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Friday, August 24, 2012

Solid?....or a house of cards?....We shall see!...

Just like I tell my takes a lifetime of planning
and saving to retire properly...but only a few bad
moves makes everything come CRASHING down!

This can be said about, sports...etc!...

So...are we a house of cards...or are we a FORTRESS?..

A house of cards looks pretty...but you take out the right 
card, at the wrong spot, and CRASH!

Now a remove a brick....and the 
others around it take the force and remain strong!

You've heard me in the past talk about "concerns"...

The offense is not really a concern....You might say,
"hey, redshirt freshman QB...No Floyd?..." 

Not an issue!...Too many weapons...too much experience,
and are you ready for this....COACHING!

This guy took Harrison Smith...and created
"1st Round Draft Pick Harrison Smith"

I really don't think ANYONE realizes how good a coach 
this guy really is....SIGN HIM AND ALFORD to 
long term contracts....NOW!

Special Teams?....this might be the first 
year in a while that they
 are actually "SPECIAL"

We got this:
On Kickoff of the FASTEST players
in the country!...
and this...

The ESPN number 1 athlete in the country on 
punt returns!

Now onto what wins CHAMPIONSHIPS!

This IS an area of concern...

This is where things get interesting!...
That's been Kelly's motto since arrival in South Bend...
He proved it works with Tommy it or not
when your starting QB gets hurt and your TRUE freshman 
finishes up the season 4-0 with wins at night at USC,
and Miami in the can develop talent!

I really like Tommy Rees, don't get me wrong..but 
Tommy has a ceiling that Everett at this point 
looks like he doesn't!...

So...NEXT MAN the corner position!

KeiVarae Russell
Number 9 Athlete in the country according to Rivals!
He took his talents to South Bend over...
Stanford,Oregon,Cal,Boise,Washington and a 
HUGE list of others!
6'0 195 and waiting to be tested!

So can we be a FORTRESS or are we house of cards?

Let's talk about corners!...

I reached out to a former asst. coach I know that 
coached D1 and asked his opinion about young corners.

"You can always protect a corner with a safety.  You can't 
protect a safety with a corner.  No need to move 
Slaughter!  Plus a corner can really be protected by 
an experienced LB and deep with safety.  That only 
leaves fades in certain zone coverages, if they can run 
vertical then they should be okay...if they turn their heads!"

"Only other route is an out, but lets hope they can break on 
it, especially the squat corner"

What this translates to?...our OTHER STRENGTHS!


Sound familiar? brick breaks?...what happens?

Now....on to another reason my worries are starting 
to diminish!....BODY LANGUAGE!

Does this guy look worried?...NO!
Does he look nervous?...NO!

Why?...I think he knows what he has now!

I was talking to my buddy Mike Franck (GIGA)
Mike is a unique guy...not only did he WAY out 
kick his coverage when he married....but
this is his father in law!... know how much fun we are gonna have
with this dude next year tailgating!...

He and I were talking about ND...
When he pointed out Kelly's body language!

He hit the nail on the head!...PERIOD!...why is he 
not worried!....He expounded:

"1 week till Navy, Navy isn't going to throw the ball more 
than 15 times max.  Purdue isn't staring Muave so no threat there,
MSU has a new QB and WRs and it's week three so they 
will be more apt to make mistakes than most people are thinking.
UM, D Rob is going to use his feet first against us, not his arm. 
Then a bye week."

"Then we have Miami who is just going to be horrible,  and 
Stanford replacing the best QB they have EVER had then 
your first REAL QB threat...BYU"

So Mike and I agreed...By then...2 MONTHS!

If you can't develop a "decent" corner by need to


Cause you might not be the guy!

This is not my worry....but these are the FACTS of our where do we go from here?

I have 120% faith in Coach Kelly and the staff and 
players he's put together at Notre Dame!...

My money is on Kelly making this place a:

In closing...

This is year 3....



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