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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Nobody panics like a FAN!...

If only the world were as smart as me!

I find myself often in this predicament...

I sit back...I watch...I study...I analyze...and you know what!...

This is not Coach Kelly's first rodeo!

We struggled in big games to run the ball...and protect the QB!


We struggled to establish the run game in big games....


This is not splitting the atom here!...


You wanna go from being good to great?

Fix who's on the bus with you!

-Direction of your company is not as important as 
who is in your company...surround yourself with talent
and your bus will direct it's self!

At the end of the day...we are all just FANS!

Now there are two definitions of the word fan...

1. A person who has a strong interest in or admiration for a particular
 sport, art or entertainment form, or famous person.

2. Fan being short for FANATIC! 
-also see...Idiot...un rational...
-See Columbus Ohi...uh never mind!

This second one is the one that encapsulates us college 
football fans...

Or convinces us that 1 National Championship in
40 years makes us "ELITE".

So sit back and relax!...This might take a minute or two!

First and formost let's acknowledge our "LACK" of real 
football knowledge... 

You might have played in high school...or 
been a "fan" your entire life, but this in no 
way qualifies you to doubt ANY college
football coach in the country!....

I mean really?...I loved watching the Sopranos!

Doesn't mean I could run the mafia if they approached me!

Then there is this guy...
I read RIVALS....I read SCOUT....I'm a member 
of several different boards!...

I watch  A LOT of film on recruits!...

First things first...YOUTUBE highlights are 
not FILM!

There is not a college coach in the country that uses 
YouTube to determine recruits!...

This is EXACT reason why my clients have me mangage
their investments while SCOTTRADE  
helps day traders lose BILLIONS every year!

I'm just putting this out there for the FAN!

For the guy who bleeds his teams colors...and 
regardless of the outcome is ready for the 
next game!

This is to create a "moment of pause" so 
to speak...

Signing day is still over 2 weeks away...after that day
I will address the class and the misses and triumphs!

Until then take a moment to really "study" the 
class....Look at the 3 stars!

Why the 3 stars?

Cause at the end of the day....EVERYBODY
wanted the 4 stars and 5 stars...

Ask BAMA's D...that started 8 3 star recruits and won 
this important it is to recognize talent!

Go watch Monday Night Football and when they 
announce the starting lineups see how many are from 
small schools that you've never heard of!

The thing I love about Brian Kelly's recruiting?

The 5 star kids are studs....
The 4 star kids are highly sought after.

But the 3 star kids....are diamonds in the rough 
that we are fighting BIG programs like Bama 
to land....
Kid's like...
Justin Ferguson....
Schools offered...Bama,Florida,Florida State..etc..
He's IRISH!...and he's a 3 star DIAMOND!

I love this class so far!....Tee, Deontay,Schumate....

This class will finish strong...just let the man 
do his job...


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