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Saturday, December 31, 2011

If it seems like we are walking in circles....RELAX!... There's progress ahead!'s just an illusion!

Started the season losing to a Florida team that 
we clearly should have beat...TURNOVERS!

Finished the season losing to a Florida team that
we clearly should have beat.. TURNOVERS!

Wasn't too long ago we had back to back BCS 
appearances (without being connected to an NCAA 
violation or cash...etc) and we were headed in the 
right direction..... Weren't we?

In the heart of the fan...yeah!
To the rational...NO!

The Weis years taught us that you can't win without Defense.

Not at any level!

Now we are turning the corner with ELITE Defensive
talent....we have the BIG BOY'S on both lines 
not just coming in but dominating!...and?

We are missing a BIG puzzle piece!


A quarterback....a playmaker...a leader!...

Now before you crucify Tommy Ree's....and glorify a kid that 
hasn't taken a snap in college as the messiah....and curse Kelly..

A little game of Multiple Choice!...

1. 2871 yards 65.5% completion 20 TD's 14 Picks

2. 2056 yards 56.6% completion 18 TD's 14 Picks

3.4463 yards 63.3% completion 29 TD's 15 Picks

Now the answer...
1. Tommy Rees
2. Denard Robinson
3. Laundry Jones

Coach Kelly made a mistake with the whole "Dayne Crist"
situation, but at the end of the day he
did what he thought was the safe bet....

With that being said...I do hope that Tommy has started
 his last game for NOTRE DAME!

It's time to get Andrew Hendrix reps...and Get Everette Golson
up to speed...and then choose your starter....
and regardless of the first 2 or 3 series STICK WITH HIM!

"Well Florida did it with Leak and Tebow!"

Let's get one thing clear...and this is not a love fest!

TEBOW is a once in a lifetime player!....


You can't make that magic twice...just look at the season after he left...

Did Urban make Tebow...or did Tebow make Urban!

Florida FELL apart without Tebow...still had Urban!

Now a lot of you are upset...and rightfully so...

But you better relax and give the man a chance to do his job...

Because the future?...Well is not...

It's gonna be tough!....but you know what?


 You wanna be a big a big boy schedule!...
This is what a lot of teams base their entire program around 
avoiding, by saying...

"We're keeping the money in the state!" 
"It's good exposure to play Citadel and get into the south!"

Excuses...lead to being soft...lead to SEC type of beatings!

 Navy (Dublin, Ireland) ****Clearly winnable!

 PURDUE *****Clearly winnable (unless you choke vs them like A LOT of teams)

 at Michigan State ******Tough D...Grad Cousins and most playmakers on O

MICHIGAN  ******Gonna be a dog fight...will this be the season we don't hand the game to them?

 Open Date

 MIAMI (Soldier Field, Chicago) *****Winnable....New QB.... Turmoil form top to bottom

 STANFORD ****About to return to the Stanford of old...their "Luck" has run it's course

 BYU ***Clearly winnable

 at Oklahoma *****DOG FIGHT!.... number 1 toughest game of the year...roll in 7-0 and expect Game Day!

 PITTSBURGH ******Clearly Winnable

at Boston College ******Clearly Winnable

 WAKE FOREST  ******Clearly Winnable

at USC *****The Conclusion!....Let's ruin USC's year!.... Winnable but a Dog fight!

This Ship is headed in the right direction...not to say 
the water won't be rough...but manageable!

We return a TON of elite playmakers....

We have our stable of running backs...with our 
1000 yard rusher returning...

Eifert will be back...with 2nd string TE's better 
than 99% of your starters elsewhere!

We will have one of the best D lines in the country...Working
off of what will for sure be a dominate O line!

With LB's behind them that react and hit like trucks!

Slaughter will become the commander of the secondary...and 
make no mistake...SPEED at the corners!

You can fix experience with can't fix speed
with experience!...

So at the end of the day....
Recruiting on both sides of the ball better...
Developing talent better...
Modernizing the program...
and Kelly is the reason!

We just need to know....who's gonna be 


Gonna be one HELL of a 2012!

Happy New Year and GOD BLESS!


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