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You're Welcome America!

Friday, March 28, 2014 component at a time!...GO IRISH!

When I was fourteen, like any kid that age, I become 
obsessed with muscle cars... I'd hit car shows and 
see the 500...600...700 horsepower monsters!

I was completely overwhelmed by the mechanics 
of how it all worked...That if one tiny component 
was not firing...the whole engine failed 
to perform... 

It wasn't until a friends dad broke down a V8
engine and laid it out in the yard, explaining 
every piece and what it's role was, that 
I could understand the machine...

The dilemma we suffered with last season wasn't the 
"performance" of our engine...We had
a 4 cylinder back up QB trying to fit 
under the hood with V8 parts!

Now we move on to the 2014 campaign..


This offense will be predicated upon the 
"Golden" arm of Everette Golson...

This will be by far the fastest offense Notre Dame has
had in 30 years...and I mean "Big Boy" 
speed..not "Big Ten" speed...

Let's Break down the unit from a talent perspective!

Everett Golson:
Last time Notre Dame entered the season with 
a schedule that most thought was "Horrifying" 
and impossible to navigate through without six 
or seven losses....He was a freshmen first year 

Now we are dealing with a kid that has not 
only been mentored by Brian Kelly, but by 
one of the best QB Gurus in the country.

Whitfield called Golson "The best young 
QB he had worked with in years!"

Golson is a kid that doesn't have the ability 
to be rattled in my opinion...

As a freshmen he:
Beat OU at OU
4 losses in 14 years at home

Beat USC at USC!

Went UNDEFEATED in the
regular season vs a top 25 SOS!

All this with LESS talent around him 
than he has today!


Now that the core of the engine is strong..
we can support the performance..

What type of units are we dealing with?


Terean Folston:
As a freshmen, by seasons end he had established 
himself as the most explosive running back in 
the garage!

With only seeing action, due to minor injury, 
in 5 games (game with double digit touches) he
was able to average over 5.6 yards per carry
and make himself a threat that D-coordinators 
had to account for... 

Greg Bryant:
This former 5 star, top 5 running back talent, was 
sidelined freshmen year due to medical issues
but is back and running like a man possessed!

"He runs VIOLENT!" was one 
of my favorite observations by some of 
the coaches in attendance at the weeks 
prior ND Coaching Clinic.

Every person I've talked to has mentioned the 
downhill running style and pure package build
of young Bryant!

"He's gonna be a household name by seasons end." 
-Former soon to be 1st round D lineman

 Bryant is not a back that can be taken down
 by just one defender....speed/power/anger.. 
He's gonna be very fun to watch!

Cam McDaniel:

Cam finds him self on the outside looking in, 
but it's a role I think from the time I've spent speaking 
with his father he embraces and prefers!

This is Southbend's version of Toby Gerhart left
in the dryer too long!

He's consistent...he's reliable..and what he may 
lack in flash...He makes up for in determination!

The former Player of the year in Texas is all day 
tough and refuses to allow young talent to take 
his spot in the engine!

I think you'll see Cam in MANY different roles this
season...he blocks well..has great hands and 
from what we've seen he NEVER gives up!



Later this season when someone asks you "Hey what's 
the story with that stud wide receiver that runs like 
a 4.4 and has great hands for ND?" 

Your answer will be..."WHICH ONE?"

Michael Floyd WAS a V8 ENGINE!

Golden Tate WAS a TURBO!

Now we have components that embody bits and 
pieces of both... We don't know if we have 

But what we do know is, part for part...piece for piece..
This is the best group of young wide receivers we may have
EVER had at ND at one time!...

Chris Brown:
My pick for breakout performer of the year in this 
group... The light came on for him last season and 
Rutger's corner backs are still having nightmares!

He's a legit 4.3 to 4.4, he's long...has great hands, 
towards the end of last year, and ALL spring 
has perfected the art of route running!

C.J. Prosise:
Built like a linebacker runs like a gazelle and 
has hands like venus fly trap!

Another 4.4 kid that can line up in the slot, 
I'm so looking forward to Linebackers
attempting to cover him across the middle!

Amir Carisle:
When I see Amir running routes and making 
plays I hear the theme to Welcome Back Carter!

This is who we thought you were gonna be!
Fast...dangerous and determined!

My gut is Amir might have a senior year that 
may remind us of Theo Riddick's, only not 
lining up at RB due to the workhorses in that stable!

Slot/wildcat/reverse/kickoff/punt return

Expect to see Amir A LOT!

Corey Robinson:

The Admiral's son may be the biggest surprise to
everyone in the country besides Brian Kelly!

When I saw the offer go out I was like..OH NO!
Another celebrity's kid?

But this is the exception to a rule!
He is a rare talent... at 6'5 and over 210lbs
he controls his body like he's Stovall senior season!

He has pin pointing the ball ability that takes years 
for most wide outs to achieve..and he works hard!

This may be the best diamond in the rough we've landed
in decades!

Oh...and don't forget Will Fuller!!! 
Tori Hunter!!...etc...etc... Talent on top of talent!



Ben Koyack:

The next in a line of great Tight Ends at Tight End U!

Anthony Fasano/John Carlson/Kyle Rudolf
Tyler Eifert/Troy Niklas

Koyack flashed greatness last season...but this is the 
first season he's been at ND without a name like 
Eifert or Niklas on the roster!

I think he understands the young studs behind him and
what Mike Heuerman and Smythe would like to say 
about this position!

I expect Koyack to average a TOUCHDOWN A GAME 
this season....He's a NFL Tight End waiting to happen!



Since Notre Dame showed Ed Warriner the 
door and hired Harry Hiestand...the O-line play 
has done nothing but trend upwards HARD!

There is so much talent in this group it's almost impossible
to highlight just one!

Ronnie Stanley-
Matt Hegarty-
Nick Martin-
Connor Hanratty-
Christian Lombard- 
Steve Elmer-
Hunter Biven-

It's almost ridiculous the talent in one place!

This is the frame that holds this car engine and 
allows it the ability to perform!

Next week I'll review the D and the battle we will be facing
to replace our 1st round draft picks leaving...

But for now realize this....The D protected the O, while
we recruited and reloaded!

This season the balance will be in place!

The components have arrived and more performance
arrives in June...

We have the only 2 time Home Depot Coach 
(mechanic) of the year building our engine!

And in my's gonna blow people off the feild!


Remember....SPEED KILLS! 

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