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Friday, February 14, 2014

Uncritical devotion.... Are you a fan?

Your family receives UNconditional love...

Your team?...UNcritical devotion...  

What is a fan?

Short for "FANATIC"
Fa-nat-ic adjective /fe-'na-tik/
:marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense
uncritical devotion.
<they're fanatic about their team. 

UNcritical devotion?

There is a place where reality and perception meet...
It's called a "FAN'S MIND" 

They "perceive" what they feel is "reality" and through
"UNcritical" devotion convince themselves it's real!

Trust me...I live in Ohio, NOBODY sees this more 
than I've seen it in my 42 years!

But we all suffer from it here and there!

We all get a bit too excited...or a bit too sad over
events and at the end of the day....analysis of the 
situation will cure all!

Recruiting...the intense overdramatic 
male version of "Days of our lives"

...and like sands through the hour goes the 
2014 recruiting cycle to an end!..

The rich got richer...the poor got poorer and
 I'm sure there was some shady dealings 
that will make Sports-Center
when discovered...

College Football's the one thing that
makes grown men into idiots...because they feel 
watching two minutes of YOUTUBE highlights 
from dozens of them the 
SAME INSIGHT, as college coaches making 
MILLIONS a year on a evaluating
a kids talent level!...

"I was watching "FILM" on this kid..he's a must
get for us!"


Years ago Lucent Technology was a growing company 
in Columbus Ohio...and a little old lady,that was 
referred to me from the assembly line area
that was nearing retirement...

Lucent had enjoyed much success but was capped out!

I BEGGED her to sell her stock...BEGGED!

"I can't, my friend on the line next to me said 
HE THINKS it's gonna split..." in leaving town..her half million 
was reduced to less than fifty grand...because her 
"friend" wasn't QUALIFIED to make that 

The "FACEBOOK" fan page of wanna be sports 
news people are the worst at this...

Heck...most of your "Big Boy" sites are just throwing 
spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks!

Leave the analysis to the people QUALIFIED to 
make the proper analysis!!

Brian Kelly just inked what I feel, and many sites like
247 Sports and Rivals agree, as a "SUPERB" class!

Let's talk "COLLEGE FOOTBALL" conditioning!

The "art" of "development" 

The ability to take this:
Spring game 2007..Then 5 months later!

This is June 7 on 7s soph year!

So....what do you think:

6'6 252lb Grant Blankenship 
6'3 253lb Jonathan Bonner
6'3 275lb Daniel Cage
6'4 275lb Jay Hayes
6'5 265lb Andrew Trumbetti
6'6 235lb Jonathon Williams

What will they look like in nine months?

What size...strength...speed can they add?

This is a new more 5'11 D tackles 
cause that's all you can land...

At some point you have to realize that the 
coaches at THE University of Notre Dame 
might know a bit more than you do. 
NO MATTER how much Madden or 
NCAA you've played!

You have to realize..the coaches don't look
at "star" ratings!

They don't care what a"web-site" says about
 one kid or another....

And thank goodness for that or we may have never
had Ian Williams...or Tyler Eifert...

We would have never seen the Honey Badger or
Johnny Football!

So relax...

Let the "QUALIFIED" identify the talent...

Let the "QUALIFIED" recruit whom they see as
good fits into the locker room and class room,
that's coaching!

We didn't hire  them because 
we thought they were UNqualified!

We've got the best coaches...

Let's be the best fans!...

And the next time your "fired up" that this kid or 
that kid is IRISH material or not....Just sit back 
and're not "QUALIFIED" to make that

Now...for a bit of around the water cooler chit
chat I'm hearing...

I heard from a DB on the team that was 
excited to see Golson live...

"I didn't see him..he was gone when I arrived!"

So I that you've seen him and how 
he can throw...what are your thoughts?

"I thought how much difference could there be?
Tommy was a senior and was a good QB from 
what I'd seen in practice and games."

"But then Everett threw the ball with some of the 
guys, it only took about ten minutes to see how
big a difference there really is."

"Everett can throw to pockets that only the 
receiver can get to the ball."

"When a WR catches the ball you don't just
see hear it!" 

"He throws with so much power and accuracy, it's
gonna make me better practicing against it!"

"He's challenging all of us and we've not even
begun to practice...this is just pick up throw
around time when we can get together!" 

Grab your glass...toast this class and realize...

WE WON 9 GAMES with our back up QB!

We beat top teams in the country with a 
"skeleton crew" on D!

We just infused talent, that we've not had 
in DECADES, into a program that
was already loaded with play makers!

There has NEVER been a time to be more excited
than now for Notre Dame football...

So stop creating drama when there isn't a 
reason for it!


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