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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stub your toe...and ALL is forgotten!

Remember what goes through your head, besides the 
incredible pain, right when you stub your toe? feel dumb for even doing it!

That is what could happen if we don't realize what this 
week's WORK!

It's another day at the office...and it's VITAL that
we don't look past ANYONE!

The Pitt Panthers!
Now let me explain why I choose this picture!

Kittens can be cute...they can be cuddly, and every little 
girl wants one...but they also can scratch the hell out 
of you and sh@t all over your stuff!

That's Pitt!

Here's what we have found out so far:

They are 4-4
That with the 102nd strength of schedule,
which makes their 42nd ranked rush defense and 
29th ranked pass defense..seem...Well not very impressive!

Not sure about what happend but here is how 
their games have played out so far!

Open with Youngstown State=LOSS
allowed 381 yards and 204 were rushing!

On to Cincinnati=LOSS
They allowed another 260 rushing yards!

Almost 500 yards given up that day!

But we know that VaTech is BAD!

I have to much respect for myself to even 
research this school!

This had to be billed as the
"Who cares game of the week!"

Buffalo =WIN
Of course Buffalo is 1-6

Over 324 yards of Offense Temple 
hung on them!

So what have we learned?
This game is about style!
It's about putting up points!
It's about Sportscenter Highlights!
It's about HEISMAN moments!

Even style can have it's pit falls!

You approach this game without your usual will 
get beat!

Am I worried?...I'm ALWAYS worried, but this 
team is clear eyed and ready for what the next step is 
in front of them!

Take Pitt seriously...but stretch your legs a bit!
Get some reps in for the youth!
Take some shots!

But realize you have to FIGHT!

You have to punch and punch until you can't 
punch anymore!

This season is a marathon not a sprint!

EVERY WEEK is another chance at someone
sitting in a nursing home 50 years from now talking about
"Yeah...when I was in college we beat NOTRE DAME!"

Well..sorry gramps..that little tale is gonna be 
stricken from the record!...

What Notre Dame has done is given 
the ENTIRE college football universe 
a GIANT...

Notre Dame's time is the FUTURE not the PAST!

We are building and growing into the dynasty 
that THE University of Notre Dame deserves!

And we are doing it without compromising who we 
are and what was done to make this program what it is!

And guess what?...they recruits are listening!

The dominance, we have for so long desired,
has come home to South Bend and 
it's our time to show everyone
that the IRISH FIGHT!

Brought to you by:
Jameson Irish Whisky
OKLAHOMA's own Kenny Stills!
The BLONDE sensation!
Look..normally I wouldn't make a current player the 
douchebag of the week...but this kid is 
douche-er than most!

Talking trash the ENTIRE game!
Getting locked down the ENTIRE game!
And for what?...NOTHING!

You got punched in the mouth by the ND D!

And you made a complete ASS of yourself on 
That game was more embarrassing than his boxing career
before he grew his hair out!

This week is the next step,
so relax this weekend and realize that our 
boy's are on a mission!

They realize that the next obstacle is a PANTHER!

And it's hunting season!



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