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Friday, October 5, 2012

Rock Me Like a Hurricane!.... Hard not to laugh at that!

Hurricanes are almost always named after women 
for a reason...Can they be mean?...yeah!
But most NEVER live up to the screaming and threats!

This is our 5th test of the season, gaining experience, 
getting some nice surprises.  Some areas are better than 
anticipated...some are not!

So as we continue to build this FRANKEN-IRISH monster
what parts do we see emerging this week?

To me easy,..OFFENSE!

At the beginning of the year I said that this 
schedule, daunting as it is, was a blueprint for 
where the Irish are and where they are going!

What did we need to do in the first 4 games?

Get the offense established and get some confidence.
Mission accomplished?...NOPE!

Get the defense established BEFORE they see a good 
QB that can stretch the field and see who emerges 
as young play makers.
Mission accomplished?...YEP!

So where do we go from here?

U tell me!

LOL...little funny there

Into Chicago comes the always classy, never overlooked 
Criminals of Da U!

Miami Hurricanes

So what have they done?

They opened with Boston College, who they barely 
beat but allowed 32 points and over 540 total yards of offense.
By the way, BC has only one win...MAINE?!?

Then moved on to Kansas State who treated them 
like lost campers in West Virginia!
Allowing 52 points!

Then they played Bethune-Cookman?
Who the hell is Bethune-Cookman?
When did Ohio State's AD help with Miami's scheduling?
Well they beat them but still allowed over 350 yards of offense!

Then went on to struggle with a BAD Georgia Tech 
team that lost to MIDDLE TENN?!?
allowed GT to score 36 and another  400 yards of offense!

See where I'm going with this?

Okay..then last week the POWERHOUSE of 
North Carolina State..yeah..NC STATE!...that NC STATE!
Well this game was just laughable!
First of all NC State is BAD!...really bad!
But they managed to hang 37 points and 
651 YARDS of offense on DA U!
Thank God West Virginia was playing to take attention 
away from that dumpster fire!

So what should we expect?....NOTHING!

We are not good enough yet to overlook ANYONE!

So show me progress or give me death!

Feeling very patriotic today!

Now with that being said, I'd like to get something off my chest!

We all want Golson to "get it" at some point!

Do I like his I think he's there...NO!

I think if he passes the ball outta the back of the endzone vs UM on
his second pick...he would have played and beat UM the rest
of the game!

BUT..that didn't happen and Tommy came in and won it for us!

So what happens if the light NEVER goes on?

We continue this season trying with Golson and 
winning with Tommy!

But last time I checked?....We have the

So it either "clicks" for Golson or we win with Defense 
and a veteran QB by limiting his ability to make mistakes!
(by the way the veteran QB is 12-4 as a starter and you hate him?

Can you show me ONE team in the country with more 
talent at the QB postion?

Take it easy...Kelly will either develop Golson..or Gunner will 
step in next season!...the D will give us the ability to figure out 
the rest.

So stop a minute and take a breath....relax...this 
is all coming together but it takes time!

We are getting better and even the talking heads at ESPN are 
seeing it!...but guess are the RECRUITS!

We are turning away commits and getting PICKY for the first 
time in a long time!

All I if it clicks this week for Golson?
Miami might wanna start to.


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