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Friday, August 9, 2013

Who has 2 thumbs and thinks College Football is headed for DISASTER!

We live in a country that arguably has become fascinated 
with "instant gratification"

Why work for something, I feel I already "deserve"?

Maybe it's cause I'm forty one years old...or maybe it's cause 
I grew up in a middle class household..but this 
"I deserve" generation really amazes me!

I hate to tell you this...but you DESERVE NOTHING in this get what you EARN!

Did you know the average paramedic makes less than 
FIFTEEN dollars an hour industry wide?

Now..granted they are only rushing you to the hospital 
KEEPING you ALIVE till the Doctors can get to you...
So that seems unimportant?

Now once you hit the meet this guy!

He's a trained professional trying to use all his skills
to save your life, and prevent permanent damage... this stage in his career he's making north of 
Five Hundred grand a year...malpractice insurance is about 
a hundred and fifty grand...and you know what?

Average cost of medical school according to the AMA?...$300,000

Now...he graduates college, has HUGE student loans
 and has to do what? PROVE his ability
 to land a good job!

During this residency he makes next to nothing...he has to pay 
for his own food...shelter...expenses...EVERYTHING!

Nobody covers any of this!

And for YEARS he pays back his loans for this 

And does work that is VITAL to society!

His brother decides to go another route...

He becomes a lawyer!
Average cost of law school in the United States?

Oh..and guess what...he has a residency's called an 

Where he's lucky if he get's paid AT ALL!

So he pays all his expenses and student loans while making 
pennies!...In fact he works nights, bar tending to survive!

He can open his own practice and struggle for years 
paying his OWN EXPENSES and his student loans back!

And...if he survives he will have a practice helping people 
that need legal representation...An opportunity to help society!

They drive home listening to the radio every night and a song 
comes on called "HOME" by..
American Idol Winner Phillip Phillips
Phillip Phillips got his start by going to a football stadium 
full of people...and being one of over 200,000 people 
to audition and get a chance UNPAID to
show the world what he could do!

His first single went Platinum...he shared the revenue with
American Idol...

They paid his room...board during the contest!
He had no way to earn who knows what happened
to payment?...Rent?...etc..

They gave him transportation...and a stage!

A stage, and an opportunity!

This is my point....College football is not about the 
opportunity's not about the EDUCATION!

It's not about the CHANCE to better yourself and prepare 
for the world around you!

It's become this...

It's become ME...ME....ME!

The school is getting rich cause I'm soooo GOOD!

Are they getting rich?

The Big 10 Conference?

Profitable?... Maybe?

Click on Me!

Hate to tell you...but if your University is bringing 
in $142 million in Revenue, and expenses are hitting 
$125 Million...that's not a great PnL statement...

But heck...even if they did make the "billions" on jersey 
sales the idiots think.. SO WHAT!... 

And you know what?...Guess where the blame should 
be assigned?

1. The Fans: 
Why?...cause you have to ask yourself,
is this all about winning games?
Is this all about Saturdays?
Does the way this team goes about its 
daily business match my ethics and morals
as a human being?
Fan=Short for FANatic!
Do you care if your team is doing it right?
Or are you part of the problem yelling...

2. The School:
Are you willing to sacrifice what your school 
was built upon and the character of the institution 
as a win games?
Graduation rate?...Players with REAL majors and degrees!
Don't be like a crack dealer enabling a drugee!
Don't let your former players career choices be limited 
to local radio stations or selling cars!

Winning games the right way is 
not as easy!...
You can claim you're "elite" but how many 
National Championships do you have compared to 
the schools that graduate their players? 
Has it been worth it?

3. The Coach:
Notice that the school is more to blame than the coach?
If your school has a shady past...CLEAN IT UP!
If you've had issues with players...don't hire coaches with 
low moral standards that will bend the rules and lie to win!
DON'T LOOK THE OTHER WAY when problems arise,
and for God's sake...don't recruit kids on the premise of..
“I know all these schools athletically can offer me the same thing."
When it comes to academics?
"There is no way you can fail. Even if you’re giving minimal
 effort there is no way you can fail.”
They lay down no consequence for bad behavior!
They don't emphasize education and accountability!
They stress the 1% chance of the NFL rather than 
the 99% chance of LIFE!
And that's a recipe for what?...not caring one way or
the other about the player's life...only what the player 
can do for them!

4. The player:
It's the CULTURE of a program that creates most of 
it's own headaches!
They are only existing within the culture that:
A. Fans demand.
B. The School allows to exist.
C. The Coach promotes!

If your first day on a new job, EVERY employee, including 
the boss and VP told you 2 hour lunches were no big deal...
Most people would be gone for 2 hours!!! 

So can it be fixed?

Time will tell..but this is why I love Notre Dame Football!

I'm not saying we are perfect!

I'm not saying we've not had our issues here and there!

But at the end of the day...our coaches preach a 
40 year decision....

They graduate 99% of their players!
Players that have gone to class,
and EARNED a degree!

They give them a choice based upon what ND was built for...

A can take an easy road and have a 
average degree..or you can 
be a champion...ON or OFF the field!

Is it harder?...YES!!! 
There is no such thing as a basket weaving degree
at Notre Dame!
You can't take ONE class durning football season!

UNTIL WE!!! WE the fans demand more and show our 
institutions, that the WAY you win, is just as important as the 
win itself...the wheels on the bus will continue to go round and round!

Notice Notre Dame and Stanford are not joining the 
"Lets pay the players discussions"

The Notre Dame players aren't out there complaining about, 
they are treated....Unfairly....

You play will have no debt when you leave,
your degree of choice is EXACTLY that...YOUR CHOICE! wanna know what you deserve?

You already got OPPORTUNITY!

You earned an OPPORTUNITY!

Now...what are you gonna do with it!


Cause there are MILLIONS of kids dreaming of the 
opportunity you've been offered!

So next time you hear an idiot screaming...
" long as we win I don't care!" 

Ask him this...."If that was your son....wouldn't you want 
him to receive the best OPPORTUNITY he could?" 


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