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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wow...That game made me....Uh..

Let me tell you right now...this may sting a bit,
but if I don't get this outta my system, I may 
cut my own ear off in frustration!

This game...this scheme..this COMPLETE 
pooch screw that we laid on the field 
in exactly what would NOT
be happening if we had all 
the right pieces!

I'm not here to make any excuses for this game!

Throw Tuitt out for nothing?... F-U it's Pitt!

Turn the ball over three times?... F-U it's Pitt!

Play with absolutely no emotion?... F-U it's PITT!!!!

Now...let's assign some blame!

Your Honor I'd like to call Coach Chuck Martin 
to the stand....

What in the Hell was that last night?

First things first...You do realize we are playing with a 
skeleton crew on defense...We are stopping NO ONE!

So slowing the game down and pounding the 
ball to protect this defense at 
it's most vulnerable state??

That never crossed you're mind? 

So you decide that with the absence of what?...6 starters 
on our defense, and losing our 1st round Daft pick
D lineman...that trying to sling the ball 
around on a team that ANYONE has rushed 
on in the past was a great idea?

No...let's not run the ball at all in the second half?

No..let's reward the ONLY REAL running back 
on the team, that broke the freshman rushing record
THE WEEK BEFORE with what,
FOUR touches the ENTIRE GAME?

Really?...That made sense to you?
I mean I know it's Pitt, and they are 63rd in the country 
vs the that should be intimidating!

At one point I was expecting to see Weis's big ass
burping his way though a press conference
after this debacle!

Coach Brian Kelly, do you swear to tell the 
truth, the whole truth and nothing 
but the truth?

What in the world?...Take control brother!

Look...this is year four, and if a player is just 
not progressing...then you gotta get him 
outta there, regardless of the "C" on his uniform!

We have Defensive secondary running around like 
fairy tale characters!

If it's not a players night...then SIT THEM DOWN!

Let's get some new blood flowing!
Eilar Hardy
Devin Butler
Max Redfield

You can't tell me, that at WORST, these kids 
wouldn't at least TACKLE the player when 
they have one running at them!

I hope Coach Kelly takes a HUGE long
look in the mirror and says..
"WOW...That was fu#king embarrassing!" 

With our 3rd string we should beat Pitt by 20!

Look...I'm not looking to "NEG" you out...but 
this season is what this season is....we got caught
with our pants down!

We were a motor-cross racer without the proper 
spare tires on the truck!

This is Notre Dame's offense!

Got a great engine...speed and is full of horsepower.

But the front wheel is Tommy Rees....God love Tommy,
I'll never fault a kid for giving 100%, he is just 
limited...he's a great kid, and in a game 
when everything is clicking...he's more than 
enough to win...

But in a game when we need a QB to put the team on 
his back and make something from nothing.

In a game where we are needing the offense to bail out
the defense...Tommy is a square wheel on a dirt bike!

It may roll clumsily here to there,
but it's never gonna be smooth enough
 to win a race!

The quarterback at Notre Dame affects both sides of the ball
when you run a Brian Kelly type system.

Why was our D so dominant last year...The offense had long 
sustained drives...Keeping the defense fresh and ready!

By the time our 65 yard, 11 play 5 min drive was 
over...the D was rested and ready to attack!

When we had a 3rd and 4....if no one was open, Golson
would take off and get the first..When the pocket collapsed, Golson
would rush and gouge the defense for 15!

When the play would break down, Golson would scramble and
someone would get behind a defender and he had the arm
to make them pay!

Trust me my IRISH family....the darkest hours often 
produce the greatest light!

We have 3 more games....then we roll into spring 
ball with a commander at the helm of this 


And mentored by the best QB coach in the country!

The missing piece is returning...time to make the picture!


**My editor was busy sorry for the 
grammatical errors!

Can't get my secretary to accept editing my 
blog as part of her job description! 

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