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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Today is a great day! is everyday the Lord blesses
you with health and prosperity..and take pride in the coming
future dominance that is

With the dead period soon approaching and tax season
in full swing the blog will be updated from...let's say 
time to time!

As Yoda would say..."Busy the Damefan gets!"

But I want to inform you of some of the upcoming reasons 
for information and excitement!

1. Coach Tony Alford
Coach Alford reached out to us during the season and 
we did some work for him, and I have to say....this 
guy needs a HUGE contract!

It takes about 1 minute to realize why he's one of the best recruiters 
in the country...he's personable, educated and a great football 
mind..but mostly he cares about these kids, not only now...
but when they leave ND and enter the real world!

We have some great conversations about the program and 
where it's headed and what they feel they can accomplish!

Look forward to sharing his insights over the summer as well as 
pictures of the work we did for him AFTER the ND pro day!
(don't wanna ruin the surprise!)

2. Notre Dame Coaching Clinic
This will be our 2nd year attending the Notre Dame 
coaching clinic and it's quickly become one of the highlights of
my summer!... Chalk talk with coaches...private practice viewing as 
well as full contact live scrimmage with the ones vs the ones!

This year I'm OVERLY geeked about this event due to the 
questions I'm hoping to see get answered with the following
areas of concern...

1. Running Back..Who,who & who?
2. Wide Receiver...TJDavaris &_____________
3. Center and O-line cohesiveness.
4. QB lineup..who's 2nd and 3rd on the depth chart?

I'm much more excited because their is no cancer or
LYNCH-GATE to deal with this year!

I was amazed how much I saw that doesn't seem to hit 
the spring game...

This has become just an excuse to get away and get 
stupid!...but you will pick up some info here and there
in passing and during the LEGENDARY 
Spring Game BBQ!

4. JUNE = Re-Enforcements Arrive!

This is when things get REALLY interesting...the eyeball test, 
so to speak begins...who's D1 ready..and who will be shelved 
into the Longo Restoration program for next season!

Non coached 7 on 7's will be run by team captains and 
the chemistry with the new players will begin...Who will 
emerge ready by fall...that's the big question!

This recruiting class is by FAR the best class we've signed
in the past 25 years!


That's a deadly 4 pack my friend!

The great thing about this!...there is no "hype" or 
Kool Aid drinking here...this is what Notre Dame 
SHOULD be doing!...Competing on the field at the highest 
level...recruiting nationwide for the best of the best in high
school talent...and churning the program with high schoolers
entering and professionals leaving!

It's amazing to me how quickly Brian Kelly has made his
presence known and what his intentions are with 
Fighting Irish Football.

There has not been a better time in 30 years to be a fan than 
right now and the years to come!

Winter conditioning is in full swing...position groups are forming
with film study and soon spring practice!

So rumble young man rumble!

Brian Kelly in my opinion will have the IRISH seat at the 
playoff table warm and occupied season in and season out!

That's my agenda for the relax.. unwind...
pour yourself a nice cold one and watch the kids jump around 
in the pool...but realize during all of this...there's a 
MONSTER being built in South Bend Indiana!


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