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You're Welcome America!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Doing something one time is LUCK...twice...SKILL!

That was an historic night...

One to be remembered and then quickly forgotten.  

See if you pull off a DOMINANT performance then 
follow it up with a complete STINKFEST...

You were lucky!

Is that what 
Sept. 15th in East Lansing will be?

YEAH..if you allow Michigan to beat you!

MSU fans said..."Oh..last year was a fluke!"

"No way they beat us at home...we're a top 10 team...our 
defense is too strong!"

This game is about PROGRESS...and remember the old
adage..."You can't fight progress!"

Well...We will see!

So are we good?...or Lucky?...

Michigan is an odd team to me right now, I'm  not really 
sure what to think of them, AT ALL!

They are 2-1...Now we know what happened 
with BAMA, they got KILLED!...but 
what about teams that aren't BAMA?

Air Force, who scored just as many points 
on Michigan as they did on Idaho State...Took them to 
the buzzer...and Michigan escaped!

Then UMASS, who got KILLED by
UConn and Indiana...then went on to 
score more points on Michigan than they 
had scored in both their previous games combined!

So who is Michigan?

Well...let's look at last year?....They were what?..11-2

They had a GREAT season...Didn't they!

Didn't they?

Here are some interesting stats...

Last season they beat:
Western and Eastern Michigan
San Diego State 
All NON BCS schools by 72 points!

BCS schools WITHOUT winning records?
Ohio $tate 
By 127 points!

BCS schools WITH winning records?
Notre Dame 
Virginia Tech 
Both by 3 points and both could
have easily gone either way!

Best Win?
Nebraska by 28!

Most embarrassing loss?
A really bad Iowa!

8-0 vs NON winning teams

3-2 vs BCS teams with winning records!

So?...Are you buying?

Let's take it one step further! 

Michigan recovered 80% of their fumbles last season!
Average for ALL 121 BCS teams?....51% 
(remember the 3rd and goal...the ball bouncing INTO 
Denard's hands like they were magnets?)

So did the ball bounce their way?....Yeah!

Luck?...Who knows?

All this combined with 8 TRUE home games!

They had NO major injuries to ANY starter  
where significant time was missed!

So who is Michigan?...

Michigan IS Denard Robinson!

And the only person to rape ND harder than ND raped 
themselves is Denard!...

I've NEVER seen one player affect a game more 
than Denard...(except Rocket!...LOL!)

Contain Denard?...Beat Michigan!
That simple!

So who are we, and how are we going to accomplish this!....

Two him on the sidelines!

Line it up and CRAM it down the 104th ranked rush defense
in ALL of college football!... run some more!....

And right when they think you're about to hand it off 

Introduce them to Everett Golson!


Too many weapons on offense!

2nd way?

Pressure...Pressure...Pressure...and maybe some more PRESSURE!

Going into the fourth quarter last year, Denard had 18 yards rushing and 
had DONE nothing through the air!

This time...Don't take your foot off the gas don't 
self destruct and give the game away!

Contain...Detain....Bring the BIG TRAIN!


This is about a STATEMENT!

This is about not being this guy...
 One hit wonder?

We wanna be this guy!
A proven player knocking out the competition!

This Saturday is a chance to make THAT statement!

So rise up IRISH nation and be heard....We are 
either back...or on our backs!....We will see!

But one thing is for sure....Feels good to be a PIMP!

Now...on to a very BIG closing award!...

To the 

Now don't get me wrong...I love my 
Michigan fans!...They single handedly made 
me SO MUCH money on my Youtube videos
 that I bought my new golf cart!

This goes out to our friends at MGOBLOG!

Mgoblog is a blog site that is very popular with the 
WalMart Wolverine crowd...but they are a bit scary lately!

Now we all know the Michigan fan base is obsessed 
with your buddy DAMEFAN.

I was hoping it wasn't to the 
"It puts the lotion on the skin" 
kinda way!

This is borderline like being "Sandusky-ed" via
the internet!

I use a site for this EPIC blog called BLOGSPOT
and I really feel it's a very comprehensive site!

You can track...traffic...hits...where in the world these 
hits come from (hello to our friends in Europe by the way!) 
but most importantly....

This is the past 2 weeks!
Over 15,000 views!

Now out of those 15,000 views?

Easy fellas!...

The DAMEFAN sack is a bit sore from all that hanging 
you're doing on it!...



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