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You're Welcome America!

Friday, September 28, 2012's the FUTURE on line one.... Looks BRIGHT!

I could get used to this type of play!

Welcome to the I see it!

This is not a "Notre Dame is BACK" speech...

Notre Dame was NEVER gone, to need to come "back" 
from anywhere!

It always cracks me up..the "it's been 23 years since ND's last
National Championship!...are they relevant?"

Well here's a list of time spans for supposed "big boy" 

Michigan went almost a 1/2 century between 
they're 1948 championship and their 97 1/2 Title!
"Those who stay will be Champions!"...AT WHAT?

Ohio State went 32 years between 1970 and the
2002 debacle!

Funny thing Texas claims the same 1970 National Championship 
and then went 35 years till 2005!...(well let them and the nuts 
sort that one out!)

USC went 25 years between their 1978 title till 2003!...
And God knows if that one will stick!

So I don't wanna hear you...ND has 3 National Championships
 in the past 4 decades!...

Don't call it a comeback!....We been here for years!

Notre Dame is no. 10 in the country...has a Defense that 
can compete with ANYONE!

Has an offense that is "finding it's self" and a coach
that has us positioned for the FUTURE!

So?...How do we gauge this season so far?

Notre Dame is 4-0 with wins over 4 BCS caliber teams.
1 win over a top 10 team at night in their house.
1 win over a top 20 team at night in our house.
Both got BLANKED from reaching the endzone.

2 more wins vs Purdue, who in my opinion 
is one of the best teams in the BIG 10 and we should know
we've beaten their best already!
And Navy!

So?....The ND defense has only allowed 
3 TD's in the entire season!

We have a defense that has forced as many turnovers in the first
four games as they did the ENTIRE season last year!

How does that rank?...Well our current National Champions
Alabama started last season in a simular fashion...only allowing 
3 TD's but they didn't play but one Top 20 team...and 3 CUPCAKES! NO WAY am I comparing us to BAMA!...just making
a point!...

We are GROWING!...getting stronger and gaining confidence!

So are our questions answered?...NOPE!

We got work to do for EVERY game!

We are a 1/2 full glass...with lot's of promise!...

bad performance!

We are "good"....we need to work to be "great"

We need our offense to continue to progress and allow Golson 
to become the "QB of the present as well as the future!"

Look let's be honest with ourselves, We still have a 
VERY brutal road ahead.

Miami?....Which Miami?..the one that allowed Boston College 
and Kansas State to score all over them...or the one that beat GT?

Stanford?...Which Stanford?..the one that beat USC or the one
that lost to....?????WASHINGTON????

BYU?...Which BYU?...the one that plays fast and hard with 
a dynamic passing game?...or the one that allowed Utah to beat them?

Oklahoma?...mystery  USC?..mystery?


This is not just served up for us...we are going to have to 
take it!

That was the difference between this seasons game vs UM 
and last seasons game vs UM...


We took away their offense...I mean Denard...and didn't allow 
him to be a factor in this game!

Oh..and we found SHEMBO'S BIKE SEAT!...

9 Drives for UM, we forced 6 turnovers and allowed 2 FGs!

From this point forward the rest of this season Notre 
Dame will have to bring the fight to whoever they play!...

This season is about the present and the future!

Finish strong...see who we can be...but WELCOME to 
being in the "big picture" every year for quite a while!

Offense?... Riddick/Eifert The rest have a 5th year!
**We get Welch back next season from injury
**We get Amir back from injury
**We get Mike Heuerman committed!

Defense?...Motta/Teo KLM The rest have a 5th year!
**We get Slaughter back from injury
**We get Lo Wood back from injury
**We get Jaylon Smith and Anzalone and the rest 
of the MOB to do damage!

We will return 17 STARTERS next season!

Bring in the BEST O LINE/LINEBACKER class in the country!

And steadily upgrade speed/athletes/coaching!

This is what having a HEAD coach and staff will produce!

So toast up my IRISH brothers....the future is as bright as the new
gold helmets shining in the sun!

Sure nice to be the one giving and not receiving!



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