birth of the IRISH program!

Notice since Kelly's arrival each recruiting class 
get's better and better!

Each season more and more young talent hits the 
roster and is making a substantial impact!




Kelly recruits a different breed of kid than we've seen 
at Notre Dame in a very long time!

No more free lunches!

No more 5'11 D tackles!

If ND offers...there's a reason!

So with that being said...not much going on,
the team is together...a bit dinged up but timing 
seems to be on our side with 
the bye week approaching!

Get a W vs Navy!

Move on to Pitt!

Relax and get healthy!

Cause BYU is no walk in the park!

Then it's time to chop some trees!

So drink it if ya got it, and have a great weekend!


Picked up this locker name tag this week...
Just felt right to me....May you walk with the 
angels big Ace...See ya again some day and 
rest in peace!

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