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Sunday, January 22, 2012

How Quickly We Forget!....

With recruiting coming down the home stretch, 
and no class EVER ending like we feel it should!

I like to take a moment and realize how 
F-ING AWESOME Coach Kelly's 
first class really was!...

This class, depending on where you look, ended anywhere from 
number 4 to number 10...but just wait...

Add in:
 Amir Carlisle 4* running back 
Jordan Prestwood 4* O-Line

And 4 or 5 anywhere you look!

Recruiting sometimes reminds me of dating...

Every body likes a nice 10!...she's like the 5* Elite!
Everybody's watching....everybody wants her...
But sometimes she's a BIG HEAD CASE!

Then you got the...

Really nice 7 or 3*
Not getting as much attention...really appreciates it when it comes!
She's hard to make you happy!
and you know what? In the long run, VERY LOYAL!

Or as Coach Kelly calls them RKGs!
Right Kinda Guys!

These are guys that WANT to be here...they WANT 
to play...and the WANT to prove all those little 
services that they were wrong about them!...

Guy's like this:

The Honey Badger!
Solid 4* CB that's best offer outside LSU...Tulane?

This class of 2011 is a sleeper!...Now this summer until
this horrible dead period is over...I'm gonna offer my 
EXPERT...well bias at best...opinion of 
the sleeping monsters in this class!...

Starting with:
Outside LB and complete sleeping MONSTER!

At 6'5 and 235lbs he didn't get as much attention as the norm!
Until....the Shine Bowl were every scout said...
"He should have been the Defensive MVP of his squad"
He also made the BIGGEST jump in ratings of ANY
recruit in the Rivals system from the 
beginning of the season to the end!
From average 3* to 4* knocking on 5*

But at that was too late for the programs making a 
late push for visits...COUNCELL was IRISH and loyal!

He's fast...aggressive..and his range is HUGE!

His wingspan allows him to come off blocks and still 
be effective but very hard to contain!

I expect him to be the surprise this season for the ND Defense!

This class will be the "Turning Point" for Notre Dame Football!

Years from will have started with the 2011 class...

It's like building a mansion!
You gotta start with the BRICKS!...the foundation!

Then you have to work on the second floor!


Then add in the corners and roof!


And the place becomes a fort that cannot be penetrated!

Now go back and look last years class...and this incoming class...

Mix in some really nice icing on this cake with guy's like:


What do you got?....TALENT! Lot's of it!

Coach Kelly is preparing for WAR!

He's stocking the shelves with talent!...

And in 8 days there will be a whole new line of soliders!...
Then it's NEXT MAN IN!


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