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Friday, January 25, 2013

He's got Phillips in the corner!...He's giving him the business!

Is this your reaction lately when people see your 
Notre Dame gear?

What the Hell is going on?

Life is funny sometimes when you're at the top,
people only want to tear you down...

When you're down, they talk about how good it 
is for everyone when you're up!

This has been an interesting few weeks, but
my mom always told me these things happen 
in threes!

1. BCS National Championship Game:
You know I thought the refs really affected the complexion
 of the game on our first drive...nope Ronaiah Tuiasosopo 
has done more damage than Yeldon and Lacy could have
done in five games!

2. Brian Kelly interviewing with the Eagles:
This is a part of business that most people don't understand,
but that's because they've never been in a position of power 
where they could play two companies off each other.

This one is gonna take a while to get over....Look, 
the only thing I find more fascinating than the mind of a 
"fan" is the mind of someone "religious".   My kids will live
what I feel will be a very charmed life in comparison to how I was raised
 With that being no point will I teach them 
to trust until that trust is broken!
This is a very unfortunate thing that happened to a very 
caring, and let's say "naive" kid.

But this is the point where the DAMEFAN tells all of 
you to take a moment and....
Chill the F out!
Have you forgotten what the hell happened this season!
What is going on with recruiting?
How much talent we are returning?
How much talent we are sitting on?
Coaches are getting more money!
Facilities are getting upgrades!
Stadium is getting work!

Trust is 9 minutes...NINE MINUTES
that will tell you it can ALWAYS be worse!

And what's funny is I live in a town where these fans 
are NOT too embarrassed to talk about a HOAX!
There are hundreds of thousands getting hoaxed by this 
daily here!

Notre Dame is exactly that, but it's more like this

Whatever we will get blown outta proportion!

We had a kid de-commit because Kelly interviewed...
That's the story that ESPN had...
They didn't tell you...
He then committed to a program where the head coach was 
interviewing with the Bears the SAME WEEK!

It's Notre Dame!'re never gonna get an 
honest story from the press...cause nobody 
likes stories about good things!

We are the only program in the country where 
the word ALLEGED means GUILTY!

Over the next three weeks I'm going to break 
down our games in the order of difficulty and 
tell you why we might get another shot at 
Saban next year!

Top 3 toughest games for ND next season?
Stanford-Oklahoma-Michigan State

Let's start with: 

Goodbye both Tight Ends,
Ertz and Toilolo are both leaving what is a young
quarterback and what had become a safety blanket 
 through the season.  They combined for 95 
catches last year and 10 TDs.  This, combined with the 
loss of Stepfan Taylor (Stanford's ALL time leading rusher)
could make the Stanford offense a bit sluggish next year!
BUT...that D with Murphy, Skov and Gardner returning will 
be tough!

Landry Jones...see ya!
They also had 3 premier underclassman leave in 
Kenny Stills... their leading receiver is gone!
Tony Jefferson... their leading tackler is gone!
Tom Wort... their best LB is gone!
With all the losses on the offense and defense 
this game is not against the Oklahoma of old!

Michigan State:
Bright Spot?...2nd year QB!
Not so bright?...2nd year QB!
MSU was 108 in total offense last season and 
that was with Bell who averaged 138 yards per game!
Also TE Sims is history as well, as is MSU's best 
defensive player in Gholston!

But this week is about wrapping up what 
is sure to be a top 5 recruiting class 
and putting some more talent in place
to make the IRISH MOB exactly 

My pick?...the kid I want to be the icing at the 
top of this IRISH Chocolate cake! (Sorry Lou!)

This kid is a MONSTER!
At 6'3 315 lbs, he's a house and fits right into 
place when Lou get's picked in the first round 
after next season!

Anyone who watched the Army All American game knows 
this was the best D lineman there!

And from what I'm hearing...we are in very good shape 
with him!

USC has become a dumpster fire with people jumping ship 
like they just hit an iceberg!

So next time you feeling like this:

Realize that we have MANY more things to 
be excited about, than we do to be upset about!

So stop...pour yourself one of these:
Pop this into the DVD
And realize...We're in pretty good hands!


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