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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Well...that was ugly!...On to BC!

There is "ugly" then there is "UGLY". 

What happend last week was both!

Some parts were just "ugly" some parts were down right
  hard to wach and more embarrassing to witness!

Tell me how you can, for 3 quarters, just ZOMBIE your way 
through a game...then realize
 "Oh Sh#t..we are gonna lose this thing!" 

1st 3 Quarters the ND defense=7.4 yards per play

4th quarter and ALL 3 OTs combined= .9 yards per play

We outplayed Pitt 522 yards to their 308!

Pitt was 1 of 14 on 3rd down!

In the 4th quarter and overtime ND ran 43 plays for 233 yards!
Pitt in the 4th quarter and overtime?....23 plays for 21 yards!

We looked like Ohio State vs Purdue out there!

What the hell was going on?....I'll tell ya what!
Good old fashion over looking someone and too many 
challenges in a row!....Too many night games!...too much media!...
Too many people kissing our ass...and too much of a CIRCUS!

We thought...We are ND...we got this!...easy!

I said last week...
"You approach this game without your usual will 
get beat!"

And guess what...WE WERE DAMN LUCKY!

A predetermined course of events considered as
 something beyond human power or control:

Is this what we are?...a team of destiny?

We have broken through the barrier this year!

It's ours for the taking for several years to come!

But we've got to come correct...or we will stumble!

This week?....God I hope not!


This team is the definition of BAD!

If it were legal...we'd club the mascot and sell the equipment!

They are 2-7
The two wins, and this is hard to say, are against teams 
that might actually be worse than them?

I'm not even gonna go over who beat them...cause
EVERYBODY beat them!

They have the 90th ranked Offense.
Boasting the 118th ranked Rushing Offense.

Supported by
A pass Defense ranked 118th
A rush Defense ranked 71st

All this from a strength of schedule not even in the top 50!


But...and this is a OPRA sized BUT....
If we don't get our...
They will give us a game too!

WAKE UP're not there yet!

Can we compete for a National Title this year?

NO..not in week 10!!!!
 So don't worry about ANYTHING 
but Boston College!

The rest will work it's way out....I hear people talking about,
K State

NONE OF THAT MATTERS unless you win!

So let's get back to the chalk board...let's get in the film room 
and let's kick the living sh#t outta Boston College!

Now...onto the SILVER LINING!


Don't look now fellas...but we got ourselves a 

And a QB that is hard to get a hand on...
Scrambles for yardage..
Has a ROCKET for an arm...
And in a crunch not only took control of the 
team...but put the team on his back and said..
"Relax...I got this!"

And we saw just a small tidbit of the 
SONIC offense I've heard so much about!

Sonic is ND's version of the "Quack Attack"
Run a play every 18 seconds!
NO huddle...hard to stop...NO adjustments
NO substitutions!

At the end of the day...we've hit the goals I had laid out for 
this team at the beginning of the year!
I saw a minimum of 9 wins!


With 3 converted offensive players playing in the D secondary.
With a red shirt freshman playing QB.
Injuries across the board to starters and backups!

We've exceeded what's next?...

Stay tuned...Kelly has something VERY special up his sleeve!

Huge shout out to Coach Tony Alford for 
the hospitality.  

We met Coach, arranged 
some business, as well as seeing some 
really cool parts of the day to day life of
THE Notre Dame Fighting Irish!

In closing a prayer for our IRISH!

Father, You grow and stretch our maturity through circumstances that don’t 
always reflect our choosing.  It helps us to gain needed perspective and 
experience in situations not of our own choosing, but to our overall benefit.  
Help us to be patient as we search Your Scripture and seek to understand 
Your plan as it unfolds in our lives.  Align our desires with Your own as we 
submit our will to Yours.  May we not be overcome by adversity but 
ask You, Father, to use adversity as a tool by which You carve Your image 
and character deep into our hearts. We may make our plans but we 
realize that, as Your children, 
You will have the final say. 


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