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Friday, October 19, 2012

Halfway home my brothers and sisters!...Halfway home!

You know I had a mentor years ago that asked a 
friend of mine how he felt his year was going in 
comparison to other brokers...his reply?..."About average."

That's when my mentor replied with this pearl of wisdom!

"Average?...So what you're telling me is you're the best of 
the worst...and the worst of the best?"


One of my favorite things about growing up a Notre Dame 
fan is they do NOTHING average!


They excel in what are we going 
to remember about this season, when the dust clears 
will it be "special" or "average"

You've won some great games...and fought through some 
amazing hurdles when you consider:
Frosh QB
Leading Rusher Suspended
Dealing with International Travel
Playing and beating 3 ranked teams!

And at the end of the're still not getting the respect you 
deserve!....and you won't...not halfway down this road!

So in come the 
Stormin Mormons of BYU!

So what are we facing?
On paper BYU looks pretty good on 
Averaging 223 yards passing a game
177 yards rushing a game
Averaging 30 points a game!

But against teams that are awake?

L-to Utah
L-to Boise
L-to Oregon State the way they have lost EVERY road 
game they have played this season!

BUT!....and hear me out on this...they are 5th in 
total Defense! any given Saturday you can be beat!

So what do we need to figure out?



Now this is in no way questioning the coaching!
But these are questions I need answers to!

Let's review the checklist!
1.Cierre Wood
Why is this kid not touching the ball 25 times a game?
He's averaging over 6 yards per carry and our 2nd best RB is 
averaging less than 4! when are we gonna take 
Wood out of the doghouse?

When are we going to let Everett be Everett?
Everette seems more comfortable rolling out of the pocket,
does damage with his legs...and arm...

You can beat who we've beat so far with this rotation...but 
you're not beating OU or USC with this type of play!...

3. Special Teams

Kyle Brinzda has been BALLING!
Can't complain!

Kickoff?...I'll give you a mulligan for returns...the 
new rules have handcuffed returners....

Who in the world is coaching 
punt teams?... Neal is eye to eye with the other team 
almost EVERY time he catches the ball...give this 
kid a chance to pull a rabbit out of his hat!

BLOCK!!..I know you have heard this before! wanna know why the talking heads have ammo to 
disrespect us?...we have too many issues!

 BYU...WAKE...Boston College..PITT...
These games give us a chance to work out some 
problems and see what sticks...but OU and USC!

This is our year...this is a year to make a statement, 
GET USED TO IT college football...Brian 
Kelly is building a WRECKING CREW!

And it's only going to get better..year after year!

Now some recruiting news!

We have a top 5 recruiting class...and it's not about 
just taking what talent we can's about filling holes!

Kelly has proven he's one of the BEST recruiters in the 
country...but NOTHING recruits like WINNING!

With that being said....there are rumors that 
a kid in our class is flipping and flopping like a fish outta 
water...the writing is on the be ready!

But we have a HUGE silent waiting in the wings!

(don't Facebook me or email me with the "I won't 
say anything!"...good cause I'm not saying anything either!)

January is full of chances to commit on doesn't mean 
certain kids haven't popped and are holding off to announce 
on the grand stage!

So relax...stay calm....we are turning away kids that want to we can land the BIG FISH!

Read between the lines and you'll see who is leaning!

Usually it takes Special players to Commit!

Now...onto the awards and some special recognition!

JOSH BISSON is our winner of the IRISH MOB 
shirt for Douchebag of the week!

Send us your info and we'll get you hooked up!

Now...I had to share this email that we received...

I've recently moved from out of state into a new home and
would like to share with you an experience I've never 
had before.  I'm 71 years old and have followed the IRISH
since I was little listening on the radio to Mr. Nelson say
"Back to further action!"  I've met all my neighbors and 
have not had any issues until this year. We've 
never really talked football before but one day getting the
mail the topic came up.  My neighbor asked me who I rooted 
for being from out of state, and I said "I love Notre Dame!" 
He replied "I HATE ND" I couldn't understand why a good 
clean Catholic University would upset him so much, so I asked
why?  He replied "Because they recruited Rocket Ismail he 
doesn't' have an Irish name!"  So I nervously laughed off his 
response and began up my drive way and simply said...
"Good luck in your bowl game!"

This is my neighbors yard!
Why did my bowl game comment make him 
even more upset?
Go Irish! 
     are my hero and my brother...but welcome to the
The only state that takes that as a compliment!


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