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Friday, October 25, 2013

Light at the end of what started as a pretty dark tunnel...GO IRISH!

A wise man once said...."Wake up every day and thank 
God for the good times, but also thank him for the bad 
times...Why? It's the bad times that make the good times 
feel so much better!" 

This season has been like riding on a roller coaster with 
a pit bull sitting next to you!

You're up.....Then you're down!
You're thrown from this that side!

Your stomach at times feels queasy...then 
celebratory happiness kicks in...but you never have
a real safe feeling that the ride is gonna end without you
being bit...HARD!

So here comes Air give us the MUCH needed
break in the gauntlet known as the 19th toughest schedule
in college football!

Now normally I'd break down a bit of the Air Force 
team for you...but at 1-6, and the teams they 
beat  resemble a Big Ten out of conference 
schedule...So I figured why break this game down?

I mean they are BAD...not just a little bad...
But really...really bad!

So instead I'd like to talk about my MID-Season
surprise players...and what impact I think they 
will have moving forward!

At this point...I didn't expect to be talking O-Tackles!
But Ronnie has asserted  himself as a first year starter
and as reliable and mean!

He plays with no fear...and just seems to always 
be part of the "big plays" on game day!

There are times when I see the OLB ready to blitz,
he'll seem to have wide angle on Stanley and then
he flexes out with the speed a 6'6 320 lb kid 
normally doesn't have...he's an All American before 
he leaves Notre Dame!

With Steve Elmer and Ronnie Stanley caliber of talent, 
our drop off with seniors graduating should be 
minimal next season!


With the return of Everett Golson just around the 
corner and the departure of TJ Jones, young players 
like Fuller are exciting not only to watch...but to imagine 
what could be possible with a QB extending 

Fuller is a burner with GREAT hands!
He gets off press coverage with ease and has demonstrated 
the play making abilities that have made the coaches
want to put the ball in his hands!

His transition from freshmen to sophomore year should 
be an exciting one...especially with finally having all 
the pieces in place to run a "Brian Kelly" offense!

Combine Everett with Fuller and Robinson sprinkle in some
Daniels with Niklas, and the emergence of 
Tori Hunter?....Lord..that's a top 5 passing game!


The easy choice would have been Jaylon Smith!
But I think...when you land the "HIGHEST" rated recruit
Notre Dame has landed in 20 years...You kinda figure he'll 
be a game changer!...and HE HAS!

But when you see a kid like Devin Butler CRASH 
onto the scene, it's exciting!

With Jackson graduating the need for a corner to step essential!...Butler is that guy!

Sometimes I watch him and my mind will say...
"DAMN!...RJ looks like he's picked up some speed 
in the off season!" 

He's not lost...he's not confused, and again plays with 
a motor and aggression that is a breath of fresh air!

Most frosh CBs are just concerned with not getting burned...this 
kid wants to make plays!

The thing that jumped out to me with
 Cole is his pursuit!

He PROWLS a runner coming out of the backfield!

He closes....and then tackles!

He's experienced some growing pains this season, good QBs 
have picked on him here and there...but every game 
you see less and less of that....he's a big play waiting 
to happen...a tackle for loss, a QB sack...a pick!

He brings sideline to sideline speed to ND!

The defense with Grace returning...and Jaylon with an 
entire season under his belt...we need some D line 
talent to be born!...But the future is gonna be very 
fast and hard to control for teams facing
the D-Boys!

Next year will be, in my opinion the first season 
that we don't feel the HUGE drop off due to 

We will need some answers for NIX & TUITT no 
question...they are once in a decade type of talent!

But the cupboards are stocked...and the current 
recruiting class looks to be shaping up nicely...and
from what I'm hearing...there are some REALLY 
exciting additions that will be joining the 

On to the :


This one might not make sense to all of you...but 
there are a select few it will make perfect sense!

Some people are very upset the way their life has turned the point, that with every breath and every 
bit of dishonesty they will attempt to spread 
negativity about others...

It's sad..but the bottom line is, and the moral
to this story...don't let your buddies have your 
password to forums where they can make you
look like an idiot trying to spread fiction!

If your not happy the way life is turning out...CHANGE IT!

Air Force-Navy-Pitt-BYU-Stanford

When the history books are written...will this season be 
the "rebuilding year" because of the loss of Teo and Golson?

Or will this be the year that a team was born!

A year that the young talent rose up!

A year where at the darkest hour...the brightest light was born? 

We have an opportunity ahead of us....

We have the chance to show that our two fluke losses,
where exactly that!

We have a mission....The Future of Notre Dame football 
is very bright...

So...the big question is this....What does this CURRENT
team have the ability to taking ONE game 
at a time....?

That's gonna be the Real light at the end 
of this season's tunnel!

This season and next...the IRISH are, and will 
remain a force to be reckoned with!


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