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Sunday, July 22, 2012

All right....All right...Take it easy!....

There's not gonna be a lot of context to this tonight...
This is more about me venting than anything!...but here we go!

Camp is a few weeks off still...but from what I'm being told...all 
is on target and ready!...

7 on 7 NOTES

1. Chris Brown is turning heads...and 
when I say turning heads, the guy's I talk too are not
quick to that means  A LOT!
He's fast and has good hands...he's our deep threat waiting 
to happen...I'd say he will see the field this season...but 
he'll be more of a "bullet in our holster" waiting to be shot!
When he hits the field it won't take a wizard to figure out he's there 
for the go route!

2. CJ Prosise is an athlete!
This kid was a tweener type of pick up and arrived without the 
normal "fan fare" but he's and LISTENS to 
instruction!  That can make up for a lot!

3. Sheldon Day is a MAN CHILD!
The coaches knew they had scored when they landed Day!
They just didn't think he'd be what he looks like he 
can be!....
Joe Bowman is a friend of mine and a scout, also a 
Michigan fan...durning the whole Tommy Schutt 
situation I know there were a lot of idiots bitch#ng about 
ND passing on Schutt...then UM passed on Schutt...
Bowman told me.."I'd jump over Schutt to get Day!"
Seems like Bowman knows his stuff!

Kelly is recruiting as well as ANYONE in the 
country and is truly starting to stack more talent 
than you can get on the field at any given time!


If the guy next to you falls....the guy behind him is a
STUD in waiting!....

Now...on to the 2nd Installment of :
Anonymous and Unfiltered is a 
collection of e-mails I've received from our 
current recruiting class on what is going on and how 
they invision the future...and some questions I've asked!

1. How was The Opening and who did you work on recruiting?

-My experience was great...always good to test your skills 
against the best of the best. I'd say I worked on Alex the most
durning that week and we all saw how that worked out!
Ebenezer was hanging out with us also and we all kinda took 
turns at him!...

2. Since you committed who is the most annoying coach that 
keeps calling and won't take no for an answer?

-LOL..there was a few there for a while...but it seems like 
the coaches have gotten the idea that we are a different class and 
we will not be swayed!...

3. Where do you see ND being by the time your a Jr. or Sr.?

-I see us being contenders year in and year out, with the strength of 
schedule a 9-10 win season this year looks really good and 
will let everyone know we are back....then my class 
can come in and help out...

4. Why ND? had several other offers..

-It was too good of an opportunity, academically and athletically
and overall a place I could see myself 
not only winning but being happy with the type of man 
I will develop into.

5. Any one coach really stick out to you?

-All of them are great...but Coach Cooks was one 
of my favorite at ND, he was real with me throughout 
my process and nothing ever changed no matter who visited...

Tune in next week for the next installment!....

Anonymous and Unfiltered sponsored by:

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IRISH MOB t-shirts and rep the best 
class in the country!...

In closing I'd like to take a moment and address this guy:

This is our:


Okay...if you buy an Halloween Costume and re paint it
to match your team're a D-BAG!

If you get a shower curtain and turn it into some sort
of Mascot outfit making you the "super fan"
you are a D-BAG!

If your over 30 and you paint your face....
You're a D-BAG!

If you dance around like a moron with your
shirt off in December...your a D-BAG!...

STOP!'s embarassing to everyone...

When people stop you and want to take a picture with's not cause they think you are cool!....


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