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You're Welcome America!

Friday, February 8, 2013's quite a show!

One thing I'll never understand...wasting talent on 
useless projects!

Recruiting is like going to a car show. 

Ole' Miss made quite a splash in the recruiting world,
they got really cool doors...turbo charger...fancy wheels..
Really surprised everyone!

But at the end of the's still a Honda Civic!

It's still Ole' Miss!

There are tons of different types of recruiters!

There are the builders!
These are the guys that look underneath the car...not at the paint!

They see the frame is solid...the engine block has no cracks, 
and the body seems like it's in workable condition!

So they fill needs, when playmakers 
graduate...they RE-populate!

Manti leaves?
Number 1 OLB in the county Jaylon Smith &
ESPN top 150 Doug Randolph arrive!

Kapron leaves?
Number 1 DT Eddie Vanderdoes &
ESPN top 150 Issac Rochell arrive!

Cierre & Riddick leave?
Number 2 Running Back Greg Bryant 
and Number 6th Athlete Tarean Folston arrive!

Tyler Eifert leaves?
Number 5 Tight End Mike Heuerman &
top 15 Durham Smythe arrive!

Braxton Cave & Mike Golic leave?
Top 5 OT Hunter Bivin
Top 10 Colin McGovern arrive!

Zeke Motta leaves!
5 star number 2 in the country
Max Redfield  & top 10 Cole Luke

John Goodman & Roby Toma leave!
ESPN top 150 WR Tori Hunter &
Top 20 Will Fuller & Onwualu

This is what a builder does...he builds! the way, this list isn't even the 
tip of the iceberg of talent that will be 
migrating to South Bend!

And... regardless of stars and hype...they
have to beat out the players in front of 
them that were just in the
last year!

The other type of recruiter is
This guy is dangerous!
He usually coaches at programs with...wel,l let's just
say.."Low Ethical Standards"!

Programs that have had a long history of NCAA

BEWARE..he is's not an "Urban" legend or 
some sort of fairy tale...he'll take kids down the wrong
"Lane" in life and tell them pretty much whatever they 
need to hear!

If there is a kid he feels is better..suddenly the kid that 
already committed to the program and was last years 
"big thing" is now a "problem" child...or has a 
"career ending" injury? 
Or is "encouraged" to transfer!

This guy will prey upon programs...if a coach interviews?
This is the first call a recruit gets!

If a program has a late season meltdown?
This is the first call a recruit gets!

He's the carp of the recruiting world...a bottom feeder
willing to tell a kid whatever he needs to, to get the 

"You're a Linebacker?...I think your the next 
Percy Harvin!"

"You're an offensive tackle?...I think your the next
Percy Harvin!"

But take joy in knowing this guy usually will win 
early with the other coaches players, the other teams
will figure out his game and after 
a 7-5 or 6-6 season he'll create a 
reason to leave or retire...

He doesn't really fill needs as much as 
just poach programs of kids that are
young and scared and looking for 
someone to tell them the world will be..

That's just the nature of the beast of college recruiting!

But as of right now NOTHING can stop me from smiling 
ear to ear about the job Coach Kelly and his staff accomplished
putting together one of the best recruiting classes in 
the past 25 years!

The beauty of this class?

We landed a top 3 class of players...that can qualify to
attend school at...

Which in the grand scheme of things...makes this class 
number 1 in my eyes!



So raise a glass like I will tonight and sit back 
and relax and know that the contract is 
in the works to lock up this coach and his 

Upgrades to the facilities and stadium are already 
in the blue print stage..

And the new breed of IRISH are already falling 
into place!

Might just set the bar to a whole new level!


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